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 The Dreaming
picture11 Jun 2004 @ 00:46, by ashanti

Note the image here is copyright to the artist Colin Atkins. (Click on the link to see more of his stunning art). Dreams and the Dreaming is a subject that seems to be emerging more and more frequently. Ming writes about it here. I was privileged to be inducted into the Aboriginal Dreamtime by a small community living out in the great red desert in Western Australia. Reality is much more fluid, flexible, and yes, you can fly. It is a place, more than anything. Magical, dream-fluid, it is very beautiful indeed. Some traditional Aborigines live in the Dreamtime both when they are asleep, and awake. Interestingly, this is very similar to the !Num state that the San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari reach. The San are Africa's First people, before the Africans arrived. The San and the Aborigines are amazingly similar in ability to physically survive in harsh desert conditions that would kill off softened modern humans in a few days. For them, dreaming is integrally related to survival - they need to access this state of being in order to survive.

Perhaps that is what is starting to happen in the world now. More people are remembering their dreams, noting that they often go to the same places, have lucid dreams, and more and more is being exposed, layer upon layer lifting out old evils that have always been, but remained hidden. The layers of illusion are shifting, and a return to a more fluid reality - not so rigid and solidified - seems to be on the cards. With this more fluid state, less can be hidden - and that is perhaps why the denser, more rigid forces attempt to try and exterminate the Dreaming. But the Dreaming can never be exterminated. It is a deeper level of Being that is eternal, and well beyond the reach of the dense.

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