New Civilization News: Meet my friend Wayne !    
 Meet my friend Wayne !
picture 2 Aug 2005 @ 18:42, by Scotty

My good friend Wayne Parker ( [link] ) has had a really
wonderful brilliant idea !!
And I woudln't be the adorable wee Scot that you all know and love if I passed up the chance to pass this on to you !!

First let me give you a wee bit of background on Wayne.

Wayne is an amazing graphic artist turned website designer
and while he earns a portion of his living creating websites
for people - what he wants most is to empower people to make
their own websites.... isn't that great !

To quote Wayne - "A website is a highly personal piece of
real-estate on the internet and having someone else create
it, is like having someone else write your diary."

So - what Wayne did was create a course that he could teach on the telephone - to teach people who don't know anything about website design how to create a web page!

Cool eh?

Here is what one lady said after taking his course...

"Wayne, you definitely deserve a two thumbs up."
"I started your web design class as a true beginner. I had
no technical knowledge and I was even a little scared of the
subject. I thank you so much for making the lessons simple
to follow and for all your guidance and patience through the
"I am thrilled that after just 10 classes I have my own
website up and running! Thanks again for making it fun and
easy. You opened up a whole new world for me. I can't wait
to create more sites."
"I highly recommend your class to everyone, and I look
forward to taking your Web Design Advanced class."
Jennifer Hardy ( [link] )
Burnaby, BC Canada

So - if you're interested in learning how to create your own
web site but always thought it was much to hard to do - this
course is for you!!!

(And it is only 97$ for this time around.)

This course is done on a conference line in the USA.
Long distance charges do apply but it is easy to get long
distance for US and Canadian residence for 5 cents a minute.

If you live in a different country besides Canada and the
US and you gather 6 or more people who speak English Wayne
would be more than happy to make arrangements to teach your
class !!

So reserve your seat at [link]
Now ! - 'cos the class is filling up fast!!

Oh - and just in case you're wondering why I've decided to post this about Wayne - well - I love what he does enough to share it with the world ! Well - you fellow NCN'rs anyway!
So please don't forget to tell Wayne I sent you !!

You can contact Wayne either through the website - or perhaps you'd prefer his e-mail address - which is ..

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