New Civilization News: How do your friends affect You ??    
 How do your friends affect You ??
picture 1 Oct 2004 @ 13:28, by Scotty

What surrounds you?

Did you ever walk into a public washroom that smelt so bad you wanted to choke?

But you were so desperate to go to the bathroom you had to carry on.

Did you notice something? By the time you left five minutes later, it didn't smell quite so bad!

And what if you had accidentally locked yourself in there for an hour? You might be saying, "What smell?"

There's a principle operating here.

We get used to our environment!

Live with miserable people, and you become miserable, and you think it's normal!

Work with critical people, and you become critical, and you think it's normal.

If your friends tell lies, it worries you, in the beginning.

Eventually you get used to people telling lies. Hang out with them long enough and you'll tell some yourself.

Mix with happy and motivated people, and you become happy and motivated, and you think that is normal.

If your family is negative and miserable, then you need to find some bright, happy friends.

Somewhere in your life, you need positive company or the pessimists will drag you down, and you won't even know it is happening.

In a nutshell
We are all affected (and infected!) by the people and attitudes around us.

Sometimes we need to take action, or change the company we keep, while we still notice: "Something smells around here!"

(by Andrew Mathews)

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