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8 Feb 2003 @ 01:09, by sevenlamb

We can and must, as a human people get outside our stories and realize that there are now some 50 serious threats which will easily serve to replace war entirely and unite humanity in pursuit of mutual and biospheric survival and uplift. We can admit our error, and act upon it immediately, for should we now choose to continue to ignore, deny, and generally allow their expansion, these threats will permanently sabotage our human and biospheric future, right now. We can now honestly acknowledge, together, that many of the most serious threats to biospheric and human survival are created by our own industry, and our insistence on commerce in punishment, biocide, and murder.

If we can step safely inside our human selves for a moment, we can clearly see that our systems of commerce, propaganda, and industry are eating our world and our future. They are consuming us, and our children, inside and out, and charging increasingly deadly prices for this privilege.

We can know together, without reference to gods or religions or laws that we want all of the children to survive and prosper — and that, even without reference to science or ways of knowing, the Earth is far too fragile to support our continued and expanding dramas of erasure, omnicide, and industrio-conversion. So too, our bodies, minds and peoples.

We can know together that all of us are children, here and now, needing each other’s celebration, support and care. Personally, as communities, cities, and nations. As a biosphere alive with the current moment of countless ancient lineages of sentient endeavor.

We can know that the ecological nurseries and indigenous peoples of the world require our immediate support to survive, and we require theirs, for their lineages are our heritages.

We can remember that there is no ‘separate’ race of people on Earth. Earth is a single child, comprised of many children. Which one should we decide to attack, to erase, to constrict in their natural desires for co-emergent elaboration? If there is only one hand, are we sure we’re ready to decide which fingers we should cut off as punishment for some real or imagined slight? Are we not more imaginative, ‘advanced’ and heartful than to still be answering some of our most essential needs and questions with war, as well as industrialized biospheric and human atrocity?

We can know that all peoples are indigenous peoples. Erasing them, erases us. We are indigenous peoples. I am indigenous. We are indigenous to Earth.

All of us know there are answers beyond war. All of us, even in our daily lives, require that those around us do not make war, else we fail first to thrive, and then to survive. In our households, war is death. In our families, war is death. When we pay for the privilege of war, we pay to erase ourselves, our children and our futures. We also erase the living world. We erase our hearts. And we erase our memories of what we’ve struggled so dearly to achieve and become. We erase what we’ve supposedly been ‘working’ for.

We as a global people are mature and heartful enough to ask the right questions, and pursue heroic answers to such questions, together. The war of materialism has already owned nearly all of our internal and biospheric terrains. Where is the place for our humanity, our persons, our minds and human hearts? Where is the place of rest, communion, and celebration? What, precisely, are our industrial cultures celebrating?

We can see we must cease the persecution, labeling and expensive 'games of punishment' which are crippling Americans at home, and destroying our planet abroad. Our prisons are a crime against ourselves.

We are old enough to clearly understand now, that our nationalized insistence upon strategies of biodegradation, and its attendant cultural erasures — dressed up as absurd heroism by corporate wealth-sieves —is eating not only our world, but our own children. In fact, such systems attack children first. And we are all children.

We can see that what is spent on war, is spent burning our world, peoples, and futures — and we can see that our planet is far too delicate to survive such events in their modern scales. So are our human hearts, bodies, and minds.

We have lived amongst our machines, industry and our science long enough to see where they are leading us, and it is not to anything any of us can survive, thrive within, or would willingly inhabit. We can together remember our human and biospheric heritages, and lineages, and form the small rings of human heroes who can and will accomplish the return of our birthrights, and our human and personal sovereignty from oppressive and rapacious ways of knowing, corporations, and societies.

We can clearly see, without regard to labels, that the threats of commercially motivated genetic engineering coupled with the intentional and permanent erasure of complex biospheric resources will continue and rapidly expand in consequence, and that this consequence can only be catastrophic, and perhaps apocalyptic. We can rise together to speak and act with great directness against this self-imposed holocaust, if we can but admit the true and obvious deadliness of the sources and participants in this problem.

We can clearly see that the potential for a sudden shift in one of five or six domains could utterly destabilize not only our nations, but our entire biosphere. We must address this first and foremost and we must address it immediately, as a global community, because it can and should unite our nations.

We can remember moments of great unity in human history, when threats of grave and universal significance were quelled by community and heroism which knew no boundary of category, race, nation or species. We can, all of us, clearly see that our world is now in a position that will require we remember first the powers of human unity, so that all of our nations may survive.

Our ‘advanced’ civilizations are far more delicate than their complexity implies, and some of the elemental momentums in our ways of being are depriving not only ourselves of our ability to thrive and explore our potential, they are depriving whole universes of peoples of this. There is more hole in our story, than ‘story’, in too many places. We can observe that systems of mimicry, constantly shouting themselves our human champions, are stealing our lives and futures — as well as the futures of our living world. We can remember our essential humanity in the face of such challenges, and find, in simple human unity, the keys to the heroism which will answer our species’ most ancient desires for liberty, justice, equality, and sustainable progress. And we can see that war in all ways opposes these clearly heartful, essential, and human necessities.

As a nation we recently witnessed the fact that a very small number of determined individuals, acting as a recombinant cell-team, can change the course of American history by using our own technologies and industry against us. But what we may have failed to notice, in our rush into propaganda and reaction, is this: a small ring, or cell of committed people can change the world overnight.

For the sake of mutual rescue, rather than mutual terror.

7 ‘regular people’, committed to the goal of rescue, in celebration of each other and the goal of mutual uplift, can accomplish anything. 7 rings of 7 such people could effectively, heartfully, and humanly accomplish almost any goal. We can save our world, and we can unify the world’s peoples without some dogmatic cage or idea-set that reduces our diverse and rightful uniqueness. In fact, we must.

And our rings must include children. And our hearts, and actions must value them.

And our rings must include the elderly, the prisoners, the sick. They must include. Everyone.

Our species is having a Unity crisis, and it’s echoed in our own nation and people. We must remember the powers of our hearts, as children, not as angry gods. When we begin talking about the use of nuclear weapons we are talking about a crime against the biosphere, and the erasure of our own minds, and children. When we allow commercial interests to modify the ambient biology of root food sources, we are asking for a holocaust. We can remember that in isolation, we are easy prey for tyrannous systems of rapacious constriction and indenture.

And we can insure our children hear our voices, right now in our action and our unity beyond labels and 'ways of knowing' — because our children are always watching what the adults are doing, and listening to what they are saying...

Can we now join hands, beyond all boundaries, and remember our heartful and heroic mission here — a mission more glorious and majestic than anything yet hinted at in our species' histories or fictions...

can we now accept the mantle of our human sentience with humility, grace, and the mission of rescue...

We can.

We are human, alive, and connected with our planet, and our future.

We are sane enough to see how small our world is, and how delicate.

We are brilliant enough to see the incredible domains of unimagined treasures that await our real and active unification in hope of mutual uplift, unity and biospheric survival.

We are wise enough to see beyond categories, and labels, into the domain of our most genuine humanity.

We are heartful enough to actively unify, person to person, without need for labels, churches or movements, in search of mutual rescue, and uplift. We can get rid of the machines between us in our lives, minds and hearts. We can do this in search of the active embodiment of our brightest dreams, and the most preciously held lineages of effort in which such dreams arose and from which they seek to thrive.

We are simple enough to remember that our powers in small rings human of unity, can overcome obstacles which appear so vast as to deny all hope of resolution. And they can accomplish this with great rapidity.

And we are must begin to remember we have heart, and strength, and the power to accomplish the dreams which will but an end to human and biospheric atrocity. For ourselves, and our children.

And, contrary to what most of us can believe, we can do it now – because the tools and toys we’ve hoped for from ‘gods, science, philosophies, or aliens’ are in the hands of the children.

And the children are us.

Let’s join those hands together, and remake the rings of simple heroes...

for we are the 'little rings of heroes' who can, and will rescue our world.

And it's a world in need of rescue.

Our time to awaken together has come.

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18 May 2008 @ 19:06 by Michael Lewis @ : the planet
I concur with "We the Children of a Sentient Planet...".

I'm 66 and just escaped the flat earth concept. At first, concern was sporadic and limited to visible problems. My father's "Fight Pollution" pin was in a society in which few saw any relationship between pollution and capitalism, chronic war or aggressive industrial development.

Concern for the planet sinks in. It seems rare that a person once convinced of the planet's fragility in the face of the geological-scale travesties inflicted on it ever becomes careless again about that. Sentient planet won't have trouble keeping adherents once it gains their concern.

I studied formal logic. From that view it became clear that even instruments as old as the best Latin, and certainly as Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution are written in far more sophisticated and careful logic than is obvious. That is one reason why they have endured. It will be useful to have some of your more thoroughly studied logicians go through every sentence of your more important documents and be very careful they are exactly what you intend to say. Then they will be treasured for a long time.

Another thing I found the hard way that it won't be sufficiently respected, and will be harshly criticized, if the documents speak for "we" more than once or a very few times. Even so, every statement can be declared soundly and with clearly logical determination.

It will be necessary for to criticize the harshly penetrating masculine aggressive Yang capital, military and industrial development of the world, and present the fact that it is already hard-nosing the destiny of the planet far too deeply with its tunnel borers, bombs, drills, spears, weapons, drills, aircraft pitons, and other machines which treat the fragile world with impunity. Yin is only a slight evolutionary retreat from the destruction at tooth and claw to the whiskers on one's nose; distinguish (discriminate or discern) between the desired action and the action to be avoided, and then yield to necessity. The Way of Yielding is well defined in Chinese culture. It is not religious. There are dozens of Ways in that venerable culture. And of course Yin and Yang are balanced and in constant tension.

One result of the heavy aggressive imposition of Yang is that the birds are being poisoned again, and this time it is deforming their beaks. Before pollution, they had found just how hard the world is. But now the desecration
of the chemistry and physics of the environment has fouled their instincts and they cannot know what is truly hurting their beaks, their noses. Again, just like Rachel Carson' described in Silent Spring.

Action is defined almost universally and so worldwide by the action in light. Light's motion is the flow of action. Action is a synthetic measure. It is like a quart of whatever makes light the way it is. Once it was defined (the discovery by Max Planck), it became possible to understand many, many things in the world. The understanding is very dry. Light does not guarantee justice or mercy, nor does it impose cruelty or destruction. It merely is the continual and relentless path of action.

Now the world is understood not only in sunlight and moonlight, but starlight and the light from distant galaxies. The world now adapts constantly to factors it only lurched toward since primordial times. For instance the Sun and Solar System orbit the Galaxy slowly -- once every 220 million years. Sixty five million years ago the big dinosaurs and it is said an asteroid killed them, but sixty five million years ago the Andromeda Galaxy was in exact conjunction with the Galactic Center. Galactic astrology is real. Just now the solar system is in Trine with the Galactic Center and Andromeda.

Activism is inevitably to encounter the difference between natural competition in which organisms go one on one with each other for food and escape. That resulted in a statistical tranquility that was eventually more or less stable, but organisms personally killed other organisms and ate them. Hobbes was right: it is nasty, brutish and short in nature in fact. The human species emerged as monkeys combined smarts with hands and broke rocks, used fire, built good protective shelters in which not only the human beings themselves but their spirits as well could thrive, unifying society, culture and religion. Yet of course humans also learned such capital powers as now threaten to destroy so much of nature that perhaps every large animal will be eaten.

It is vital somehow to learn where that balance emerges in which every capital
activity takes place with intrinsic care for the planet. That never existed before. Whether that is determined in the near future and saves the earth, or not until there are no large animals or beautiful things or large fish or frogs or songbirds, and only after humans have lapsed into such brutes as sharks are, all stomach and no brains, and then dominated by the instincts that do care abou the world, is not clear.

It is certainly possible to describe instincts that care for the planet though it's not clear how to make it the Law of Life for human beings. A Law that can not be avoided. It seems to be incomplete in vegan animals, for although they sometimes devastate crops they also tolerate and get along with other species of vegan animals easily. The necessary eventual instincts are not yet well defined, and even their premises are not fully comprehended. However, sentient beings all seem to respond to the correct scale of, for instance, the size and nature of the world as a planet, and the nature of and distance to the Moon. It takes, and they will advance rapidly then in evolutionary terms.

Imagine a time of stable peaceful tranquil evolutionary existence in the future (after much havoc or not) in which the powers of construction which are known now (and are yet to be discovered) are tamed. This period of tranquility will exist perhaps for a hundred thousand, a million, ten million years. It's that kind of future which must be drawn upon to determine destiny, not the plans for
a mere century from now.

It's difficult but glimpses can be gleaned. Just how is everybody's concern, nobody's exclusive, and intensely personal in viewpoint. A few scientific ideas help. Elemental atomic spectra in terms of energy are extremely valuable in contemplating or envisioning the future. Tranquility in wilderness is immensely valuable. The decisions have to take that intense competition, distinguish between (A) primal one-one-one kill or be killed natural predation and (B) intelligent and civilized cultivation of the whole sentient planet in terms that respect its fragile existence, and respect human rights and the rights of life.

How will wild feral nature that exists a million years hence be distinct from the intelligent conscious sentience that uses the powers of technology, literature, thought and constructions? Make that cut and you will be very
far toward winning a reduction in the amount of time it takes to reach that vital tranquil love of the planet's wildlife.

The distinction between wild instinct and civilized planethood which you find from the far distant future will be pungent enough that it is certain to raise opinions conflicting with the more stagnant and reactionary laws, yet be welcome by the best of new thought.

There's more, but I can't determine now which is most important to send you.

Best of luck.

PS, My web page (you did ask for my url) describes a conjecture which, if true, has some implications for the power balance in the universe and hence, in the planet's destiny.

Michael Lewis

(The present system dreams its obsolete constructions will disappear soon. Yet fossils show they will remain on the galactic time scale, as in "Concrete is Forever".)  

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