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24 Apr 2005 @ 02:21, by swanny

2005 State of the Biosphere Address

As Nations annually have their State of the Nation Addresses, I think it only fitting
that as a responsible planet that we also have a regular "State of the Biosphere"
Address. Now who is responsible for this and when and how often it might occur is
perhaps up for debate. I think it could be a UN or an Earth Day Network Initiative occurring at least once every 5 years and most probably on Earth Day or April 22.

So in order to get the addresses rolling I will give a short introductory address for this the year of 2005.

State of the Biosphere for 2005

Is the Biosphere any further ahead or better off than it was 20 years ago, is a question that could be asked. It is not a simple question to answer, as the biosphere along with its humans is a rather complex entity.
In some ways no, we have seen the destruction of important and even essential habitat and even the extinction of important species. It is said rain forest is lost on a hourly basis and species lost at a daily rate. So no in this respect the biosphere is still under siege to some degree.
We must make greater efforts then to preserve and sustain at least some standard of biodiversity as it is essential to our quality and standard of life here on Earth.
As well in the years to come the issue of clean and healthy water and health itself will be an issue to. We must all work together to define and promote a healthy environment and paradigm for the world. What this exactly is, is perhaps best described by a balanced and cobalanced relationship between ourselves the planet and the biosphere. Work needs to be done still to educate one and other in this regard.
What is the good news though? Well we have survived some pretty bad world wars and famines and droughts and natural disasters and the cold war and the nuclear age. As well we battled the Y2k situation, and the turn of the millennium and the 9/11 attacks and terrorism and energy shortages and perhaps a kind of attempt at global suicide. Yet genocide's and ethnic cleansing still go on. And actions of bad faith and poor democracy. Our brinkmanship's between our selves have led us at times to certain destruction and devastation and some feel it is only luck that has let us, as humanity and part of the biosphere survive. Now to we have acted fairly well in responding to the natural disasters that have and are occurring. We have conceived and implemented Kyoto and gave considerable aid in the recent Indonesia earthquake and tsunami. And slowly we are beginning to address climate change and the aids crisis. So inroads are being made. We shall though have to continue to progress in order to lessen our eco- footprints on the planet. We will have to address the climate change and the water situation and the energy needs and the decreasing biodiversity and loss of species and habitat. We shall have to practice a more benign symbiosis to this planet we call Earth and home.
And somehow we have developed the internet which is a mixed blessing at times but might prove useful in these regards.
So in conclusion we are doing somewhat okay but it is somewhat relative in some respects. As we reach a kind of global maturity though we will have to pass and teach these concerns to the next generation so that we and our legacy, as a part of the biosphere will impart to the next generations the need and desire in retaining this Earths natural wonder, beauty, health and mystery.

Thank you

A Global Citizen from Canada

Distribute as seen fit

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