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 Whitley on Armegeddon '2005, The Year of the Death Wish'18 comments
16 Mar 2005 @ 22:10, by Craig Lang

I just got done reading Whitley Strieber's new journal entry: "The Year of the Death Wish." And it is a chilling read. Unfortunately, I beleive it is all too accurate. Read it and cringe. And then act your conscience...

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16 Mar 2005 @ 23:15 by gea : Thanks, Craig.
I´m definitely not going to cringe, but going on ACTING as the article suggests.
Do the same. Everybody counts.
This is a count-down to living hell.  

17 Mar 2005 @ 06:57 by astrid : Hi Craig,
still thinking about my response.Once I know I'll get back to your article...Right now I'm just letting it all sink in, though I know what striber is talking abou, I'm thinking"howto " tackle the Problems to UN-DO as much of the predicted disaster as possible. "talk" to you soon again... : )  

17 Mar 2005 @ 11:05 by jstarrs : Since the '70's
..when my ex & I left for Southern Ireland to shelter from the end of known civilisation (!), manifestations of this 'degenerate' age have been stronger & stronger.
I also made the self-promise that I would never give up my optimism & hope for something, eventually, better.
As Shakti (Gea) says 'everyone counts' since they are our brothers & sisters, our family, and I believe this sense of caring for others is one key to, at least, over-coming the fear of this 'Death Wish' - with full love, there's no place for fear.
When fear is manifest, there's less space for love.  

17 Mar 2005 @ 11:31 by scotty : Quite a read !!
Thanks Craig.
If I were suseptible I might be scared by such an article - but to be honest I'm not - basically because I believe that there are lots of 'possibliites' as far as the future of the planet earth is concerned and collectively I think it's up to mankind to choose - having said that - Mankind insists on thinking that Humans are the centre of the universe - perhaps when the penny finally drops and we really see that we are 'part' of the universe then maybe we'll start taking care of the whole - before it's too late!

If it turns out that it is too late for this planet and it's occupants and "the collapse of the species back into a far poorer and more primitive existence, and possibly even its extinction"... is the result - well - we've got all of eternity to start all over again untill one day we get it right !  

17 Mar 2005 @ 11:42 by istvan : This is nothing new!
This knowledge and the conclusive forsight of what may come has beenaround for many years now.
Why even pretend to panic now?
When the shit hits the fan one can always pull the plug or stop someone shitting on the fan and show them the lawn for purposes of elimination.
To change one's habits seems to be the most difficult accomplisment for creatures.
There is not much one can do to wake up those drunk with self importance, but nothing wrong with trying anyways.
It would be well to make this article more accessible to nonmembbers by making this and all logs public.  

17 Mar 2005 @ 11:53 by gea : It´s been around...
...for as long as I can remember! Thirty years, at the very least!...
The problem is not the "possibilities" of Mankind (which, I agree, are infinite), it´s that the PHYSICAL Organism that sustains our lives (Gaia) is breaking down, and the stoopid ants not only don´t heed the call, but accelerate destruction.
I absolutely DON´T agree with the concept that we have an eternity to "begin again", even if it´s true, it doesn´t make the whole "shit hits the fan" thing palatable, especially when you have children and grand´children. This is as nutty as a fruitcake, lol.

For Istvan : I sincerely hope that you are making progress in your personal life to "change things".  

17 Mar 2005 @ 12:44 by istvan : Not making progress.
In fact things are going backwards for me at this time. The overall quality of life is dropping in this country at an accelerating pace.
For me personally: I live on a bit more than an acre land in a fast developing neigborhhod of high rise apartments. In a drive to clean the neigborhood of scum like me who grow food plants and trees, the local authorities decided to order me to tear down my hothouse and sheds where I keept my gardenong tools. Living in this country and raising a child at 68 is almost impossible with a social security check of $675.00/month, with a mortgage of 500.00 is impossible. So I supplemented my income with the money from selling plants and srvices to others.
Now this income is gone. But enough of personal whining!
Perhaps this is the "shit hitting the fan scenario. Things come and go, there will be something els to do, I hope.
Please do me a fawor Ghia. Please spread the findings of this article as far as you can [ ]  

17 Mar 2005 @ 14:10 by jerryvest : Magical Thinking
This "rapture" obsession is magical thinking that has been a part of the religious community for centuries. We know that the zealots use these kind of tactics to frighten and contain their "ants" as someone mentioned earlier. When things get too bad and frustrations begin to well up, there is no room for reason as Jeff points out.

A number of years ago, I heard a lecture by Oscar Ichazo on the 4 Killers or what can "kill this humanity"--change in climate (new viruses are born that have no antidote--micro-organisms adapt very fast, humans don't); misadministration of resources or bad administration in planetary vision (seems this is happening at an accelerated and steady pace); over-population or demographic explosions(lack of resources to support health and well being); and, pollution (we all know about this killer). Furthermore, Oscar suggests that we must channelize God's Will, unite and work across humanity as one. {link:}  

17 Mar 2005 @ 15:07 by craiglang : Update
I took Gea's comment to heart.
Cringing is "great" for a moment, but action is probably the most important thing at this stage of the game. Though, the frustration I feel today as I learn of the Senate vote to open ANWR to drilling is almost overwhelming. In the face of so much ignorance, where do we begin?(!!!!)  

17 Mar 2005 @ 16:02 by jazzolog : The Dance Of Death
Yeah, lately I've decided there is much in common between the Pentecostals and their Rapture and the Ghost Dance of Native Americans, performed when a sense of hopelessness and fear pervaded the tribes of North America. The people who make up these fundamentalist congregations used to be the working class, who always voted Democrat. They were seduced by Reagan, whose first act was to bust a union...and from there on it was all downhill for blue collar. But they still voted Republican...and on it went. Now I believe they have such a sense of incomprehension that only a Ghost Dance can appease their anxiety. Enter the Rapture. Confused and brainwashed by a politics that understands what has happened and feeds on these people, they await the great conflagration.  

17 Mar 2005 @ 16:52 by astrid : Interesting, interesting!....
at one point or the other over the course of day, I could have said all the things you guys have said now. That just shows how ONE we are!
At this point, I think, the only thing I can add is: I feel very optimistic about the Future-AFTER-the-CLEANSING!!!....
The ones who decided that "Hell-bound" is the name of the/ir Bliss; let them go the route they chose to their cherished Destination. All, we who chose a different Destination have to make sure that we truly DO what our choise DEMANDS from us: WALK OUR TALK!.... ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!....
Right now, I'm working on getting myself into a community who is interested in implementing the Local (Itacha) Money system, where I can get around in a non-petroleum driven vehicle, where I/we can grow our own food without any poisons. I have chosen a spot in Oregon. Going there next week to see if it all works out the way I dream!... : )Anyway, this is Plan A. I have a Plan B. Just "in case".
I will continue to went Life Issues with ALL who are awake or at the point where they can be awakened!...
Every person counts. Every person's ACTIONS count just as much! If every one of ncn members alone change ONE Bad Habit /week into a life SUPPORTING action/habit.... How many thousand bad habits would come to an end? How many GOOD actions would there be weekly to support Life??? How many people would be enthused to do the same kind of changes after observing us for a while?
Every change is a pebble dropped in to the Waters of Life, creating the circles, the ripples.... well, you know what I mean, eh? Then -eventually- comes the day, when Critical MAss is reached. THAT is the RAPTURE DAY. I'm pretty sure!!!!!..... : ) The dummies just don't grasp it...
Guys, this is just too good, not to share with you! : ) This article kinda explains whaddimtryin'to say today...
"There is Healing , when the radiance of Love replaces all our fears"  

17 Mar 2005 @ 17:19 by scotty : Hi Astrid!
I hear you and understand what your saying - however I can't help feeling that an attitude of "The ones who decided that "Hell-bound" is the name of the/ir Bliss; let them go the route they chose to their cherished Destination" - is not very different from the Bliss people who would be happy to let all us little people fall into the jaws of hell as we (in their opinion) seem to merit !
I can't see the difference !!
I think that I'd like to see people caring enough not to want to leave anyone behind - regardless of what their belief system is - I tend to cling to one for all and all for one - know what I mean ! *smile*  

17 Mar 2005 @ 17:47 by craiglang : Awakening...
Astrid - great comments.
I think that what is taken to be the "rapture" will in fact be a mass spiritual Awakening.
I like the books: Barbara Harris Whitfield, '{|Spiritual Awakenings}' and Barbara Marx Hubbard, '{|Conscious Evolution}'

It is my belief that this is what the "rapture" - if you can call it that - really is.

CL Note: Removed the latter half of the original version of this comment. It was a bit too dark. I think I'd rather keep it in a positive note... :-)  

18 Mar 2005 @ 05:14 by astrid : Ohh, Scotty, my Little Bare-feet Angel!.
In one sense you are right: Each of us decides which one of the two is our own Bliss-place, so to speak. And that is perfectly OK!
Every person is entitled to have their own Life-experiencies, the ones their Soul needs.... but NONE of us is allowed to force our exerience on another!
To the extent we mis-use/abuse the Life-Energy/"Holy Spirit" given to our use, we will have to PAY for it -with more experiencies / lessons till we get it right... OR til we have diminshed our SOUL to the point where It chooses to merge back into what is called Un-qualified Energy; energy without an individualized ME/SELF-Awareness in any form at all.
What you say here: "I think that I'd like to see people caring enough not to want to leave anyone behind - regardless of what their belief system is" is a violation, though, and it is NOT OK!!!! THAT is to violate another Sovereign Entity's Free Will!
Your violation lies within these words: "regardless of what their belief system is" Who are you -or any other person- to force another belief system on anybody! THAT is between Life and the person him/ herself ( or their Soul & Life/God...)!
We can point out options we think are better. but that is where our right to intervene stops dead! It is not a Q of "/not/ caring". It is a Q of accepting the FACT that NO other than LIFE/GOD can know another Being's ENTIRE SOUL -and Its needs!

"one for all and all for one" is right when ONE has ASKED help (in one way or the other. If someone pushes the offered help away, that has to respected by US. LIFE/GOD respects it, so why not you/we?!?.... The same situation is true for the the "All" asking "One" 's help!
It is very sweet of you to care so much. You just need to learn where you overstep your God-made/God-allowed boundaries -and maybe WHY you have this urge so strong!.... I bet my bottom dollar that there , somehwere in the "dark recess of your Beautiful Heart is a little wound... still aching.... from injustice done to you! OR GUILT! Remember; Guilt is someone making YOU responible for their suffering caused by their own actions/behaviour etc and trying to avoid /get way from that responsibility, by making you "accountable" for their own bad creations!
Remember; with Response-ability always comes Accountability!.... just like I said here in the beginning: we will ALL one day be held ACCOUNTABLE how we used the "Holy Spirit" given to us to be used to live our life!
Am I making sense to you,my Sweet Little Bare-feet Angel? If you need me to explain in different words I will try to do so.... : )
Thanks Craig! I will check these links out right now. We could chat /brainstrom about this"Rapture"-thing for quite some time... : ) "mass spiritual Awakening"
I really believe "the Rapture" to be the event when a whole bunch of us actually are ascending into the next OCTAVE, where we then will not be visible/tangible to people in this Octave, only to the ones in the new Octave where we are entering that moment of Rapture. So, yes, that would be a "mass spiritual Awakening" of enormous proportions! and I really think it will happen!
To me it has always been what you in German would say: "Ahhh, das ist doch Selbstenklahr!" ( I can't say it better in any other lingo..... )  

18 Mar 2005 @ 12:36 by scotty : Hey Astrid !
Hello to you - my wee friend of barefooted angels ! *grin*
Thankyou for once again giving me something to think about !


18 Mar 2005 @ 19:01 by craiglang : Note on emergence, etc...
Astrid has some interesting speculations on emergence, and the idea that those who are truly emerging will 'disappear' from the continuum of the non-emerged. I have heard that discussion before, myself. Not sure what to make of it, but I certainly can't fault it. It's one of those things that I simply need to learn more about.

Thanx for a new and interesting point of view on that, Astrid...  

18 Mar 2005 @ 23:50 by astrid : The SECRET KEY....
Craig, and all the rest of my friends, to ANY rise into next higher note in our Octave ( and then the next Oct. and its notes and the Oct. and its notes...etc.. ... )I have found to be the tiny little word "NO"!
With that word we take back the Authority we lost at two> ( "The Terrible Twos"... when kids are NOT allowed to say NO and say it ALL the TIME! )
That was the time (in our life) we were "broken In" = our own Natural Connection to Spirit was severely injured; "broken". We learned to give our INNER AUTHORITY away to someone/thing else ; outside of us.

Let's leave THAT part of the discussion right there and go on: It is time now for us to take that Power back: The Power of Spirit (of Life/ God) in and through our own Being, by listening to our own Common Sense, issue by issue, day by day let It tell us -from Within, so to speak-- what is LIFE-AFFIRMING to us; what WOULD be LIFE- AFFIRMING IF IMPLEMENTED, DESPITE GOING 180 DEGREES OPPOSITE to the SYSTEM! Write down on one side of the page of your Note Pad, the Life DESTROYING NORM = CONVENTIONAL/TRADITIONAL/"ACCEPTED" way of doing Things and on the other half write the New way that would be to ALL Life's favour -and would give YOU NEW REASON TO LIVE; ENTHUSIASM & give you back your CREATIVITY!!!.... If this is what you want; then start by saying "NO"... actually shouting out your "NO" as load and with much feeling as you can.
"NO" to the sick unfair monetary system, "NO" to polluting Energy (Petrochemicals) "NO" to being/remaing a Corporate SLAVE...etcetcetc

DO THE CHANGES by one....STICK TO YOUR "NO" & DRAW YOUR BOTTOM-LINE of Ethical Behaviour in the Cosmic Sands! Follow your promptings recognized as Priorities. Stop tossing them in garbage, just because..... one has to live within the Society! NO. You/We don't!
One by one we go out from this Madhouse and start a new Community =New Society with a healthier, more Life SUSTAINING BOTTOMLINE and leave the ones who choose different (who prefer the OLD ) where they want to be > go.
This is the way we rise from one cosmic vibrational Note to the next. Each step grows in POWER EXPONENTIALLY.... just like EARTHQUAKES!....
To rise to the highest "rang on the ladder" is no small feat!.... but the more people who start to understand this Method and decide to put it into practice the more people will eventually reach the MASTER- level... JESUS was concidered a MASTER.... ( I'm sure you read other of my articles with more of this kind of "outrageous" statements...) Once a Master, we have reached --not only the pontential to go on to the next OCTAVE but-- the "PLACE" from where we actually can and will do so!..... ( OK, Craig.... there's more that could be said. Hopefully this is enough to give everyone the BROAD FRAMES of Reference. TO WORK NOW, EVERYONE! TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! START SAYING "NO" and YOU choose for YOU from now on!

Not all are ready!.... It takes a lot of GUTTS!.... THAT IS the FIRST HURDLE - and WE put that restriction on ourselves!... No one else to blame THERE!... "I feel comfy in my Straight Jacket." *!* ///  

19 Mar 2005 @ 12:52 by swan : It is a time of Zero tolerance,
we can no longer tolerate things, if it is "no" we say no to it. When people all live in Love rather than fear the planet will thrive and so will we. If it is good for me( my health, wellbeing, love nature) it is good for the planet. In other words, nurture and love yourself and each other and the planet will thrive.  

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