New Civilization News: Big Ass Catfish    
 Big Ass Catfish
picture 28 May 2005 @ 00:59, by Jose Overalles

This just in via Hot Sauce

Man Hooks World Record 124-Pound Catfish Link

It gave him quite a fight, even towing his boat around for a while. He managed to keep it alive, which is good, although it is now in captivity at the local Tackle shop. It came from the Mississippi River, of course. Geez, around here you're lucky to catch a bull head that runs 3 lbs. Previous record was 85 lbs, so he really broke the record big time.

I'm watching Jaws I in a corner of the screen as I write this. I must have seen this one 100 times. So many, I know just about every line. The special effects aren't that great compared to the movies of today, but it's a great period piece, for a nostalgic look back to the 1970s. Richard Dryfuss plays his usual over educated snotty character that he's perfected over the years.

Oooh, their gutting the first catch now. "Didn't eat a car did he?" As he pulls a Louisianna licence plate out of it, lol.

Although this is my favorite movie, I think my favorite shark scene in a movie has got to be in "Deep Blue Sea". Samuel L. Jackson is giving one of his typical Samuel L. Jackson speeches, when up comes the shark, and CHOMP! Bye Bye Samuel L. Jackson. Loved that.

Farewell and adiex you fare spanish ladies,
fairwell and adiex, ye ladies of Spain...

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