New Civilization News: Oh Boy ! Jump for Joy !!    
 Oh Boy ! Jump for Joy !!
picture 19 Apr 2005 @ 21:19, by Scotty

Have any of you ever litterally 'jumped' for joy ?

Agalliao-jump for joy, exult, be exceedingly glad, with exceeding joy, rejoice (greatly)

I haven't !!!
At least I don't remember having done so ! NOt even when I was wee ... not even after Santa brought me that beautiful black walking/talking dolly that I named Mandy-Lou !!

I just never have jumped up and down for joy !

I've been known to take a big breath of air and sigh when I noticed how blue the sky is .. or how beautiful a flower is ...
I've even felt my pulse racing when I see someone that I love walking towards me with a smile on their face !

I remember sometimes really being on a 'high' ... like when school got out for the summer holidays ....

So many things that I've felt really happy about - joyous even - but I've never jumped up and down !!

Maybe it's my Brittish reserve (yeah even as a kid !) maybe it's because the feeling of joy had gone so deep that I just felt quietened by it !

Maybe that's why I've been a bit quieter of late ... I feel happy ... deep down ... my life is blessed and I feel full of Joy .... but I don't jump !!! heh heh heh

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