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 Tsunami Quake Fallout?5 comments
8 May 2005 @ 12:22, by swanny

I know I started another thread called "Strange Week"
and I suppose this may be supplemental to it, but it occurs
or suggests, what it?... well perhaps the "global sensorium"
suggests to me that what I may be expericing is the "pyshic fallout" from the great shift that occurred 5 months earlier.
Yes there was the intial shock and outpouring of grief and
dollars but it was said that months later the earth was still
"ringing". Now I suppose it is a matter of disposition and perhaps "belief" to suggest that we are subject to the great forces of nature at work around us but I myself feel we are and the "effects" of this quake may be the apparent...
hmmmmmm ???? well call it a "disturbance in the force" if you will that I am picking up on.
The only reason I suppose that I make note of it perhaps is the unusual "quality" of the behaviors it seems to be eliciting. These or some of these are behaviours and such that I don't seem to have words for. These unusual qualities of behaviour are perhaps no cause for concern but I wonder if there may be an "opportunity" here to make some real "progress" in ??? well I'm not sure.
Perhaps for us to admit say that a change of some sort has occurred or is occurring on a "global scale" and that rather than perhaps try to control it persae we can acknowledge it and perhaps try to understand the inherant message therein.
How ironic it is for instance to read the news today to see
Herr Bush saying that the Russian occupation of it neighbours
is and was the "greatest wrong" and yet here he stands an occupying force in Iraq. The apparent "unconscious hypocrisy" is just to blatant to ignore. Oh well.

Or maybe its just me.

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8 May 2005 @ 12:31 by swanny : Deliberate Hypocrisy
But hold on here...
This hypocrisy is not "unconscious" it seems
It is to blantant almost proud.
It is some what "deliberate or strategic" as almost
to "unnerve" or send a deliberate "mixed message".
See what I mean about strange behaviours.
Now what is the point of being "deliberately" hypocritical"?  

8 May 2005 @ 12:35 by swanny : The Bush "KOAN"!
ah tis a Koan...!!!

He is slapping one in the face while
saying "I am not slapping you in the face".

Well thankyou  

8 May 2005 @ 12:48 by swanny : Hmmm
What is the "legality" of this ???
Well Herr Bush doesn't seem bothered by
"legalities" at this point.
I suppose "assualt" is assualt whether
against a person or a nation.

Interesting situation though
don't cha think?  

8 May 2005 @ 12:54 by swanny : Yup
I guess he's just spending
the "political capital" that was
given to him.

Yup "strange week".  

8 May 2005 @ 13:06 by swanny : ???
I suppose as a unlikely probability
he could "charge" and "try" himself
on a "count" of "assault" but that seems
unlikely and he appears a little "bias"

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