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 For The Birds
picture 2 Apr 2005 @ 16:51, by Jose Overalles

(Pic - Audubon's Chickadee)

We've seen two robins hanging around out there in the rain this morning. a sure sign of spring.

I've read that there have been some flocks wintering over the last few years, but these two looked like travelers, because they haven't been around all winter.. They don't seem to mind the rain, in fact it's probably an aid to their worm hunting, the ground being so saturated with water already, the worms are surfacing with their scuba gear on, gasping for breath, which is where sir robin and his mistress take advantage of the situation.

T brought a bird seed hanger thingee home that is made out of seed and looks like a bell and you hang it and the birds are supposed to peck at it. I hung it off a branch with some 20lb test line i use for striper fishing, But it just sort of hung there and no bird seemed interested in it. The rain eventually dis integrated it enough for the whole big chunk to fall on the ground. This morning, while watching the robins, three chickadees came up on it, and started taking turns with it. I was going to throw it out today but i guess i'll leave it there now. Saw a couple of mourning doves out there too, but they just seemed to be trying to weather the rain, one actually sitting a few branches under a squirrels nest to keep dry. Saw a male cardinal too. Didn't see his mate, or the rival male. I saw all three of the cardinals together a few weeks back. Also ran - one crow, who wheeled in to land on the oak, which still hasn't set any buds.

That's the morning bird feeder report. From inside, out of the rain.

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