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 Reporting Live from the Green Business Conference1 comment
4 Nov 2005 @ 18:36, by Raymond Powers

I've been here in San Francisco at the Green Business Conference all week. It's hosted by Coop America Amzing networking, visioning and good eats too. I'm here assisting my friends at Zhena's Gypsy Tea who are one of the sponsors and providing the tea service for the conference. This weekend we will also be at Green Fest, the public expo for green lving. My personal intention, greatly fulfilled, was to learn more about the feasibility of EcoSpirit, a Fair Trade gallery and folk craft store and educational center, meet potential investors, do market research, and create relationships within the Green Business community. There have been some really informative keynotes, such as Aveda, Patagonia, Organic Valley and break out sessions.

At events like this I always look forward to the synchronistic and serendipitous that occurs. I've met some composers and video production folks and we are speaking about offering services to the Green Community for their promotional campaigns. My role of course would be producing music and jingles (which I see like musical Haikus). I also offered my services to balance the heady information saturation with my cedar flute and have played several times during the conference.

Check out Coop America's website. They have been leaders for several decades in creating a healthier world.

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1 comment

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