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9 Mar 2004 @ 11:51, by Craig Lang

In the process of writing my article: "the Indigo Hypothesis" for the February MUFON Journal, I reread material from several researchers who have examined what it might be like to live in a psychic society. The pictures portrayed of life in such a society range from very postive, to very much less-so.

The darkest of these is probably from the author of the book "The Threat". In a number of remarks, both within the book, and in presentations at the international MUFON Symposium, etc., Dr. David Jacobs quotes descriptions by abductees, of what it seems to be like to be in the domain of the UFO/Close-Encounter phenomenon, and what it is like to be in frequent/continual psychic contact with the phenomenon. Dr. Jacobs draws some warnings about what it would be like to be in a psychic society, based upon what he has learned from the description of the phenomenal realm by many UFO abductees.

In verbal remarks at a past MUFON conference, more than one author portrayed a picture of a possible psychic society that was largely non-positive - principally because there would be no escape from it. To at least one author, the biggest downside of a psychic society would a large number of psychic voices - all audible to the mind, and of psychic ears that could hear your very thoughts. Like the Borg of Star Trek fame, or PSI-corps of the Babylon 5 world, we would be in some way collectivized or regimented. In short, unless one were somehow able to firewall off their own private thoughts and to partition public and private portions of one's mind, there would be little personal privacy.

Other authors are considerably more positive about the future of our mental/spiritual/psychic evolution. Authors such as Barbara Marx Hubbard in "Conscious Evolution", and Barbara Harris Whitfield in "Spiritual Awakening" present a much brighter picture of spiritual and psychic awakening. But in reading both of their books, I did not note them addressing this mental privacy issue which Dr. Jacobs and others have raised.

In a number of private conversations, people have suggested to me that the internet might be a prototype of the coming emergence of field consciousness. Could the internet be a model for a psychic society? What would the ramifications of this be?

I can think of upsides to this, but I can also think of some significant issues. On the positive side, it would allow perception of the human world around us much more clearly. A "broadband" view of human consciousness might (if used for benevolent purposes) be a very positive thing. In general, it is usually better to know more, rather than to know less.

The downside of the "internet" model however, is something that has been very prominent in recent times. The rapid ability to communicate with others allows us to send our thoughts all over the world on a moments notice. This can be positive, but it can also be quite negative.

At one time, in ages past, we wrote letters long-hand, sealed them with wax, and then posted them to our distant correspondants. Communication (especially written) was a relatively long, involved process, and allowed lots of time to think about what you had written, before sealing and sending it - in short, lots of time to count to 10. Now, as communications have tightened, this count-to-10 time has decreased more and more, until there is barely time to count at all... :-) Thus, as I have seen the growth of the internet over my adult lifetime, I have observed many positive and non-positive thoughts (as well as advertizements for penny stocks and anatomical enhancements, etc.) travelling the e-bandwidth at nearly the speed of light.

So, by extension, What would it be like if we were each connected to eachother: mind-to-mind. If someone didn't like you, for whatever reason, would you be continually exposed to their non-positive vibes? If you got into a disagreement - perhaps one that got out of hand - how would you manage that? How would you resolve issues? How could you ever escape people trying to sell something to you? What would psychic spam be like?

We can perhaps imagine living a psychic society as if we were - all six billion of us - enclosed together for a long time in a small room, maybe wintering-over at the South Pole. In such a case, the importance of interpersonal behavior skills is paramount. The balance between ego, honesty and empathy becomes critically important. A balance must be struck between the lower-chakra human needs and higher-level spirituality. How do we gracefully disagree with eachother, express emotion, etc., without causing painful disruption to the rest of humanity? How do we all live in the room, and yet all have our own rooms to live in? In short, how do we all get along huddled together on this tiny spaceship we call Earth?

My sense is that before we are truly ready for a global conscious awakening, these questions need to be addressed. I am very sure that there are ways to do this, and humanity [including this writer] needs to learn them better. And as we learn these key facets of enlightenment, we will be travelling yet another giant step down the road to the universal awakening that I believe is the human destiny.

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9 Mar 2004 @ 16:37 by craiglang : Notes
Given some of the unfortuante recent events that have occurred on the logs, I have elected to turn off my public comments for awhile. Older comments are still visible, since many of these are extremely valuable and informative.

If you have feedback, I would still love to hear it. Please feel free to send it by message. If it is value-additive, and germaine to the topic, I will be honored to post it to the log myself. Feel free to treat this newslog as a moderated forum for the time being.


10 Mar 2004 @ 10:57 by craiglang : And more notes... :-)
After thinking about it, I realized that turning off commentary would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. There have been alot of excellent comments made over the time I've been on NCN. I invite such constructive input once again. Welcome back... :-)  

10 Mar 2004 @ 11:00 by vibrani : Noted, and thanks Craig
just to let you know I have been keeping up with your posts even though I may not comment that often.

Nora, you may not comment that often, but when you do, it is excellent and very meaningful.

11 Mar 2004 @ 14:14 by maxtobin : Psychic Awakening
True telepthic ability IMHO comes through alignment in heart with and through the divine All That Is. It is different from the 'psychic' ability you are refering to here I feel. Transmitting thoughts is a phenomena that is always happening, this is after all the vehicle for manifestation is it not. All manifestation is a product of consciousness (my picture of reality until a better one e-merges). So any thoughts can be 'tuned' into, however resonance is an important aspect. Consequently I sense that the awakened heart of humanity will coexist in harmony because that is its nature. So I prefer the thought/concept of a telepahtic rather than a psychic society. Confusion exists at the moment as most of humanity is trapped in a paradox of the polar mind/ego creation (a consciously unconscious phenomena). Our current wake up process will see this paradox resolved and we will find (i Believe) that The All is honouring of our many aspects through the process of resonance. So when we are in heart we will sense this All and we will discern where we need to be and what we need to know and do. Personality needs (has choice) to Real-I-see the true nature of existence and the freedom/responsibility issue will reslove as we grow to understand and integrate the truth of a life of service to the Divine All That Is. Then I believe we will all find the Peace of Mind we seek.  

11 Mar 2004 @ 14:54 by craiglang : Well said, Max
I think you're right.
Alana pointed out to me one time a year or two ago (during a reading, actually) - something about the different levels of non-local ability: from lowest-level psychic through the highest-level of spirituality.

My sense is that this range is similar to the different levels of communication at the verbal level, only more so. There is the most basic level - hard concrete facts - such that my fingers are currently on this keyboard. We then get to the intellectual meaning of wording and information - where alot of the ego-related material lurks. Then there is the abstract material, which can still be discussed with words, but is difficult to understand unless one is at a sufficiently evolved spiritual level. Finally there is the pure spiritual level, which can only be communicated soul-to-soul. My sense is that when we finally begin communicating at this final level in a more consistent way, the awakening will occur on its own.

Thanks for your comments, Max,

11 Mar 2004 @ 14:59 by craiglang : Another thought
My understanding is that the psychic communication most often described by abductees is clairaudience. This seems to be mostly on a mind-to-mind level - very functional, and not very spiritual. Experiencers often tell me things like "he is speaking but his mouth is not moving", and "I hear his voice inside of my head". This is largely telepathy at the verbal level. And IMHO, It is quite different from what we seek to develop in the Awakening.  

11 Mar 2004 @ 20:46 by maxtobin : Eggs Actly
'tis all about that which we resonate with and choose to align with in terms of our manifesting and intent. Kinda like the EM spectrum but more so and not, if ya know wat I mean!!  

14 Mar 2004 @ 05:57 by fleer : I agree with maxtobin : Psychic Awakenin
And I don´t think that you compare abductees with a strong inner connection out of love.

Basicly the two situations are opposite and cannot be compared. I hope the table above can clarify my point of view.

Generally you could say that if someone is being manipulated with they will respond negatively. But a sense of belonging and connectedness based out of free will does create a more calm attitude towards being "plugged" in.

converted with html strip from {link:|Bruce Guthrie's Utilities}.  

14 Mar 2004 @ 08:00 by craiglang : Interesting
Thank you, Flemming. I think you put it very well.
I think I largely agree with what you said.
We need to be sure we awaken the right thing...

An interesting flip side to much of this is that abductees also seem to undergo a spiritual awakening that seems directly related to their experiencess. Also, many experiencers describe very positive experiences, as well. So there is more to this than meets the psychic eye... :-)

Thanx again for your comments.

PS: I Like your little html feature...  

14 Mar 2004 @ 12:09 by fleer : Thank you
Actually I tried to paste the html directly in to here, but after several attempts I made a graphics screenshot. (It got garbled...)

k, the encounters trigger something within ? That´s nice.  

17 Mar 2004 @ 11:21 by magical_melody : Interesting thread here,
Yes, Craig IMHO, I see the heart as the telepathic bridge to the soul, and our psychic connection and abilities as simply an aspect of our greater diamond Light self. Just a quick note: many exploring psychic abilities initially come to access and work with the astral realm where all kinds of traffic and densities hang out, until such time they learn and become more aware about all the various plane's and their densities/qualities, and come to understand the varying quality of information, integrity and intent related to each of those realms. All has value and purpose. Good to be discerning and utilize Source (heart) guidance in determining what/when/who to connect with. Sacred space and time important for us all so that we make the best use of our Source energy. As above, so below, choice and resonance are key! Just some thoughts I was inspired to share.

Thanks Fleer for the diagram above - well done.  

17 Mar 2004 @ 12:13 by craiglang : Similar
Yes, I think that's similar to what you mentioned a couple of years ago during a reading you did. So the message that I take away from this thread is that in order for a psychic society to be healthy, the aggregate level of soul maturity needs to be at a pretty high level.
Discernment and intuition need to be well-established practices. In short, a healthy psychic society needs to also be a spiritually developed society. This seems to me to be one of the hallmarks of a healthy society in general, regardless of the mode of human-human connection. But I sense that due to the power of PSI abilities, this need will far greater as we see the hundredth-monkey effect become stronger.

My sense also, is that while PSI abilities can manifest in people at lower spiritual levels, they become more common at higher levels of soul-maturity. And to me, this is a cause for hope.

Thanx all, for your comments  

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