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 Gardening the Buddhist Way
picture 18 Feb 2004 @ 06:20, by Scotty

As some of you may be aware it's been about a year now that I've been struggling to get the garden into some kind of shape ! There wasn't a single flower anywhere when we moved to this house and now they're begining to come up just about all over the place !!

One of my biggest problems though are the insects - and believe me here in the tropics there are more creepy crawlies than I ever dreamt of in my worst nightmares ! LOL!
One of the worst are the Fire Ants !! The locals tell me that the only solution is to pour petrol into the nest - yes well - you can imagine how much I appreciated that wee gem !

The gardening centre sells some kind of toxic chemical stuff - so - I tried it - it works great ! Thing is it kills everything else too- plants lizards small birds !!Quell Horror !
So I'm still scratching my head to come up with a more human solution - I don't mind the insects too much and I'd be happy to let them be ... if they don't eat all my flowers and veggies I'll be more than happy to share !

So - now I'm thinking that to really enjoy my garden I have to try and find a way to limit the damage and at the same time respect the fact that all animal life is precious and has meaning !
For the moment I'm trying to learn about organic gardening in an effort to find a solution that we all can live with - me the plants and the insects alike !

(any tips will be more than welcome thankyou !)

The Buddhist Garden ..[link]

Once upon a time a young Buddhist novice monk studied under a great master. One day, the Master, by virtue of his clairvoyant power, knew that this boy has no more than seven days to live. He felt sad, but could not tell him about his fate. So he summoned the boy and told him to return home and spend some time with his parents. One week went by, and the Master knew that the boy must have died, and so he prayed for him. Just at the moment, the boy turned up, full of life and joy. In his amazement, the Master asked him what had happened in the past few days. "Nothing," said the boy, "I just had a nice time with mum and dad, exactly like what you told me to." After repeated questioning, the boy recounted an incident on his way home, when he saw a group of ants washed away by the rain and struggling for their lives. He felt sorry for the creatures, and patiently brought them to safety one by one. So, according to Buddhist teaching, this little monk altered his own destiny by a little act of compassion. Since all lives are equal, saving tiny living beings could amount to significant achievements in terms of virtues, and invite tremendous blessings.

Organic gardening .. [link]

Organic Gardening Tips ... [link]

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