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 Extreme Strategies for Survival - the killer moth (caterpillar)12 comments
picture31 Mar 2007 @ 09:37, by Max Sandor

Last month my better half worked in the garden and all of a sudden started screaming, nearly passing out. A bit overreacting, I thought at first, before locating the source of her excruciating pain: a moth caterpillar, see photo (and see Lonomia in wikipedia).

A few people are killed everyday in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo by this cute little bugger but strangely there are no good pictures of how it actually looks like.

This moth caterpillar is not straight from Mothvana land, hehe, (see Polar Dynamics by Sandor&Dawson if you want to know about Mothvana Land). Still trying to isolate its exact location Orisha (archetype) system. Apparently belonging to the Ossayin class but the colors and other indicators are pointing towards a 'lone rider' Shango type.

In any case, it has NO natural enemies that would dare to eat it. Only one rare type of fly manages to leave their eggs in it (how?) and the eggs will eventually eat the caterpillar from the inside. Since this kind of fly is nearly extinct, it can be expected that this killer caterpillar may be even more of a problem in the future...

In the language of Tupi, the caterpillar is called Taturana, 'fire hair', sometimes also called Ruga. The only known antidote exists in the Instite of Butanta, away only 30 minutes or so, risking a few radar tickets, oh well, but luckily it wasn't necessary for us to get there.

After looking at their webpage...

I realized that I should have collected the specimen and send it there... on the upside of it, it prompted me to start uploading videos to even though I thought of it too late to make a video of the taturana in our garden (very slow moving anyway)...

Speaking of, subscribe to my channel mjsandor, to see the latest videos as I upload them, for example, watching my knees hovering over Santos:

Another upside of the taturana is the possibility to develop a strong anti-coagulant for fighting thrombose, etc...

Ah, I forgot, the moth, once born, lives for 15 days but it never eats anything. It's mouth is therefore degenerated and it looks like a brown leave.

Of course, a perfect study of an extreme archetype...

Biologists classify the moth as "Lepidoptera; Saturniidae" and we can indeed detect some Saturnian features here...

Rests the question why it appeared in my garden... hmmm...

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31 Mar 2007 @ 15:11 by Me @ : wow
very nice seems to me that it's a intro of a videogame...hehe
very cool  

31 Mar 2007 @ 18:15 by ming : Caterpillar
So, what about Heloisa? She didn't need the anti-dote after all, or you cooked her some magical soup?  

31 Mar 2007 @ 22:19 by mx @ : Bach Flowers contra Killer-Pillars
Helo repairs her body with Bach Flowers. Be it a Cesarian (3 of them actually!), surgery, dental stuff, no matter what, she gets away without drugs like antibiotica etc... much to the dismay of the modern medicine men, hehe... ah.. she uses arnica as well...  

2 Apr 2007 @ 17:29 by Ed Dawson @ : Orisha of moth
The Shango complex always uses the tools of the Ogun complex. "Steals" them usually. Shango is famous for using the weapons of Ogun. Similar, Shonponna after his family put him out of their house to live on the street, the only one who would take in Shonponna was Osanyin. While living with Osanyin, Shonponna learned Osanyin's knowledge of herbs and POISONS. This is another example of Shango Shonponna is a Shango (ibi path) taking the weapons of Ogun (Osanyin is an Ogun ibi path).

So your moth is not Shango precisely, but Shango degenerated into Shonponna. (to other readers, Shonponna is also called Omolu, Babaluaiye, Obaluaiye)


10 Apr 2007 @ 18:48 by mts @ : Extreme Strategies for Surviving Shonpon
- ingesting 1 gram of raw hamberger will restore balance.  

11 Apr 2007 @ 02:49 by mx @ : raw hamberger & microsoft award money
I doubt this, it would probably add to the fatal diarrhea, especially if it's a Mc-something.

The remedy, long known in traditional cures, is a mixture of sugar and salt.
Even though it's an age-old recipe, some guys in India received some good money from the Gates (Microsoft) foundation for 'proving' that it works.. see ...

that would be a good way to make some extra money, guys: ask your granny about some recipes, and get some kick-back from the money Microsoft extorted from their users... what a vista!!!  

11 Apr 2007 @ 16:40 by Ed Dawson @ : Gates
...or you could simply ignore Bill Gates/Microsoft and get a Mac.

As for Bill Gates, in my novel Tales from the Hellequin Cycle I had a teenager in that parallel universe use a BAR to shoot his doppelganger there and kill him.

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