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7 Mar 2003 @ 22:42, by Lydia Teo

A thought for all women and men every where. Wow, I guess that includes all of us!

International Women's Day is celebrated in all countries in a diversity of ways. The most striking attrocities towards women's freedom are presently still being perpetrated against the women of Afghanistan. Attending a launch of an art exhibition by an Afghani artist it was quite noticeable the lack of Afghani women present at the event. The topic of the paintings centred around the pain of the women due to their oppression and the pain of the nation as a whole.
But... every painting had somewhere in it a piece of sky blue, a glimmer of hope, to remember the freedom that even though it may be small and overshadowed by other circumstances is still some where in each person's heart.

When a woman is abused in any way, the abuse happens not just to her but to all of humankind for what one person experiences is stored in the collective consciousness of us all. That pain is passed on by the ripple effect to all. "What you do to the least of my brothers you do to me"
The time has come for us to re empower ourselves. Even though the pain of the victim is great it is allowed because the fear of the retaliation is worst. Although the ones who "live behind the veil" by attempting to make a stand for themselves to empower themselves do put their lives in peril.

We, in the free world also allow ourselves to be victims when we do not give ourselves enough respect to be treated as an equal and not as a second class citizen, whether it be in the work place or by our husbands or our collegues. Yes, the pain of standing within your own strength does mean leaving behind "securities" that we have relied on always in our lives and the uncertainty of the future may be scary, but I for one intend to move forward into my own self worth and power and do so in joy. I no longer choose to be a victim but choose to live as an empowered adult human being. Will you choose your own empowerment?

Together as one united whole we can achieve the "hundredth monkey" and enact change within ourselves and in the world. All things are possible if we so choose, we can transcend and ascend.
And so it is!

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8 Mar 2003 @ 00:41 by shawa : Have you noticed ?
This morning THREE Newslogs had the same subject (women) one right after the other! Boy, I felt glad! :-)  

8 Mar 2003 @ 11:10 by letecia : Int'l Women's Day
Thanks for posting your article. Celebrating women everywhere with you!

Regards, Letecia  

8 Mar 2003 @ 22:13 by newdawn : absolutely
together we CAN make a difference!!  

9 Mar 2003 @ 06:13 by martha : someday
And I hope someday there will be no need for International Women's Day rather celebrating all humanity every day.  

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