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30 Apr 2006 @ 22:14, by jobrown

When exactly did that kind of nonsense start -and more importantly: when will it end?!?! ...and WHY would We, The People, care?... "Let'em kill eachother", huh? it's just that, on each murder of and within THEIR OWN RANKS, they have always killed -and will always do so- thousands of their OWN so called (s.c.) "Lesser Brothers" as s.c. Collateral Damage, PLUS -of course -just as many, if not a LOT more of the Enemy group's 'Lesser Brothers'. THAT, my friend, would always be 'You and me' -from any part of the Human Family at any time (of History)!...

Do we know how much of the so called (s.c. ) "establishment's weirdness goes on in this Day and Age? A lot, I'm sure! [link]

This one goes 'kinda' hand-in-hand with the above one.

And these are just some General Info/more "Hit & Runs" in Todays Socio-Political Reality

"Sooooo, what can we do"? There's nothing I can do about it!", 'you' might say. Well, see, I think we CAN do something, each and everyone - IF we are so inclined!: first of all become aware of how Things have been run the last 5-6000 years on this/the Old World-Hemisphere, for sure, and from t/here it has been implanted to encompass every corner of the rest of the World - exept for those Nations that has withstood the pressure from the Money People.
I don't think we can fix a ROTTEN System from INSIDE, nor can we fix it from a mindset/consciousness level that created that Rotten System in the first place! WE have to rise up "against" it raising ourselves, to a higher level of "Doing Business As Usual".
THIS is what I personally believe we need to do in order to create the New Civilization. I will mention just a few methods I see as do-able and important: Ackowledge this Dark Side to our Society and see what is the "Dynamo" that has been running this "Wagon" and also recognize all the (different) "who/s" , that has been greesing the Dynamo!
This "Wagon" has used a DEBT-MONEY-System as its fuel and greese, ENSLAVING EVERY SINGLE Nation, that accepted it and EVERY PERSON IN EACH OF THESE NATIONS/COUNTRIES. (Not ALL Nations has said "Yes" to it!... " You can bet that whenever a country is ostracized as a pariah state, its real crime is asserting its independence from the NWO. It's no coincidence that the "axis of evil," Iraq, Iran and North Korea do/did not have Rothschild-run central banks." (quote from [link]))
We need to kick the old so called "Governments" out of Office. The fastest and most effective way -as I see it- would be to
create a National Money System,maybe even have it paralell with State Monetary Systems. None of these would be based on other Value Systems exept EXCHANGE of WORK-EFFORT/Time. This would render ALL their Evil Doings INVALID in an instant while giving value to all the rest of us!

The second thing we all need to understand is that this s.c. "Progress" that these people love to keep as the "Intellectual Carrot" is at its every single step a step AWAY FROM NATURE, which then equals "Progress" in their mind!... It is simply NOT true/correct at all -but QUITE the OPPOSITE!... This of course will be an even bigger thing, than "the Money thing" for all those who has taken the "Science" Bait -and
swallowed it deep, while the real Science is NOT acknowledged, and even less followed, by the "establishment". (This why so many of scientists, who practice REAL science disappear -and has "always" done so! "The Good die young". Remember? -and under very "Mysterious", as in 'dubious', circumstances, usually, I might add. )You might find some Inspiration here: [link] : "The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!"

We need to let these guys know that we know all about their crappy ways of "doing Business" and that we do NOT agree to go along anymore. "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." --President George H. W. Bush-- This quote was taken from White House Reporter Sarah McClendon's 1992 interview with President George H.W.Bush (Vaxen provided us with this quote, not long ago, so I just copied it from his writings. But this quote has travelled the Cyber Space for years now!)

Today we understand that 'GO along' does not automatically make all to GET Along, like we've been brain-washed to believe! MOST of time the opposite happened: the destructive relationships, both private and the ones with all the different "Stages" of and in our Society, just continued to turn ever more "sour".
Usually the break came in our Modern society when we retired and left so much of the Daily Grind part of Society behind us. But by now it all had taken its toll on us and we had buckled under to aging , eventually getting REALLY sick and die!

Aging is in fact the biggest and most baffling "phenomenon", that Science has ever pondered and tackled with -unsucccessfully!.... an' NO closer to answer now, than when the scientists started the pondering.

So, we have to let the ones, who just cannot step outside the MADNESS remain there, and leave them to their familiar world while the rest of us embark new uncharted Waters, so to speak.
Truth is, these New Waters are NOT really NEW!.... only WE haven't tried them yet, but luckily so many before us, who did embark them, gave us "Navigational Charts" of them.
Besides, whatever rout we choose at any given time, all we need to do is LOOK forward, ahead and we WILL see where a rout leads! NO rout is UN-discernable; it is up to us to want to discern!

We need to start doing what comes MORE natural to us: GO WITH THE FLOW of Nature, which is to say co-operate with the Hand (of God), that Feeds Us; Nature! We need to start treating her the way WE would like to be treated by someone; with kindness, consideration, gentleness and all other non-adveserial methods.
I dare ANYONE to show me that ONE person/animal/plant/piece of Land/Water etc who/that doesn't want to be treated with Love and kindness, gentleness and care!... Sooooo... That being the case; what the heck is it so difficult? Why should "You" always be the Exeption to be The Only One to be treated nice, while you could care less how all else would be treated? ISN'T EVERYONE( and Everything) that ONE "YOU"; The "Exception" ??? ? ? ??????????? What determines what "You" should be the only one exeption to the rule??? Even these guys [link] thougt of themselves as being that ONE guy, worth to be The One Exeption... ( and so did all the rest of them, from thes articles/links)Truth be known,I am sure George the Elder feels deep down, that we should let HIM and his Family be the Exeptions, if or when we decide to "go after them all"! I think it is more important though for us to get our own acts together -as the saying goes and step out; OUTSIDE of the Money People's games and artificial life and join Life/Nature/God and treat ALL with decency; the way we want to be treated. Period!

With this article I choose to remember and honour Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, who passed away on April 24th (-06) with making us all aware of our Divinity just by being around, so to speak, and KEEPING our Divinity by following the very few and very simple Rules that indeed rule ALL life!
Rabbi Teitelbaum knew them, followed them and devoted his life to help 'his' People to find the Path back to the Oneness and Joy God has indeed in store for ALL, who follow His/Her simple Life rules! THANK YOU,Rebbe Teitelbaum, thank you!
See Rabbi Teitelbaum's Funeral here [link]

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1 May 2006 @ 23:58 by jobrown : this is "Why..."
we should care!  

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