New Civilization News: Vesakh 2007: the Buddha left (2556 yrs ago), Anthony arrived with a big smile    
 Vesakh 2007: the Buddha left (2556 yrs ago), Anthony arrived with a big smile16 comments
picture2 May 2007 @ 20:37, by Max Sandor

Well, at 7:28 on a beautiful morning, our first grandchild arrived safely in our midth with a big smile and a contagious serenity!

Vesakh, the first full moon in Taurus was at 7:09am here in Brazil. He nearly got out at that time but then decided to retract and wait another 20 minutes.

He wanted to stay in his bag (amnion) when entering this world, like any decent Buddha would do, but the umbilical cord was twice around his neck, so our daughter's midwife decided to make the maneuvers to help the amnion to open in order to remove the double-strangle, and, all the time with the help of Heloisa Helena, she managed to do so.

Time of birth 7:28am BRT
Place: in a Sacred Grove in the Alta Serra forest near Sao Roque, Brazil, elevation 1050m.
Weight: 3,340 grams
Length: 50 cm.
Name: Anthony.

Constellation: Sun, Mercury, Ascendent in Taurus, Neptune and Chiron in Midheaven with Saturn lurking from below. Together with Lilith nearly a Star of David. Uranus and Mars, two wild guys on the loose, challenging the establishment already, opposing Jupiter squarely. Venus, Lilith, and Neptune are forming a triangle, with Jupiter Retro a 'kite'.

Big smiles everywhere around here. A great thanks to Dr.Leboyer for his inspirations and promotions of Natural Child Birth, to Gary Craig, creator and relentless promoter of EFT which played a vital role in today's success story, to Vilma Nishi, considered the 'top-of-the-line' midwife in Sao Paulo, and to the daddy of Anthony who helped immensively.

Did I mention Heloisa Helena's heroic role in all of this? A work of Hercules. Beyond words.

Thanks to the Orisha who worked overtime to ensure a safe arrival (all of them!), and to all our friends in the world who called or e-mail with their best wishes!

And, of course, new Mama Maira who laboured all the time throughout Labour Day (May 1st) to deliver in time for Vesakh 2007!

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2 May 2007 @ 21:37 by Merlin Silk @ : Welcome...
Welcome, Anthony,
amongst all those members of humanity (taken loosely) who ensure the persistence of existence. All the Galactic Patrol, all the Lensmen and royal combat engineers bid you a 'spaceward Ho' - may you bring with you freedom and peace. I know there are those who deny the possibility that those two are obtainable concurrently, but I decided to disagree - so go for it, young skywalker.  

2 May 2007 @ 21:41 by OscaR @ : ASHE ASHE

2 May 2007 @ 21:48 by Ed Dawson @ : WOO-HOOOO!!!!!

2 May 2007 @ 21:57 by Ori @ : Welcome...
Benvenuto tra noi Anthony.
Welcome among us Anthony.

A big "well done" to the mother, the grandmother, the midwife and all those arround the delivery of Antholy.


2 May 2007 @ 22:00 by Dario @ : Ashe to Maira and Anthony
My Ashe to Maira and Anthony!!!!

In most of skywork we did in Milan, I represented Anthony(not yet known as Anthony...) and I felt him very very strong and felt his energy very very near("vicino") to me.

I want to give my message of Happiness and ashe to Maira and I am very very very HAPPY for her blessing received.

My special gift for you two... for a blessed future!!!!!!

A presto!

Baba Awo Babatunde!!!!

2 May 2007 @ 22:09 by ming : Birth
Wow, a grandchild. Congratulations to him and everybody!  

3 May 2007 @ 02:15 by mx @ : thanks and explaining the dim photo..
Greetings from Maira:
Thanks to all the kind messages and wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo: during a Leboyer-style birth, besides happening in silence, the lights are very dim and we refrain from using flashes or bright light for the first days. There WILL be some in-focus pictures in the future, of course, for those who'd like to see them.....  

3 May 2007 @ 07:06 by Lucio @ : ashe
Aboru aboye , aboshishe Baba ! Ashe for you , Ashe for Maira and Anthony's Daddy, Ashe for Helo and Max. Welcome on the earth. Be your path full of blessing.  

3 May 2007 @ 07:17 by daniela @ : to wonderful Babybaba
welcome baba,
Happiness to you , Anthony, to Maira, ,Daddy, and all family too..wonderful people!
thanks to share this big ashe with all friends in the world.
many people in Italy say W E L C O M E...

I love you all

3 May 2007 @ 11:11 by LAURA @ : EVVIVA

3 May 2007 @ 18:09 by Kathie Lynch @ : birth
Wow! Congratulations to all the family in Brazil!! I just now saw this. I've been waiting for the announcement. He looks so beautiful. Have fun with him.
I know you will. Being a grandparent is so awesome.  

4 May 2007 @ 00:25 by mx @ : polarity communism/capitalsm
I agree with your remarks very much!
The perception of communism is relative to the spirit of the time and communism at the time of Gramsci already betrayed its original spirit.
The alternative of that time was Hitler's buddy Mussolini...
pick your choice...
Now, compared to the dialectics of Marx, what are the 'globalists' doing in reality??

4 May 2007 @ 00:53 by a-d : Welcome to this World!
We'll probably need your assistance down the road.... more than we can even know at this moment! Wishing You & your Mom (and Daddy) ALL the BEST!.... and of course to your GrandMa & GrandPa too/a-d

Every time I come back to look at your (first Official) portrait, I see total Presence & Awareness -ALREADY- in your little face. There was a time when I called that look on a New Born's face: "An Old Soul". Now I think that maybe it is just the way all "should" be -if given the right Entry!....  

8 May 2007 @ 18:32 by Lionel @ : Anthony :-)

Congratulations! Welcome, Anthony! God bless you.  

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