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picture 4 Jun 2003 @ 09:39, by Raymond Powers

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Demonstrate at so-called Israel Day Parade
June 1, 2003

On Sunday, June 1, 2003 beginning at 11:15 am at 5th Ave. and 59th St. in Manhattan there will be a group of anti-Zionist Jews demonstrating against Zionism and the Zionist State that will be celebrated by marchers in their so-called Israel Day Parade.

The Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will proclaim their loyalty to pure Judaism and their opposition to Zionist heresy, which violates every principle of the Jewish religion. These people shall proclaim that the idolatrous Zionist ideology has no role in the life of an Orthodox Jew, and that Jews are obligated by Judaism to live in peace and harmony with every other people throughout the world, including of course, the native Palestinian People.

Pure Judaism proclaims that we are to accept the decree of Exile of G-d and live among the nations in every corner of the Earth, and are not to establish a State and attempt to end the divinely ordained Exile.

Pure Judaism forbids the uprooting of the indigenous people of the Holy Land, it proclaims its principles of humanity and justice that demands the total restoration of all human, civil, economic and political rights of the Palestinians, including the right of return of all Palestinians to their homes in historic Palestine, thereby enabling Palestine to be governed by its original native inhabitants.

These principles are essential ingredients of Judaism, and no amount of Zionism brainwashing of many Jews throughout the world and Zionist media propaganda can ever do away with these eternal principles. We declare to all non-Jews who believe that support for Zionist idolatry and ethnic cleansing demonstrates sympathy for the Jewish People that this is a grave error!!

We beseech all well-meaning non-Jews to understand the truth of what Judaism teaches, and we encourage our fellow Jews to resist the incessant hysterical and paranoia-filled propaganda of the Zionists, their heresy and their xenophobia, and learn the truth of what Judaism is and what Zionism is.

Those of us who oppose Zionism express true compassion for the Jewish People because we address the ROOT CAUSE of the suffering in the Holy Land inasmuch as Zionism is the cause of bloodshed in the Middle East and hatred of Jews throughout the world.

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4 Jun 2003 @ 15:05 by vibrani : From an Orthodox Rabbi and Kaballah
(And I have to ask - why did you post that article? It is a limited view held by a few.) Zionism doesn't cause any global anything - it is fear, hatred, and intolerence that does that, Ray.

Here's another view point
from an Orthodox Rabbi and Kaballah Instructor:
Rabbi Ginsburgh Responds to Current Events in Israel

A Response to Local Israeli Newspapers Regarding
the Settlement of the Land of Israel

Question: What is your opinion on the declarations of PM Sharon calling to "end the occupation" and the "evacuation of Jewish outposts"?

How, in your opinion, should the settlers of Judea and Samaria (Yesha) react to the government's adoption of the "Road Map" plan?

Should the settlers in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) accept the rules of democracy and the government's stance on the settlements?

Is the Rabbi of the opinion that evacuating settlements will lead to civil war?

What is the role of the Rabbis of Judea and Samaria (Yesha) in the struggle of the settlers to keep their homes? How should they guide the settlers in advance of the conflict over the future of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria (Yesha)?

Answer: It seems that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon considers the concept "occupation" to be negative and immoral. This is not the Torah stand. It is the duty of the Jewish people to conquer the Land of Israel, the inheritance that the Creator bequeathed to His chosen nation, in order to settle it in its entirety. As with every Torah value, partial fulfillment of a mitzvah ("commandment") blemishes the goal of the mitzvah, and is liable to invalidate it totally. The mitzvah may even appear to be distorted, G-d forbid. In our case, we see that our unfortunate circumstances are a result of our unwillingness to complete the "occupation," the conquest of the Land of Israel, properly--and to immediately settle all the land--when G-d returned us to the majority of our land in the Six Day War. In those days of miraculous victory our nation reached an apex of spiritual confidence, which has continuously eroded (with the aid of our 'leaders' and the media).

By using the political "doublethink" term "evacuation of outposts" the Prime Minister is attempting to blur the essential difference between an army outpost in occupied territory and a Jewish settlement in the land promised by G-d to the Jewish people. On a deeper plane, Sharon's willingness to uproot Jews from their homes points to the root of the problem. Sharon was one of the great builders of settlement in all parts of the land of Israel. Nonetheless, we see that without the recognition of the Torah as the basic foundation of our lives in Israel, and without the willingness to accept Torah guidance and solutions to our problems, even the most fervent "rightists" lose their way and accept as necessity the lefts "solution" of evacuating Jews from their homes. Only a cultural revolution can change the direction in which all the recent governments of Israel, both right and left, have been proceeding.

Thus, the settlers of Judea and Samaria (Yesha) should not prepare to struggle over specific points or for isolated reactions to various actions of the government. Instead, both the settlers and the Rabbis of Judea and Samaria (Yesha), as well as every Rabbi and every believing Jew in Israel and in the Diaspora, should unite to bring about a cultural revolution in the state of Israel. Even if this struggle must be conducted within the confines of the law and the rules of democracy, its goal is the total transformation of the regime in Israel. This struggle precludes the use of violence, and any threat of civil war is misplaced. If the Rabbis want to correctly represent the Torah outlook, they must clarify to all that what is needed now is total change.

The Torah has the solutions to all of our existential problems. The guidance of the Torah will bring us development and prosperity in every facet of our lives. This is good for the Jews, and also for our non-Jewish neighbors. Thus, the true struggle is not over a particular settlement, despite its importance, but rather over the essence of the State of Israel. Even though we must conduct this struggle within the parameters of modern-day democracy, no believing Jew may adopt in his heart rules, mindsets, and morals that are foreign to the Torah of Israel. We must clearly present the true Jewish alternative, with firm faith in the Creator, in His choice of Am Yisrael ("the people of Israel"), in His Torah and in the fact that He bequeathed us the Land of Israel for an eternal inheritance.  

4 Jun 2003 @ 15:09 by sharie : Peace and freedom
Thank you Ray for the post. I appreciate the many topics you cover in your informative newslog.  

5 Jun 2003 @ 00:54 by waalstraat : I want to thank you too Ray...
For by putting it out there, you can get feedback on any errors of thought,feeling, or fact, that you might harbor. Of course I understand you might or might not utilize that feedback to revise you opinions, and attitudes, for that would depend on how sincere you are abou truth and justice, and how effective a communication the feedback is.
It is in that spirit I invite you to read my response to the above post in Son of Hodgepodgeblog...With warm regards and blessings...Bernard Dov  

5 Jun 2003 @ 13:53 by sharie : another perspective on truth & justice?
That was a nice way of putting it Bernard. I look forward to reading your response.  

7 Jun 2003 @ 13:05 by Greg @ : distinctions and compromised realities
Yes, I believe the main distinction here is the hijacking of the term Zionism, which has now been conspiratorially compromised by a bunch of hooligans that only want control of resource and population under the GUISE of zionism - whether it be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. Whether it's hijacked Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, these ideologs want nothing more than control and profit via diversion and subversion. It can even be said that Sharon is no more Jewish than Bush is Christian. It's an ingenious ruse that the whole world, and the people that have their beliefs contained within religious ocntexts, have been deceived by.  

5 Sep 2003 @ 16:45 by Eric @ : Let the natives rule!
Thank you so much Ray for bringing this enlightening piece of news.
It is a fact that about 150 years ago, there were only a handful of jews living among peoples of other religions and faiths in the holy land. Would I be right in assuming that all these (and their decendants) are to be considered the true natives of those few square miles in question, whatever or whomever they believe in?
All those jews that immigrated since should have no stake in the land. Or should they?
The so-called Natives themselves came a few decades/centuries earlier as merchants, crusaders (christian and muslim) and nomads, and happened to settele down.
So, who was there before? Well, surprise, surprise. It was the jews that lived there long before Jesus (who was born jewish) and were exiled by none other than the Romans a few decades after his death.
But don't dispaire. The Old Testement, AKA The Torah, tells us that the jews and arabs are all the sons of Abraham, himself an immigrant to the disputed patch of earth who came from what is today Iraq. According to the good book, even in those days he was known to be a cunning and manipulative charecter who gets his way one way or another. I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that he made up this whole covenant tale just to justify his deeds. Maybe we should just send him and his decendants back to Iraq and let the land be in peace. The "true" natives are long gone by now.

Speaking of natives and doing some good deeds for them. I heard somewhere that "white", "black" and "yellow" Americans are newcommers to the Americas. Maybe we should let the native peoples rule those continents. After all, they've been there for only several tens of thousands of years.
Why stop there? Weren't there "barbaric" tribes from around India that swarmed Europe a couple of thousand of years ago and took over? Maybe we should kick them out as well?
Maybe the best solution to our disputes is for all of us to climb back on the trees in Eastern Ethiopia and live as one, big happy family and let mother earth take care of its own business elsewhere, as god intended.  

27 Sep 2003 @ 01:12 by tenji @ : an opinion
the native peoples of america had ways that showed sustainable lifestyles, harmony with nature. right now every people on earth could learn to live that way with god as our witness everywhere. moving beyond a need to conquer people or places all the tribes of the earth can have harmony eventually.  

4 Oct 2003 @ 10:02 by Greg @ : nice civil thread
I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses and opinions on this topic.  

16 Nov 2003 @ 13:10 by Josh from Jerusalem @ : Zionism & Jews
Zionism is mentioned several dozen times in the Bible, what's the fuss all about? Only Jews believe in the truth of the Torah (Hebrew Scriptures) and follow it. God gave it to the Jewish people (which is by the way mentioned in the Koran too!) period. Moslems who go against their own Koran are pigs, hypocrites & liars. AS for the miniscule anti-Zionist Hassidic rabble, their own leaders disavow them, the Jewish people of all streams are disgusted with them and believe it or not, God himself referred to them when He said, "Your destroyers shall come from your own midst". They are a footnote to oter Anti-Semitic groups throughout History despite their costumes.  

23 Nov 2003 @ 16:31 by Vibrani @ : DO WORDS REALLY MATTER
DO WORDS REALLY MATTER? by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

Do words really matter? When it comes to Jews, I don’t think so.

I have been writing about Terror, war and geo-politics as they apply to the Jewish State for over 30 years. I also have received tonnage of information, opinions, research papers and books. I know in my guts that words are irrelevant to most in order to prove the justice of the Jewish claim of sovereignty in their own ancient ancestral homeland - simply because our adversaries and friends who become adversaries - Don’t Care. They are not ashamed or embarrassed at being caught and exposed as anti-Semites. History is replete with nations betraying each other but, none so continually perfidious as the betrayal of the Jews. When others issue words against the Jews, then the words don’t count.

How many times has Yassir Arafat been sourced as the core planner for hundreds of Terrorist attacks? How many Americans is he responsible for having killed? The follow-on exposure meant nothing to either the Europeans or the Arabists in the State Department as the money kept flowing into his killing machine. We are just now in the process of batting our eyes in supposed wonderment about Iran’s long term plan to acquire nuclear weapons. We pretend surprise about Iran’s nuclear program - just as we shut our eyes to Pakistan’s developing nuclear weapons, using money from a host of Arab nations who wanted an Islamic Bomb. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Iraq all paid the money and expected operational nukes in return.

I recall writing about 4 to 6 tactical nuclear weapons being sold to Iran out of East Germany when the Soviet Union collapsed. However, an immediate story floated in American papers assured us all that there were no missing nukes and, if there were, Iran didn’t have them. I would presume this was courtesy of the CIA or State dis-information assurance squad. It seems clear that various Departments at State and the Intelligence Agencies knew very well that Iran was spending a lot of money to develop a nuclear capability since the fall of the Soviet Union. The East Germans were broke, with no money coming from the Soviet Union, so they were selling everything they owned - uniforms, rifles, tanks and tactical nukes.

Words would have mattered to the American people and perhaps the U.S. Congress, then just maybe something would have been done about it IF it became public knowledge. When Israel brought her complaints of her Intel on Iran’s nuclear program, it was dismissed out of hand. Words were irrelevant coming from the Jewish State. This was frequently repeated through the years. When Israel spoke about Egypt or Saudi acquisition of long range missiles from North Korea or China, the words were totally ignored. The same when Israel warned about Syria’s chemical weapons’ programs. Even Israel’s more recent warnings about the possibility that Terrorists could likely commit such an attack as 9/11 was dismissed by American Intelligence.

During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Gen. Ariel Sharon’s Army had encircled Egypt’s Third Army and was forced by America to release them. Egypt agreed to leave the Sinai demilitarized, free of any war materials, an agreement co-signed by the U.S. Shortly after Israel’s withdrawal and the brokered agreements were signed, Egypt moved up their SAM ground-to-air missile batteries into the Sinai. Israel protested to the State Department, providing aerial photos to prove Egypt had broken the agreement. Israel’s words, backed up with irrefutable proof meant absolutely nothing to the State Department or the U.S. Government generally.

Agreements with the Jewish State were irrelevant because America was courting Egypt to replace Iran as her ‘cop on the block’ to protect or occupy Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Oil States. Egypt (in my opinion) was slated to occupy Saudi Arabia in America’s interests should Syria, Iraq, Iran (or other hostile countries) move to take over the Saudi oil fields. Imagine, Egypt - a military colossus with $50 Billion in free U.S. military equipment (paid for by American taxpayers), also controlling the vast Saudi armory would then to become a threat to the entire Middle East.

We Jews are known as the People of the Book which generally refers to the Laws of Torah. But, we also have a predilection to document history, write copiously and argue every point until the point is worn away. We Jews do have a genetic national memory ‘par excellence’ but unfortunately, we also tend to ignore our own history ‘vis a vis’ our numerous self-declared adversaries. As a result, we keep thinking that, if we offer sufficient proof as to the wrongs done to us, our adversaries (the anti-Semites of the world) will quit the field in shame.

I am reminded of the plunder of Jewish assets during WW2 by the Germans and Europeans. They stole factories, bank deposits, jewelry, paintings, homes, even extracting gold from the teeth of their victims to be melted down and fenced off by the Swiss to other world banks for the cash liquidity needed to keep Germany’s war machine lasting longer.

After WW2, Jews attempted - in words - to reclaim their properties which were confiscated by the Germans, Europeans and even the Russians who confiscated what the Germans had stolen. There was deep reluctance to compensate survivors although Germany, in some embarrassment, did finally make some reparation payments. The French, like Jacques Chirac, when he was Mayor of Paris, still had stolen Jewish owned paintings hanging on the walls of his office and home. The Jews tried to use words to reclaim even a fragment of what was theirs and yet were met with words to the effect that the Jews were greedy money grubbers and had no right to ask ‘good’ Germans, French and Swiss to return the loot.

These were the words of the low nations who trafficked in gold teeth, museum quality paintings, factories built by the Jews, homes with all their furnishings -even insurance policies were denied to beneficiary survivors. The laws spelled out in the legal words of the nations were suspended for the Jews while the pretense of fair justice was reserved only for all others.

Words have meaning when you are the bully carrying the stick. Words from the victim are virtually meaningless - except perhaps in an advanced civilization where the rule of law is equally applied where the greedy, the unethical, the cruel have no more to say and no more power than those whom they would make their victims.

The small tribe of Abraham was chosen to carry G-d’s message (words of Torah) to large and powerful nations. They managed to bring the One G-d into the minds of man but, have not yet managed to infuse the Laws that G-d offered to man. Most men hated the laws of restriction; they hated what they were obligated to do and, above all, they hated the messenger and witness to their refusal to upgrade their level of humanity. The rest of the world reluctantly accepted the idea of the One G-d and managed to blend in old, acceptable pagan ritual - even modifying G-d’s Laws to bypass the rigorous demand of the 10 Commandments and the 613 rules of behavior taught by G-d and practiced by the Jews. None of the words were to be modified, changed in any way but, most men ignored this specific instruction and did change His Words.

It wasn’t by accident that G-d selected a small tribe of Hebrews to carry His Word. Clearly, the powerful nations, like Egypt who had strong, priestly cults with many gods would never accept One G-d - let alone give up their priestly powers. Even after G-d, through Moses, devastated the land and killed the first born Egyptians, they would not abandon their death cult gods and all their other gods. No nations on earth were ready to accept the difficult task of speaking for the One and Only G-d - except for a small tribe of Hebrews.

Even today, the nations of the world refuse to accept the message of One G-d through the Jewish tribe but, insist on their versions of G-d and the pathways to His Court. If they, indeed, accepted the One G-d with no creative variations, then they would have accepted the Laws of Torah. They would have reached out to the Jews and taken them by the hand and said: "Teach me what G-d taught you".

We Jews are seemingly always surprised when our well-documented bill of particulars is ignored or simply disputed as to its accuracy with no supreme earthly judge to rule that we are right and they are wrong. Many religiously observant Jews believe that a truly Supreme G-d will be the final arbiter and our antagonists will get their just deserts.

Unfortunately, we live on this planet in human form and we Jews, indeed, do bleed when stabbed. Our wall of defensive words do not and have not ever stopped our assailants. Killing and persecution continues apace against the Jewish people, sometimes less or more but always there. Presently, hatred has ramped up as the nations reach out for someone to blame, someone to take the pain away which their greedy leaders have imposed on their nations. We Jews are those selected "someones".

The Jewish people were chosen as G-d’s messengers for many things, in addition to alerting the planet Earth that there was only One Supreme Being. The Jews additionally brought knowledge in Law to be fairly administered by incorruptible judges. They brought remarkable breakthroughs in medicine and technology. Music was a passion for them and so great virtuosos as violinists, pianists, cellists, conductors entertained us. The greedy and corrupt resentfully accepted these gifts, wanting even more but, hated the Jews nevertheless.

But, hatred could not obscure the fact that the Jewish people were G-d’s chosen messengers and teachers of His Laws. For this, they would not be forgiven and thus our ‘war of words’ seems mostly useless. We have been pleading for centuries with the Church to reverse their teaching of hatred to spare our lives but, our words fell on deaf ears. Clearly, these words do not protect us. The best we can do is to circle the wagons and fight off the pagan haters until perhaps, one day they mature as humans and beg forgiveness from the One G-d. Fighting back is being done to some extent in Israel although the nations are doing their best to lull the Jews into a state of acceptance so the Arabs can be satisfied with a victory in blood.

The West presumes that, IF the Arabs win such a victory to eliminate the Jewish enemy (who has humiliated them by defeating their armies in six wars), the Arab Muslims will quietly recede into their backward culture. Their Mullahs scream out their hatred in words, telling the Muslims to kill the Jews and all non-Muslims. After the Muslims have been pacified with a bloody victory, the West hopes that they may go back to business as usual and Islam will no longer be a threat to the West or the planet at large. Here again, the words of warning by the Jews will be ignored merely as self-serving and having nothing to do with the rest of the world. The World is now paying the price as Islamic Terror sweeps around the planet like a wind of poison.

For them "words" are irrelevant except those they conjure up to justify their actions. words for them is how they feel at any given moment which can be changed in a heart beat and, what’s more, believed as the new truth.

We, in the West, believe in words, agreements, contracts as binding. They do not and, although we see through experience that no agreement is scared, we continue to make agreements with them. They break their word at will and we (to include the foolish Jews) accept the new set of words even as the ashes of the last broken agreement are still smoldering. The nations can accept false words and survive but, the small Jewish State and the minuscule number of Jews left on this planet cannot.

My pen aches to enumerate the assurances given to Israel in good faith by well-meaning friends only to have them disavowed when their economic interests are at stake. The assurances and commitments given to Israel in trade for dangerous concessions to the Arabs and Europeans are nothing more than a trail of bones.

As a practical matter, Israel has to bend to the wishes of powerful friends even when they know the words of commitment will vanish quickly. There will come a time when Israel will realize that they can no longer accept words of assurance and draw a line in the sand.

However, in the interim, I - among other Jews and Christian Zionists - will continue to use words in the hope that the nations will turn from their Terrorist, uncivilized ways and accept an unalterable law of conduct.

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24 Nov 2003 @ 03:43 by Vibrani @ : I CALL SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS QUOTE:
Words have meaning when you are the bully carrying the stick. Words from the victim are virtually meaningless - except perhaps in an advanced civilization where the rule of law is equally applied where the greedy, the unethical, the cruel have no more to say and no more power than those whom they would make their victims.  

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