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 2004 Tsunami Recap3 comments
2 Jan 2006 @ 02:30, by Unknown

Well apparently my predictions were "somewhat"
Heres a article I published on the web back in
Jan of 2005.

It seems my predictions were an under estimation of
the effects of the Tsunami but were some what "perceptive".


January 5, 2005
9:00 PM MST
Red Deer, AB.

HEADS UP: The Dec.26, 2004 Quake/Tsunami's Aftermath

WELL...... we seem to have come through the "worst" of the "shift" more or less alright, well perhaps not alright per sae but still basically "intact."

WHAT'S NEXT...... well unfortunately we are at that "time" of "realignment" on
a global basis. What has just occurred is the "shift" or adjustment at the base or root or global geosphere and cycle. This is basically a natural process or condition of
global geospheric "housekeeping" that occurs over the millenniums.

Now the geosphere is basically the base sphere for all intensive purposes of the planet. Resting on the geosphere is the hydrosphere.

When the base or geosphere adjusts the logical consequence is for the hydrosphere to follow and adjust to adapt or evolve to the new parameters.
The hydrosphere or water sphere thus will now become a sphere of concern
for the planet as a whole. This in turn will affect the hydrological cycle itself.
What this means now is that over the next many decades and perhaps centuries
or sooner or later, there will be major changes in water, ice and cloud dynamics.
Page 1 Tsunami Effects

These may result in massive flooding in new areas, severe river channel erosions,
ocean current changes, river flow flooding, tide alterations, new rain and snow patterns etc. etc.

These will more than likely occur on a global scale hence the need to monitor,
model and manage via computer modeling and simulations and satellite methods.
If we are aware that these change may indeed occur then we are in a better position to mitigate or avoid their global effects and effected areas. All areas though will be effected to some degree or other. What will be required is a hydrological engineering project, assessment and system analysis on a global scale, to try to help minimize the effect and damage of changes that may occur.

What can though be done to shape the currents of the worlds natural water processes. Well perhaps not to much. The forces involved are very strong and powerful ones. More powerful than we, I fear. But perhaps not as unexpected as
a global plate shift. The silver lining is that they will probably be occurring somewhat more gradually and with less force hopefully than the earthquake and tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004. We may even be able to predict where and when the changes and stresses will be in the waters ways, currents and cycles if we are wary.

Some of these changes are already apparent as reports indicate that some of the coastlines of the ground zero impact zone are no longer the same.


Page 2 Tsunami Effects

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2 Jan 2006 @ 02:46 by swanny : Flooding
Heres a sample of some of the flooding that occurred
here in Alberta, Canada, in June of 2005

Alta flood Link =

This was rated as a once in 200 year occurence.

Heres a link to the original web news posting of the article.

Tsunami Predictions News Link =

Well moving on...

I wonder if this will be repeated in 2006?

Perhaps on a lesser scale.

Who would have thought though that the effects would

have been so immediate.

I sort of thought it would take some years to process

throughout the globe. Apparently not.

A. Jonas  

4 Jan 2006 @ 00:14 by Observer @ : More to come!
I believe that the 'Earth Changes' are just entering the period where we will be unable to ignor them. The 'Tusnami' was a mere wake up call. Time to align with the greater design, we co-create with the divine and the story of creation is ours as much as it is any "ONE else's". But never fear without love and the knowing that there is always a gift within any calamity and that those who have agreed to depart are merely playing their part and making their choice. Time to get with the action and be prepared for the rough ride to the other side of these dark ages of separation and ego centric disfunctionality. The promised land beacons; the light is our birthright, freedom from opression and control by disturbed control freaks. Humanity needs now to get out of the mind set and mine field of its own collective disease and take full response ability for the work/play of these days of awakening.  

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