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picture19 Apr 2007 @ 03:41, by Max Sandor

(from Helo)

My personal observation in relation to male doctors in Brazil coroborates fully the observations stated by a-d, an RN from Scandinavia, in the commentary to the previous article by Max.

Furthermore, these are not just some isolated behaviour patterns. There is an entire image with all of its interrelations that intrigued me ever since I was confronted by it, at first academically (at the University), then in my years as a psychologist, and especially during the births of my three children.

Here are some of my basic observations:

- the male doctors are unable to confront the existence of the vagina, this magic opening out of which springs life and out of which they themselves emerged as a child.

- With the take-over of the birth process by clinical medicine in the recent decades, male doctors replaced the traditional midwife and this basic problem proliferated dramatically. As one of the consequences, the number of unnecessary Cesarean births went up to scandalous dimensions.

- the male doctor takes seemingly total control of the birth process, posing as if it was him that was producing the baby and NOT the woman. In the case of the Cesarean, he even pretends to create the equivalent of the opening of the vagina by opening the belly of the woman. With his hands and tools he digs out the newborn as if it was his own creation.

- the compounded agressivity versus the female is culminating in the agression versus the newborn (more about this in a future post). The hate of most doctors in this process is typically so strong that is cannot be concealed any more.

- the more uneducated and socially disadvantaged the woman, the more she is subject to this total domination. She is not able to confront what is happening to her. The exception from the rule are women with the archetype known as Oya. These (wo)men will try to take control of the process themselves but then fall into the same trap of non-confronting their own femininity. For example, they will make an appointment for a Cesarian already weeks before the expected day birth. They will schedule this "event" right after the hairdresser, the only feminine aspect in this context, and then proceed with a taxi to the hospital all by herself. She will be likely to command the doctor around, and, obviously she already will know, if she will bear a female (preferably) or a male child.

- the macho doctor's behaviour is embedded in the context of contemporary INVASIVE medicine, with predominantly phallic tools and objects. The phallic symbolism continues with the premature cutting of the cord with a knife. This destructive act will take the basic support of the newborn away and endanger gravely the health of the baby. But this in turn will justify the "work" of the male doctor, not only for the moment but for many years to come. My own work with the Rebirth Method provided me with countless examples of this.

- it should be mentioned that the rare female gynecologist typically emulates the behaviour patterns of the average male doctor completely. One personal experience for me was the birth of the first of my three children. The doctor was a woman with a male biotype, attractive but with a small beard. She appeared all OK but when the time of birth arrived she showed her true face. Which was the face of her woman profoundly unhappy about herself as a woman.

- at this point I would like to emphasize what I already mentioned briefly above: at the time of the birth, the hour of truth has come, literally: none of the participants can hide their true face, neither the doctor nor the woman. Often neither the father of the baby, present or not. Especially the woman is not her 'normal' self: she feels and acts like a wild animal giving birth. (I should add that the midwife of our daughter has made exactly the same observation in more than 30 years of professional experience with childbirths).

- the archetype of the typical surgeon of our times, like Ed Dawson pointed out, appears to be Ogun, with all his attributes, the knife, his postures during the process, and his medicines (the name for allopathic medicine in Yoruba is oogun!). But for me there is still an open question in respect to the script enacted during the actual process of birth. We should not forget that Ogun is defending the pregnant female unconditionally. What I know of personally is the dramatization of the super archetype of the male dominator of this Universe, already conditioned by the academic institutions, who uses masks to hide his true identity. In the very moment of childbirth he is stepping in, using a mask of a combination of saviour and creator archetypes but is in truth himself, acting against the archetype of the grandmother, trying to assume control of the creation, pretending to be the sole creator of everything.


(from Helo)

pictures from the online book of Frederick Leboyer Birth Without Violence

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19 Apr 2007 @ 05:25 by a-d : Dear Helo,
so lovely of you to share your wisdom and experiences! Thank you! ....and -of course, I agree fully! : )
I did notice, when clicking on your link, that it takes us to a site that was closed down shortly after Dr Leboyer passed away just a few ( two, I think) years ago.
I did get the book once, from a Publishing Co web-site, though I don't remember which one (-and then I let a pregnant friend borrow my copy...I should have known better!... I've never gotten this book back from any one!.... just like on one ever returned "Love Is Letting Go Of Fear" by Dr Gerald Jampolsky!... (must have "lost" ten of that one by now!... )
Thanks again, Helo ( & Max )  

19 Apr 2007 @ 20:19 by Ed Dawson @ : more on Ogun
Yes it's Ogun, but we didn't specify WHICH Ogun, did we?

Who cuts up living organisms, apparently creates new life (but is merely facilitating its natrual rhythms), and both kills with his knife and directs life with his knife??????

Orisha Oko. But Orisha Oko is merely the orisha face of a FEMALE eshu - Eshu Iku, daughter of Onile. As such Iku is the eshu opposite the Ibeji, children of Kori. As positives proceed forward after ebo to the negatives, so life goes forward following the gift of blood to Eshu Iku (Orisha Oko). This is the source of the script. Life from death.

(I apologize to non awos for the preceeding rather obtuse message to max)
Ed, awo Fayomi  

19 Apr 2007 @ 21:42 by a-d : No,Ed.... ; )
we're NOT letting u off the hook that easy!.... ^L^ grin..... I never learned the "chineese alphabeth" -if that is what it is... or is it the Story about Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs in some Far Away Galaxy/Outer Space-Version!?... so would you, pleeeease translate it -for us regular Earthlings into normal prose, aye?....THANKS, Friend! : ) /// a-d  

19 Apr 2007 @ 22:30 by Ed Dawson @ : orisha names
Ogun is the spiritual essence as an archetype of the tool user, blacksmith, truck driver and farmer. Also of the surgeon. Orisha Oko (male) is the farmer archetype, but he is a mask for Death personified (female!) called Iku. Iku is a "dark spirit" called an "eshu". Onile is the spiritual essence of the entire planet, dirt, stone, iron core, the whole ball of Earth. The Ibeji are the happy twins who are the essence of Life, children of the spirit of life, called Kori.

An awo is an initiate into Ifa, an african system of religion and magic.

I think that covers it...

19 Apr 2007 @ 23:42 by Ed Dawson @ : Oh, and by the way, Max...
Notice in The Apocryphon of John that he does not say "the father, son and Holy Spirit". Oh no. He says "I am the Father, I am the Mother, I am the Son." The spiritu sancti as the Mother was somehow lost by the catholic church. What do you think, at the first or second council at Nicea???? ;-)  

19 Apr 2007 @ 23:52 by a-d : Archetype -
names but (from) WHERE?????.... IS there more to it?.... is there a link?....  

20 Apr 2007 @ 00:03 by Ed Dawson @ : link
I suppose you could get started here:  

20 Apr 2007 @ 00:48 by a-d : It's
awesome! THANKS so much! Soooo, I got two great Schools ( of thought ) for ever broadening my Universal Love/Understanding: this Ifa School and Arika School ( left by Jerry on Ming's blog) Both seem quite wonderful. The World is coming around! More Love, Understanding and Respect is seeping in every day into the dark recesses of Mankind's Collective Soul.

Mother. Mother Mary?.... How'bout the so called "Judeo-Chrisitanity" : "In pain & suffering shall you give birth to your offspring" or something in that manner...
Boy THOSE GUYS knew...and they MEANT it -as in "invented/created" it...ALL the PAINFUL; wrong methods, for both Mom & her Baby, into the Process of birthing, our MOST important Event in Life!  

20 Apr 2007 @ 14:34 by mx @ : roots, autism, scripts, charles darwin
200 years ago, Charles Erasmus Darwin already complained about early cord clamping practice and nowadays Autism and other problems are more than strongly linked to same, see: Autism Epidemy

Cutting it already referenced in Ezekiel 16:4 (Old Testament). It appears the Meme of cord cutting entered today's culture via the dominant religious beliefs.

Ed, your observation is right on in principal as far as nature goes.

What Helo was expressing, tho, was the observation that a kind of a false Orisha ('white knight') kicks in the very moment of childbirth. This appears to be a superposition rather than a 'natural' script.

If the premature cutting of the cord would be a 'natural' ebo, it would HELP, not DAMAGE (as it does!) There are many indigenous rituals that are giving the placenta back to Earth AFTER it served its purpose.  

20 Apr 2007 @ 23:13 by Ed Dawson @ : WHITE KNIGHTS
Yes, of course any inappropriate action (like violent chord cutting) by large numbers of people would be due to a white knight. The thing to remember is that a white knight cannot operate without:
1. a pre-existing script
2. pre-existing archetype(s)
3. a group mind (morphic field) to attach itself to
4. a dead soul (earthbound spirit of a dead person) to become father of the white knight
5. a secondary complex (entity) of mindstuff (chitta) of apparent good will, i.e. the white knight.

The above is pretty much the structure of a white knight as I perceive it.
A group forms around someone, living or dead; this creates a morphic field. The leader or idol dies, the personality does not dissolve but instead is maintained by the group as a "god". But it is not the real person, only a "shell" (qliphoth), AKA "evil spirit" or dead soul. This will have an archetype, and this in turn will trigger scripts of that archetype. This dead soul takes control of the morphic field and runs the group. Each group member acquires an entity, the white knight, who obeys the dead soul. the entity then commands the individual.

It is interesting to note that Krishnamurti forbade his group to continue after his death and upon his demise they obediently disbanded. Smart man. Gotamo (the Buddha) attempted something similar and was disobeyed...



20 Apr 2007 @ 23:17 by Ed Dawson @ : P.S.
Sometimes a thetan will take over the dead soul and become a disembdied god of a group. When that happens it is very, very, very bad, as the thetan can strongly influence the group for millennia.  

21 Apr 2007 @ 14:40 by vaxen : Nice, Ouran ...
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — 'Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.' — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay “Self-Reliance”  

21 Apr 2007 @ 15:44 by a-d : Well now this going to
"flip" you out: Leboyer did that as well: forbade any group to ever form around him. He lived very secludedly in Denmark, if I remember correct, the last few years of his career and life.
He did practice his own Soft Labour/Birth till the end, and taught those Dr's who wanted to carry on the Work, but that's all ( I'm still looking to find the e-mail from Dr. Chamberlain, when I was looking for Dr. Leboyer ). Now I finally grasp what the issue really was! : ) Thanks Ed!

Well.....whaddduknow, I found the letter and here it is as it arrived to me:

From: "David Chamberlain"
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to.....
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:11:10 -0800
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.5510
Thread-Index: AcUcM8X0qxBBFYp4Rk+JaZj8GBp/VwBmsukg

Dear Astrid,

Dr. Leboyer is universally admired among APPPAH members for his insights—new in 1974--about the full sentience of newborn babies. That was the year that I started my work in prenatal psychology utilizing hypnosis to confirm what Leboyer was teaching the world. Perhaps you know the 3rd edition of my book, now titled The Mind of Your Newborn Baby. I recently purchased the new translation (2002) of Leboyer’s classic book (Birth Without Violence) translated by Yvonne Fitzgerald. It is published by Healing Arts Press, Rochester, NY.

The Leboyer approach to birth is not much discussed today for a variety of reasons, one of which is that he did not want it to be known as a “method” and did not encourage his followers to form an association and promote his name. Pressure on hospitals and obstetritions from consumers for the warm bath at delivery has died off, so that hospitals (where 98% of births are happening) no longer bother to offer it. However, in spite of this, I believe, the central idea of respecting the baby as a fully sentient human being is continuing and getting even stronger through all of our efforts to support the idea of the spiritual nature of babies and birth.

All success with your personal contributions to better birthing!


David Chamberlain  

22 Apr 2007 @ 03:52 by Helo @ : let's start all over
It is vital to analyze the scripts and pathways of the archetypes. There is a dire lack of material on this issue. Jung realized the importance of the archetypes and the collective unconsciousness (what we would call today the morphogenetic field) out of which some of his basic archetypes unfolded. Even he, though, didn't arrive at the existence of scripts. Likewise, Eric Berne made some great pioneer work. However, it was not until Max Sandor brought the full extend of this basic paradigm to the Western consciousness.

What we are studying here is the occurence of an INTERFERENCE with a natural script. Which other way would it be explainable that babies in great numbers are born to be autists, suffering from asthma, mentally retarded, just to name a few of the consequences?

Let's assume a Being comes into this world with a specific goal and archetype. If the birth is made intentionally difficult and damaging to his physical, emotional, and mental health, it could be expected that it would take on the more negative properties of his archetype. What then is the nature of this super-archetype X who is deliberatety pushing the game of humans onto the negative side in this way?


22 Apr 2007 @ 07:28 by Ed Dawson @ : super-archetype X
You want me to answer that question? Question: "What then is the nature of this super-archetype X who is deliberatety pushing the game of humans onto the negative side in this way?"

It is Onile. Onile is one of the super-eshus. The children of Onile are Death (Eshu Ika) and Hate (Eshu omo Pupa).


24 Apr 2007 @ 07:29 by Lucky @ : Comment
Let me put my sincere comment on this important subject. I could be agreed and pleased about all what Helo is observing and all what is written later as comments but I want to point the basic principle which says that "there is not one sigle cause for one effect". That means that all scripts, events , archetypes and all what is envolved in the event have their own (more or less) relevant importance; as I can remember a skywork , done about two years ago, the moment of a birth is a "negotiation" between a huge number of elements that includes archetypes, ancestors, energies, goals and many others , speaking and discussing until the last second before birth. I see the following birth as the physical result of this negotiation ,including the invoicing of debit/credit for the newborn but also involving people around the event. Take the opportunity to say CIAO to all. Luc.  

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