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18 Jan 2004 @ 14:38, by Craig Lang

An interesting article appears in the upcoming February 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics, entitled "When UFOs Arrive". In it, they talk about the possibility of First Contact (which they state is in the future), and what human reaction will be.

It is interesting to note two main classes of reactions considered by the article. One from the scientific community, and the other from the US Government/Military.

The article initially describes how there will be "obvious signs of their approach", presumably radar or radio contact. Then it goes on to describe the SETI Declaration of Principles regarding first contact, which could roughly be described as "be absolutely sure, then tell everybody".

The most interesting thing in this reaction-scenario is the assumption that the scientific (e.g. SETI) community would somehow be the leaders in a contact scenario. The article then goes on to demolish this assumption, describing what would probably ACTUALLY happen - government/military takeover of the contact scenario, and a heavy handed treatment of the Visitors.

A hint of this can be gleaned from the Brookings Report of 1960 - which describes many of the implications of open first contact, as envisioned at that time. It suggests government responses to contact, and suggests that contact would be harmful to humanity. The resultant government policy appears to be one of heavy-handed hostility towards any E.T. Visitors that are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of human (at least U.S.) officialdom.

On page 57, The PopMech article section entitled "State of Emergency" reads as follows: "If ET Turns up at NASA's doorstep, bearing that invitation [CL Note: from Pioneer 11], it is in for a surprise. Instead of getting a handshake from the head of NASA, it will be handcuffed by an FBI agent dressed in a Biosafety Level 4 suit. Instead of sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom at the WHite House, the alien will be whisked away to the Depertment of Agriculture's Animal Disease center..."

This appears to be the description - probably accurate - of what US policy would actually be in the event of open contact with ETI. This appears to have been the case during the recovery of whatever came down in the 1965 UFO Crash at Kecksburg PA. According to descriptions, in a very short time, the military had thoroughly secured the scene, and had recovered the object, which was never again to be seen by anyone without a (very, very) high security clearance.

This suggests that the mainstream scientific community would probably be in about the same boat as the UFO community - locked out by the military powers-that-be, and subject to the same apparent coverup which has bedeviled UFO research for the last 50-plus years.

So what does this suggest would be the most likely contact scenario. Would E.T. simply walk into a situation such as this? Presumably, they would be well aware of the situation on the world they were contacting (e.g. us). And therefore, presumably they would not walk into the ugly situation described in the PopMech article. We can assume that, being at least as smart as we are, they would instead choose some means of contact that would be under their control, and on their terms. And this leads us to the question - is this not already occurring?

The primary assumption that the article, and presumably the scientific community also makes, is that contact hasn't happened yet. But given the massive amount of evidence, and reports such as the Sturrock Report, and the Cometa Report, I think we can pretty much conclude that some form of contact has already occurred. This very conservative conclusion does not even begin to include the vast number of people (including several on NCN) who have described close encounter experiences. So, from that point of view alone, I think it is safe to say that the "long-awaited" first contact has already begun. (for a good report on Alien Abduction read the book "Alien Discussions, an account of the M.I.T Abduction Study", in which there was a very credible study of the abduction phenomenon led by David and Andrea Pritchard)

James Deardorff in his article "Possible ExtraTerrestrial Strategy for Earth" (included in the book "Alien Update" by Timothy Good), describes how there would probably be a gradual process of acclimation by the more advanced E.T. society. This would probably include contact at the individual, grass-roots level, long before any kind of open, official contact was made.

So in the end, the one scenario that is most likely - and indeed, is probably occurring at the present time (See the posting "The Day the Earth Stood Still: Thoughts on Why They're Here"), seems to be the one which is completely overlooked by the PopMech article. One wonders, is this due to oversight or denial? Is it simply arrogance? Or is there some other reson that we haven't - or perhaps don't want to talk about?

Whatever the answer, the complete lack of the present-contact scenario in the article speaks volumes about the authors, and in all probability about human officialdom, as well.

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18 Jan 2004 @ 16:20 by vibrani : Interesting, Craig
(at first you wrote this was in Popular Mechanics, and then you said Popular Science - I'm guessing it was the latter?) Good points about the neglection of contact that has already occurred. Maybe you could write to them and ask them if it was neglected because it's too sticky a thing to discuss, or they just don't think the data is true?) It's good that the subject is being discussed, though, isn't it? At least this gives people the chance to think about the kind of contact they wish to have someday and should a government or one person be in charge of this? I think that ETs have already been in contact with several people from the governments around the world, as they have with ordinary citizens. That ETs will be whisked away in handcuffs is a bit amusing. I don't think ETs would do that without it being part of their plan, do you?


CL Note:
Oops, I meant Popular Mechanics.
Correction time... :-)
... Correction done

Also, I agree with you that the E.T.s are certainly not stupid, and wouldn't contact us on the terms of our own government(s). I sincerely believe that they would never walk into a situation like that - but, as mentioned above, are pursuing a contact process of a more subtle nature.  

18 Jan 2004 @ 16:28 by maxtobin : A Media Under Control???
Craig the words 'Popular Mechanics' give a huge clue. It is a widely known and distributed publication so of course it has an agenda. The official position will be to deny or at least confuse the issue.
We do have a date with destiny as a species, either we awaken to our cosmic divine nature and assume our role as a co creative galactic species, or we continue in our ego centric isolationism thinking we are the smartest animal in the kingdom. AND of course if any evidence would place this position in dispute there will be great activity and much smoke screen!!
I pray daily for discernment, that I may be in touch with my inner teacher and know the 'truth'.
We are not alone and many know this without any doubt, what then are the consequences? Waiting for the arrival is not the answer. Preparing for our future as Cosmic beings and doing what that implies is our service to the creator I feel.  

18 Jan 2004 @ 16:37 by craiglang : Lotsa truth
Max and Nora,
Both your comments are very true, and I think hit the nail on the head.

18 Jan 2004 @ 19:52 by vibrani : Craig...
I think you might want to read a book I'm presently reading. It's called "The Dawning" and it's by my friend, Linda Pendleton. New book dealing with all these things. You can read about it here [link]

Thanx for the book reference. Sounds like exactly what I'm thinking of. Kewl.  

18 Jan 2004 @ 21:01 by craiglang : Indigo Children Article Link
Here is a link to an article I have coming up in the MUFON UFO Journal on some related stuff. I call it The Indigo Hypothesis, about the possible "human improvement project" that might just be underway...  

20 Jan 2004 @ 15:57 by vibrani : Craig
I think you'll really like "The Dawning" - especially the ending :-)  

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