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22 Dec 2003 @ 11:44, by Craig Lang

Over the last few months, I have noticed the degree of polarity that has shown up in many spiritually-oriented groups. I have seen this on NCN, as well, and until recently, I did not really understand how it could come about. Then something happenned that showed me that the only way to truly understand something is to experience it yourself. And so I did...

A little background: Over the last year or so, I had been casting about trying to regain my career direction (as many readers of my newslog will note...:-). In the last few months, that direction has been reaffirmed. It is the development of healing technology, and bridging the gulf between the material and the spiritual. But one effect of this is that I have become much more involved in my day job, working in the development of medical technology.

Several experiences I have had in this arena have brought tears of joy to my eye. To see someone's quality of life improve to the point where life is again liveable. Where a previously unbearable pain-filled life is replaced by one in which the old joy has returned. I literally get a tear in my eye as I think about it.

And now I am again part of a team of deeply dedicated workers - engineers who live their work day in the world of healing technology. I don't think I have ever met a more dedicated group of people. And when I think of the mission we are involved in, somehow the fact that I sit in a "Dilbert" cube somewhere in Corporate CubeWorld seems to fade away. At this moment, this effort has meaning...

And then I saw a post a few days ago which was very critical of medical companies. Suddenly what little progress I had made on the road to enlightenment was eclipsed by anger and a general sense of orneriness. While I don't believe that the intent of the post was to criticize the intentions of myself or my coworkers, in some ways that is what it felt like. In many ways our work-team is very close, and so it was as if someone had dishonored my family. Up went the "home guard" defenses... :-)

So what does that tell me? It tells me that when something challenges that which we hold dear, there is a big danger that the gains of the new civilization can be erased in a moment. At the core of each of us is the primitive reptile, the territorial animal. Or, looking at it another way: along with our higher chakras, we all have a very active first chakra - the center of polarity and survival, agression and defense.

And so for just a moment, the warrior came out. I felt the shadow cast by the dark side - that chill wind which has so often carried us into war, and has been the casue of so much pain and struggle throughout history. The dark side lives within each of us - the other end of the teeter-totter, the counterweight to enlightenment.

We all disagree on many things, and this will always be true. And what this tells me is that there is a fine art to disagreement that one must learn in order to preserve the harmony of civilization. Disagreement needs to be a proactive, win-win process. In this dangerous time, such a process becomes increasingly important.

As we approach the Awakening, my sense is that we will see ever more turmoil, disagreement and polarity. I believe that the Awakening will only occur when we suddenly reach a critical mass of understanding, and can transcend the polarity - to see it for what it is, two views of the same question. And now, I have just a little bit more understanding of what this really means and just how important it really is...

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22 Dec 2003 @ 12:09 by spiritseek : great article you wrote...
it felt good for me to read it!  

22 Dec 2003 @ 17:58 by martha : A rubberband
reminds me of stretching a rubber band and letting it fly, to relax back into it's more natural state. The rubberband itself doesn't change but the location does. New consciousness...same human shell. same spirit.

Most people don't stay grounded enough and this will be especially important in the future. The darkside you speak of is a necessary element for change and we would be flat and passionless without that energy...not negative energy really, but full of fire and life that unfortunatley can get twisted and perceived as dark by immature action.

Thanks Craig, enjoyed your article as always. have a very Merry Mistletoe and Happy Holly too!!

"Suffering and freedom are very related. One is undone by the other. We find our freedom as adults, through courage, and by lightening up - not allowing polarized thinking to make us outraged and very stuck." Patricia Sun  

22 Dec 2003 @ 18:21 by hgoodgame : Thought provoking, Craig.
Which is of course the whole polarity/duality subject. The more light that comes in, the more conflicts we encounter because of what is revealed. Yet it's all part of the healing process. The words 'closure/disclosure' have been popping into my head the last couple of days and I was trying to figure out how they related to one another. I think they fit here. It takes disclosure - the light coming in - and often the accompanying discomfort before we can reach closure (and hopefully comfort) over any given issue, particularly one we feel conflicted about.
I like your idea about disagreements being a proactive, win-win process. What I learn from disagreements is not who is right or who is wrong. I learn who I am, here and now, what still pushes my buttons, what I currently believe, what I reject for the time being.  

22 Dec 2003 @ 22:07 by craiglang : One Caveat
The author of the post I was originally responding to may, I think, have taken the softening of my wording as a vindication of that post. It was certainly not intended as such. What I said above is certainly NOT an apology or a retraction of my comments, but merely the desire to accompany my own truth with compassion.

Everything I have to say about my own experience in the above post also applies to other authors involved in polarizing issues. Ego and polarity are a two way street. You can not have the teeter without the totter, nor the yin without the yang. To take you must give.

Or better yet, the parties involved could choose to transcend the polarity and find the higher view. And that's where, I believe the solutions will be found.  

24 Dec 2003 @ 02:20 by jstarrs : Just as an addition... my own particular buddhist practice, it's said that it's specifically designed for these 'degenerate times' (even though it was 'revealed' 2500 years ago) and that the practice itself gets stronger, the more 'degenerate' things become. For me, it means that enlightened beings know "the dark side lives within each of us - the other end of the teeter-totter, the counterweight to enlightenment."  

24 Dec 2003 @ 13:10 by sharie : being critical of medical companies...
I've been critical of medical companies, HMO's, and pharmaceutical companies myself... my gosh, I just saw the movie John Q the other day... and learned that doctors get a bonus check for *overlooking* danger signs during a routine physical (not ordering a follow-up test, blood test, etc.)

You're medical company is probably not like those that so many people are critical of, but you do make a great point about our tendency to re-coil when we feel threatened. Sometimes it's wise and vital to our well-being to be on guard... that's why we have this natural reflex.

Best Wishes to you and your wife Craig.  

25 Dec 2003 @ 09:00 by craiglang : Hi Sharie
Please feel free to criticize our competition all you want... :-)

Have a great holidays.

25 Dec 2003 @ 09:02 by craiglang : Availability
Actually, it is a very good point about the major issue being availability. I wonder how we can get around that. How can we provide, in a free-market economy, the innovation, and the funding to conduct research, but at the same time bring the fruits of that labor to those who need it.

It's an interesting problem, and I think it is one of the biggest economic issues facing the effort to build the new civilization.

Thanx again for writing.

27 Dec 2003 @ 15:55 by sharie : getting funding...
One solution is... all those wanting a new civilization... opt out of the old one. Don't give the Federal Reserve money any value. We can create our own currency and create our own funding... just by agreeing that that's what we're going to do, and following through on how we spend our physical energy, where we invest ourselves, and so on.

If you would, post and email me with the info about your group. Thanks  

27 Dec 2003 @ 17:55 by maxtobin : Assumptions
Intention is only a part of the issue in dealing with any given communication. What do we assume that the other has not seen any need for or has assumed some other perhaps equally valid position.
I have watched with interest the exchanges in this instance and would like to comment about assumptions (so yes I am assuming certain things).
I assume that I live in a divine universe and that the creator is abundant and supportive of my belief system. So what ever I believe will prove to be true as the universe supports this belief system. I assume also that the human body (vehicle) is a self healing vehicle and that ill health and dis-ease are the result of inappropriate life choices. (There are no accidents in a perfect world!!) We can shift and play with the symptoms and claim a healing, or we can support the body to heal itself (in my view the only way to achieve true healing). This support can come in many forms and there are many paths/techniques that do support healing. We would be foolish to comment or assume judgement of any given technique or process without that we are certain we know of what we speak.
There is much of modern medicine that is of value, however there is much of it that encourages a 'victim of a disease' mentality which gives the power of the individual expressing a divine inner harmony for themselves to a business that manages this disase for profit.
The activities of the FDA and the cancer industry in their combined intervention with the activities of {|This cure works we know this from direct experience!}, are what was motivating the original posting. When there is a huge reactivity or feeling of polarization it may be indicative of a deep doubt already to 'pop' or position to be questioned and validated in a wider perspective. It is good that we learn to question our assumptions, especially good to see that some of our positions are based on assumption rather than knowing. I do not believe that any appology was needed other than an ownership of reactive and possibly selective (personally impacting?) reading of a message.
I believe that it would be good to know of what your team does in more detail Craig, as then we could discuss the issues with a knowing rather than an assuming. I personally believe that all disease can be cured with correct diet and behaviour, this means that all nourishment (inputs to the system?) should be organicly grown and/or prepared with love!! A tall order in our supermarket/convienience driven life styles. We should also be aware that our communication (and yes words can heal or hurt) is a form of nourishment and that we can ask rather than merely assume we know what is correct/appropriate diet for an other at any given point in time. A way to embrace and transcend the polarity?
I believe that this is all good stuff to help us get to the real issues that are causing such global dis-ease at this time. Dis -ease is normally a wakeup call to inform us we are not moving with or through the grace of the Divine.

Seasons blessings for you from the Southern Pacific.  

27 Dec 2003 @ 18:20 by craiglang : Thanx Max
Well written.
I think I largely agree with what you said, since you have phrased it the way you have. Well put.

I would modify just one thing: To "diet and behaviour", I would add "... and consciousness". I believe that the human spirit/mind/body is a powerful single unit with many levels. In that sense, much of what you say is extremely valid. What western medicine treats is really only the body level (and a little bit of the mind, if you throw in psychology/psychiatry).

I also agree that we create our own reality, and thus intent-to-heal is the key to the result-of-healing. I have seen this alot in my hypnotherapy and reiki practices.

And you're right, the apology was for the delivery, not the content - The delivery could well have been done better... :-)
My actual point was simply that the integrity of many of the medical technology developers I work with is of the highest order.

Going back and reading the original posting, I found what I most objected to was item #15:
"The pharmaceutical "business with disease" is the largest deception and fraud business in human history. The product "health" promised by drug companies is not delivered to millions of patients. Instead, the "products" most often delivered are the opposite: new diseases and frequently, death"

This is quite an accusation, and would require quite a bit of proof. To me, it appears to be the summary of the post, and I believe it deliberatly states an assumption of malicious intent. I can clearly state that in the case of myself and those I work with/for, that statement is (very) false. And that was where the reactivity occurred - the stark contrast of that statement to the reality of those whom I work with.

If statement #15 is true, then it must be about other companies of which I am unacquainted. Those persons working in medical research and develoment with whom I am personally acquainted are of high integrity and are fully dedicated to a solution for whatever problem they are working on.

As speculation, perhaps what makes for-profit medical practice objectionable in some peoples' viewpoints is the notion of charging for one's work. Perhaps it is contrary to the idea that "healing should be free". Yet charging $$$ allows one to continue one's work and at the same time feed one's family.

In a similar way, I charge for my hypnotherapy and reiki work. Yet I don't feel that I overcharge. I simply charge enough to allow me to spend time doing that work instead of some other activity. Similarly Max, I believe that you are involved in business ventures, from which you intend to earn a fair profit. I believe that this is the way of independent free-market development, and in my book, that includes medical R&D.

Note: I do believe that healing should not be denied purely on economic grounds. So if someone can't afford my work, I am willing to work out some kind of alternative arrangement.

An additional note: I have had several people ask me for specifics of my day job. I have kept the actual details of that out of the internet blog-world for professional reasons. I could say a little more in 1:1 correspondence, and that might make some of the discussion somewhat less arm-wavey.

Thanks again for your well-worded response.
Happy new year,

27 Dec 2003 @ 21:09 by craiglang : Another note
It would be interesting to know if the business plan of the producers of this cancer treatment included a clinical study, or if there were some other way to validate it's medicinal claim. A very well-defined clinical process is required in the USA, to be able to make a medical claim about a product. I believe that one can sell "Dietary or herbal suplements" in the USA but one has to be careful to indicate that the labeling is not as medical treatment. It would also be interesting to know if those behind the business took this law into account.

Also, just out of curiosity, what are the laws regarding regulated medical products in New Zealand? Are there restrictions there on selling drugs or medical devices, similar to the USA, Europe, Japan, etc...? If, for example, one were to want to sell a cure for cancer in New Zealand, what would the legal requirements be for them to set up shop?


28 Dec 2003 @ 20:17 by maxtobin : Short Response LOL
Before I come back and give you a well considered response Craig. I must say that with out knowing of what you do or with whom, we are all in the dark and your claims are just that, there is no way to determine in any way objectively or otherwise the validity of this claim of integrity.

***It would be interesting to know if the business plan of the producers of this cancer treatment included a clinical study, or if there were some other way to validate it's medicinal claim.***
This is a FDA requirement which has minimal common sense as basis (and maximum profit for the club members as a consequence, full clinical trials cost in the mega million range), rather it is a way of ensuring that those in the club have an unfettered access to the revenues of the dis-ease management industry. You will find that many of the patented drugs are actually derived (synthesized) from traditional remedies passed down by indigenous peoples and recently hijacked for profit. *** It would also be interesting to know if those behind the business took this law into account.***
This is such an anti human and anti common-sense law that we here in New Zealand are forced to accept by virtue (oxymoron) of the corporate control of common sense and common good (world wide medical industry control systems are very penetrating of most all cultures on the planet WTO is an excellent vehicle for enforcing this!!). This law in my view is one of the single biggest causes of humans continuing to suffer through an ignorance of their true condition (healthy life through healthy diet).
{link: |Common sense cures for all dis-eases do exist}

What would you do if for centuries you and your forefathers had a ‘cure’ for a common dis-ease condition growing on a tree in your backyard? The circumstances of the human condition change to where many are suffering from this disease, there are centuries of knowing of this cure yet the powers that be will not allow this to be used for lack of a clinical trial and ‘proof of the cure’.

This is the situation with regard to Cansema products, they are developed from traditional recipes and they will never be approved by FDA trial as the active mechanism can not be identified, (it is the synergy effect at work) much less synthesized. (I have this on good authority from a gentleman trained in Pharmacology and FDA approval processes, he gave up his work on cancer cures in the Mid East when members of his team died under mysterious circumstances when they revealed their findings. He has an honorary Doctorate from the American Academy of Science awarded when he was in a position of influence within the Iraqi research council). I have used these products and in 100% of the situations they have worked as we expected. I now wish to use this product again to help the wife of a business contact who has been told to go home and die by the medical professionals!! I discover much to my disappointment this can not happen as the FDA are far wiser than we are and know what is good for us!! Holy moley man they will outlaw all supplements nutritional or otherwise under the harmonization agreements currently being driven for world wide implementation by the pharmaceutical industries and the WTO. This is in my view merely a new form of burning witches.  

28 Dec 2003 @ 21:38 by craiglang : fair enough
Thanx for sharing your views. You definitely know how you see things, and IMHO that is commendable. I admire someone who knows and declares what they stand for. In addition, I largely agree with much of what you said in your last comment.

As for the "integrity" question you raise, I sent you some details of where I work in my day job. Since what I am doing on NCN doesn't represent that company, I generally keep those references pretty minimal. Also, Alana knows quite a bit about my day job. Beyond that, you will have to take my word on it - as I also assume that your integrity is very high.

My sympathies and prayers for your friend whom you are trying to have treated for cancer. I pray that you succeed.
Thanx again for your response.

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