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 The Sense of the 'Something Beyond'3 comments
14 Jan 2004 @ 09:49, by Craig Lang

We just got an upgrade to our cable service - and last night, just before going to bed, I was channel surfing on some of the newer upper-band digital cable channels. One channel (one of the few, actually) that really seems to be worth it's bandwitdth is the Science channel. It has refreshingly little editorialism, relatively few commercials, and alot of very interesting content. It does an excellent job of describing some of the leading edge topics in science.

Last night, what captured my attention was a documentary on some of the current questions in cosomology. How did we start? And where are we headed? The effect it had on me was to get my mind into a beautiful "searching mode". This was the state of mind I was in just before I went to sleep. And in the morning as I awoke, I found this "searching" sensation continuing.

I can only describe it as the compelling sense of there being so much more beyond what we know now and the powerful desire to somehow be a part of that. It is a feeling that I can only describe as a yearning for the sky - to opening to the something beyond. I felt as though if I opened or expanded my mind, I could sense the presence of something just beyond the known.

I imagine that this is the sense that all through history, has driven explorers, scientists and mystics. It moves us to push the envelope, to look over the next hill, to allow our minds to "boldy go" beyond the boundaries of our world. It is the compulsion to explore, the need to see, experience and understand just a little bit more.

This morning I also read some more in the newspaper about the possible US plans for a rejuvinated space program (which I think is fascinating, regardless of political views), and the latest photographs from the Mars rover. Checking my e-mail in the morning, I noted that there was another report of something fascinating that another UFO witness had observed in the sky (the Minnesota skies have been somewhat busy as of late). The effect was to fill me with a great sense of mystery, wonder and hope.

As I continued through the day, I again thanked God for the sense of curiosity and questing, the love of mystery, and the joyous feel of "something beyond" the known. And I can only rejoice in this wonderful property of the mind and soul that helps make us so uniquely and beautifully human.

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14 Jan 2004 @ 11:13 by sharie : "something within"
The life and brilliance and creativity within us all is even more wondrous than the "something beyond" but in truth, they're the same.  

14 Jan 2004 @ 11:16 by craiglang : Indeed
To reach out, look within. As Above, so below.
The entire universe exists at each point within it. And within our inner minds is the capability to know and explore. It is that creative element deep within us, that inner spark that bridges the inner and the outer worlds.

I found yesterday evening that meditation was also extremely deep. I'm sure that it was all connected  

14 Jan 2004 @ 20:58 by magical_melody : Yes it's all connected!
I love the aliveness of this post Craig! I hear the wonder of a child and the delight within you as you savor the splendor that is so present within your life! I too have been feeling a sense of awe regards the wisdom that has been pouring through of late, to allow for more enjoyment of life and its many mysteries and magic!  

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