New Civilization News: The All New Archetype (Orisha) Crossword Puzzle    
 The All New Archetype (Orisha) Crossword Puzzle20 comments
picture11 Apr 2007 @ 03:08, by Max Sandor

Today I had a hard time finding something to do that I never did before (I try to find something new every single day to beat the routine way of thinking, yeknow).

Our daughter's sudden love for crosswords inspired me to create one of those. Amongst all the "free" downloads that don't yield free programs after all (what a shame!), I found a crossword generator that is really FREE (ware): Eclipse Crossword. Very recommendable!

Here is the Orisha/Ifa puzzle: printable and here the online version...

(Flemming; how can we (you, that is, hehe) make an interactive java crossword on the newciv BLOGs???)

(the grid should be here, but isn't..., so use the links above, will you!?)

The Puzzle of the (Orisha) Archetypes and Ifa Energies


  1. an offering to an Orisha
  2. the heavens
  3. word, speech
  4. money
  5. hangs out at crossroads
  6. white, transparent
  7. she is looking into the mirror
  8. favorite drink of the orisha
  9. The Ocean
  10. bitter kola nut, also used for divination
  11. son
  12. drum of Shango
  13. guinea pepper
  14. island with lots of babalawos
  15. she was hiding out under the graves
  16. Mecca of Ifa
  17. Everybody likes this food, Gods & Humans alike
  18. right here and now
  19. daddy of Orunmila
  20. likes to see everything without being seen
  21. the first of the first
  22. energy of pure energy
  23. energy of affinity
  24. Amen, so be it!
  25. bad stuff


  1. he is always working...
  2. the worlds below
  3. diviner's tray
  4. King
  5. palm oil in Bahia
  6. the last that will be the first
  7. Orisha of Thunder
  8. staff
  9. house
  10. Yoruba Martial Arts
  11. Orisha of the Wind
  12. Freedom is another word for...
  13. Diviner of Ifa
  14. those are eating (us!)
  15. Brazilian dance of the Orisha
  16. good things
  17. Contemporary musical style of Eshu with 12 bars
  18. vulcan god
  19. nuts of the palm oil tree
  20. red
  21. Divination of Ifa
  22. head, destiny, higher self

This crossword puzzle
was created by Maximilian J. Sandor with EclipseCrossword.
Try it today—it's free!


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11 Apr 2007 @ 04:01 by Merlin Silk @ : cool - and I even ....
... know what's 1 across ;=)
What's that super-difficult x-word puzzle, NYT? or Frankfurter Allgemeine?
Maybe you should send it there for some real challenge.  

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