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picture 24 Nov 2005 @ 16:50, by Raymond Powers

If you've had an inspiring wild animal story please post it here. Our communion with nature is something to be grateful for. So goes my story.......

I had an incredible experience yesterday. I felt like St. Francis of Assisi. A Canyon Wren had found its' way into my cabin. I tried to escort it out but it kept buzzing around the top ceiling beams and such. Finally it knocked it self out, slamming into a window up on a indoor ledge by the roof. I climbed on a chair and picked it up with a t-shirt. I thought it might be dead because it wasn't moving, the inner eyelids were closed and it's beak was frozen open. It was very still. I brought it outside and started stroking it's back and blowing on it's body and down it's beak. I also wrapped my hand around it and did the sort of energy mojo I do. After about five minutes, (it seemed longer than that), it's eyelids pulled back, but it's legs, feet, body and beak were all still frozen. I didn't know if it had a broken wing or had internal damage. It never fluttered but it closed it's beak after I blew more resusitation (spl?) air into it and hopped up on its' legs, even though it's feet were still paralyzed and curled under. I walked into the yard, more onto a grassy area and bathed it in sunlight and energy work and then it perked up and started walking up my arm and back down and very cool, check this out, perched itself on my finger and started singing and chirping. I thought it would fly off once it realized, oh no I'm on a human, but, again a beautiful gift, it stayed perched on my hand for like 10-15 minutes as I walked around the yard with it and listened to it's song. I felt so blessed to have a free, wild bird be in such fearlessness of me and I in connection with it. I was in this altered zone paying rapt (not raptor {-:) attention to it and then felt a Oneness with the land and everything around me that was sublime. I walked back to my cabin with it still on my finger and when I reached it, it fluttered up to the roof and hung out awhile looking at me, singing and then flew up into the pine tree that hovers over my home.

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24 Nov 2005 @ 18:05 by koravya : Very far out
a very beautiful experience.  

24 Nov 2005 @ 18:39 by jstarrs : Thanks for that, Ray...
...I had one like that myself.
A bird.
They're easily concussed.
Just seeing it soar again into the blue sky was fantastic.

Another was a cat that the car in front of us ran over.
We stopped, it looked alive so we gently took it home.
It was evening and I sat up all night with it in a box.
It didn't move, bloody etc.
I did mantra for it.
The next day, I took it to the vets who said it looked worse than it was, nothing really broken.
Later we found a wonderful home for it with a woman in the country who is like one of those Almighty Mother Figures.
A happy ending again.  

25 Nov 2005 @ 04:45 by freo7 : I cried reading about your wren
How very very precious...
I will never forget this!  

15 Mar 2006 @ 10:56 by thewylddream @ : lovely
Let me simply say that sounds amazing. You also tell the story well. I can almost feel your awe.

Thanks for sharing it.  

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