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3 Oct 2005 @ 11:00, by swanny

Are we just a bunch of gutless mixed up kids,
or are we mice?

Being Civilizied pretty much means you try
to hit the hole when you pee.

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3 Oct 2005 @ 11:35 by swanny : Icebergs
Well..... hmmmmm
Moving on then to the recent past....
How is it possible, with all the modern technology
that a ship can still somehow manage
to hit an iceberg?

Asleep at the wheel or talking on a cell
phone perhaps or watching reality TV on
a portable DVD?

Okay now thats what happens perhaps when
one isn't paying attention....


Attention Deficit then aye?  

3 Oct 2005 @ 11:47 by swanny : ?
I mean its not like icebergs are just
"racing" along trying to diss unsuspecting
vessels is it and they can't really just sneak
up on you and they are white against a dark

was it perhaps totally below the surface...(odd but
possible I suppose) but still theres sonar no?
maybe they thought it was just a virtual iceberg
then aye.... hmmmmm

well whatever.....


3 Oct 2005 @ 12:08 by swanny : ....
Well whatever....
Moving on then back to humanities grand plan
of converting the planet into one huge
Now what can we litter it with today?  

3 Oct 2005 @ 14:39 by swanny : well
Well I suppose there's always deleting
ones junk mail and spam to look forward


3 Oct 2005 @ 20:20 by jmarc : until we start mining
triple helium from the moon, and bringing it back here, remember, everything originated from the planet earth, so it's all just returning to source. My house gets littered when earth gets tracked in. It's all POV which brings us to the iceberg. I guess the captains point of view wasn't too omniscient.

Douglas Adams put forth the theory that it was actually the mice that are running things. Being anti authoritarian, I went out and got a new cat, just to be safe.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 20:56 by swanny : Hee hee
But wait maybe the cats are running things
I mean really have you ever met a cat you could trust
seriously.... I think I'll go get a dog....  

3 Oct 2005 @ 21:02 by swanny : Well
Well yes there was Kitty our cat of 15 years.
She probably only was trustworthy though as long as we fed her.
She always used to greet me at the back door after school
only me...... well yes I usually fed her....
or maybe she was stalking me .... yikes.....
Is this coffee strong or what.  

4 Oct 2005 @ 01:44 by jmarc : sure is strong
that's why I limit myself to one cup just in the mornings. Ok the cup is quart sized, but i can tell myself I just had one cup..The things we tell ourselves...  

4 Oct 2005 @ 10:14 by swanny : ....
Bush Nominates "pastry chef" to
fill supreme court vacany!

Well at least they'll eat good...
rich but probably good.  

4 Oct 2005 @ 12:25 by swanny : ....
Do you think she favors the red sprinkles or
the sliver ones....
personally I don't like either on account of
having weak teeth. I do like nanimo bars though
and sherbert. Orange sherbert always seems
to have a bit of a zing to it. It must have lemon
in it.

oh What a wonderful world

*tries to smile*


4 Oct 2005 @ 12:48 by swanny : ....
Well the solar eclipse was almost cancelled
due to poor attendance but went ahead anyway
as scheduled and fall was almost postponed
due to a shortage of berry buckets and a
lack of bears but will tenatively go ahead
depending on the weather.

It will now be manditory to wear white socks
on Tuesday mornings according to a UN study
that shows wearing white socks on Tuesday mornings
cuts down on dark belly button lint, the lighter
colored lint which is
necessary for the shielding of the space shuttle

The visitor or tourist to the space station has
been told he'll have to find his own way back
down to earth as there is not enough room on any
upcoming flights. It was suggested he order a pizza
and get a ride back with the delivery boy or sue for
damages except that the space shuttle is out of any
legal jurisdiction.

Well it seems bottled water is more expensive than
gas which is somewhat startling since well... whatever.  

4 Oct 2005 @ 20:41 by jmarc : all that confectioners sugar
isn't going to go good with the black robes. I forsee problems. Actually, I think it was a good thing he went outside the pool of judges foe a SCOTUS pick, but it would have been better to have nominated someone completely outside of the profession of law. Someone who simply had a good comprehension of the constitution and nothing else, but grounded in real life. Maybe I'll write him a letter and put my own name forward, because, ya know, he may still get a few more picks in the next few years. He's one heck of a head faker that pres.Dumb as a fox.

Its still up for debate whether there is more Hot air(gas) than water on the planet huh? Good thing we aren't running cars on water though, at those prices.  

4 Oct 2005 @ 21:07 by swanny : Good idea
I leave your sword and cape at home though for the interview
They went out a few years back but I think the helmet is still in...
Hey maybe I could.... naw.... I don't look good in black...  

5 Oct 2005 @ 10:26 by swanny : ...
I started out with nothin
and thankfully I still have most
of it left.  

5 Oct 2005 @ 10:28 by jmarc : good persppective

5 Oct 2005 @ 10:38 by jmarc : Here;s an interesting one
Blind soul legend STEVIE WONDER could get his sight back - thanks to new microchip technology. Doesn't say if he'll be changing his name to Jordi though... {LINK:|LINK}  

5 Oct 2005 @ 14:18 by swanny : Interesting
yes I hear theyre (who are they anyway) doing many
interesting things with technology.
Hmmmm maybe Stevie will change his name to "Gotta"....


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