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 Hmm We Are The Corpse?15 comments
24 Mar 2006 @ 16:00, by swanny

March 24, 2006
9:00 AM Mst

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24 Mar 2006 @ 16:01 by swanny : More...

24 Mar 2006 @ 16:36 by swanny : Definiton

24 Mar 2006 @ 16:41 by swanny : The Domain of the Corpse

24 Mar 2006 @ 16:45 by swanny : March 21, 2006 Spring!!!

24 Mar 2006 @ 17:03 by bushman : Hmm
It does say in the bible, probably Revolations. That at some future date, there will be no more space in heaven, and that the dead would walk the Earth. Is like that in the Heaven where souls reside to be born or have life, it can be said that souls need flesh. A point in time that the swap cant take place, no space for souls to go either way, a point in time that the door is closed. Makes sence, that the space issue is due to souls not wanting to expiriance life again, just staying in the waiting room, max occupancy. lol. Or simply put, theres no more good flesh/uncorrupted flesh, left to be born into.  

24 Mar 2006 @ 17:07 by swanny : Signs of Spring

28 Mar 2006 @ 12:59 by nraye @ : A Meta World
not dying? And for souls in waiting, they say it is quite difficult getting reborn, and, if successful it is a real priviledge to get a life, thus the reason to be grateful and make the most, and help others, not destroy the process....

Yes, there's Spring now with the first blossom of the neighbourhood, not possible to celebrate until Easter Sunday, must attend with humility, chores. Lententide can be considered as soil preparation for the next Autumn early Winter in physical terms, it genuinely assists the process without excess ructure, or any if possible. When in health, Will Power can be summoned and a connection does seem to be made inside, easing the process, with promise of anew.

Meta - dictionary def. - change (but not in Oxford dict.)(?? the politics of word definition? another cause of war) nicer to do Lententide I think . . .  

28 Mar 2006 @ 13:33 by nraye @ : Meta World ii
Just remembered: my second yoga teacher recently gave a new list of exercises. One of these, while cross legged, is the putting of the palm of the hand on first the left temple, as in holding/resting, then the right temple. Rather like the famous statue of guy sitting on plinth in thought pose.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:25 by dempstress : Go on Swanny
Give it one more try for Spring!

Ok then I will. After an unseasonable late cold spell here in Scotland, the temoperature has now warmed up a few degrees and green things are going hell-for-leather to make up lost time. Daffoldils are just starting to show and in another couple of weeks we should have blossom and some leaves to show too. Of course they're all growing on the rotting corpses of last year's growth, and a jolly good thing too.  

28 Mar 2006 @ 14:53 by swanny : It's catching

29 Mar 2006 @ 13:43 by dempstress : No,
like so many people one ignores the opportunities which are, relatively speaking, on one's doorstep. When Scotty was living in Edinburgh many years ago we did have a go at spending Saturdays 'being tourists' and taking in some of the local attractions. Sadly at that stage in our lives we tended to get waylaid rather quickly by the attractions of the city's many and varied pubs.

The most magical time I can remember since I came to Scotland, over 30 years ago now, was a visit to the island of Coll. It's a small island, 13 miles long by 3 miles wide, a long ferry trip from the mainland and home to 150 people. There's one hotel/restaurant/pub, or at least there was when I was there, and a B&B or so. I was visiting with a couple of archaelogists, and they dropped me off at one end of the island where they were doing their stuff, and I walked back to the other end. It was a glorious day, although as the ferry was in that day the traffic was heavy: a car every half hour or so! Being a city girl I was deeply struck at the stillness and tha fact that, for example, I could follow by sound a bee approaching from about 50 yards away, or hear the sound of a bird's flight the other side of a field. There were wonderful springs and streams and it was altogether completely beautiful. One funny thing, mind: the local birds and sheep etc. ignored completely the occasional passing car, but the approach of one lone rather short woman on foot sent them fleeing in droves....I must be scarier than I thought.

For those intested I've found a couple of websites giving info and pictures of Coll;  

29 Mar 2006 @ 14:38 by scotty : hahahahha
oh gawd Caroline - I'd forgotten that LOL !
We DID make terrible tourists didn't we !!
t'was lots of fun though *wink*  

30 Mar 2006 @ 15:44 by nraye @ : Ambushed Twice
Swanny, your playing with words on NCN Gold got me blocked!! Bee was confusing in his brief, and with late editing out of a deliberate jibe obviously for me. I ducked thinking it could land on you as a compliment, which actually it did!

Before, long ago, you jumped in from nowhere while I was on Jmarc's log, a leading astray in a place of many masks, with you in tears in cups too, what is one to do? The heart was elsewhere with a muse: and now it is nowhere. Everyone a loser, shame.

Uneven playing field here, 1 against how many is it? The reason my "computer is playing up" re log-on is a cross muse. HA

so long!  

30 Mar 2006 @ 18:39 by swanny : Well Whatever

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