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23 Jul 2004 @ 11:47, by Geral W. Sosbee

On July 15, 2004, I reported evidence of possible 911 Commission deceit and cover-up of fbi crimes (including the concealment from the world of fbi/cia terrorists' sources and methodologies). More recently, the 911 Commission reveals the incompetence/failures of its staff of high level Inquisitors by refusing to recommend an overhaul of the fbi/cia's operations. Specifically, the 911 Commission makes no
effort to examine the total corruption of the army of assassins in the fbi and thereby grants the fbi a continuing license (with the imprimature of the Commission) to carry on the programs of blackmail, extortion , torture and murder of key persons worldwide by the use of street thugs, police, etc.,and high tech weaponry. The 911 Commission therefore performs a treasonous disservice to the American people and
leaves the U.S. more vulnerable than ever to attacks on the homeland. The heart of the problem that the 911 Commission is afraid to address is associated with the fbi/cia inhumane terrorist tactics and assaults worldwide as I have outlined in my site. Until the United States addresses these issues and comes clean with the world's population regarding fbi/cia crimes against Humanity, the holocaust may continue.This update is dedicated to : celmakie "petit rappel".geral sosbee
See article dated 9-14-05, "fbi/cia incompetence and corruption threaten the United States".
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24 Jul 2004 @ 04:48 by jazzolog : Was Warner Hurrying?
Today's NY Times carries an editorial in which the newspaper charges the Defense Department stonewalled the Commission beyond endurance. (I put up the editorial here {link:} ) But the members did endure it and published anyway. I suggest Bush is trying to delay absolutely every investigation whose results will cost him the election. Maybe the Commission thought something was better than nothing. To its credit, Congress has begun hearings---now, during the campaigns!  

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