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27 Jun 2006 @ 20:23, by swanny

June 27, 2006

The Rainbow People gathering is happening
next week in colorado

Link = [link]

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27 Jun 2006 @ 22:09 by swanny : The Rainbow People Song

27 Jun 2006 @ 22:56 by bushman : see next comment

27 Jun 2006 @ 23:00 by bushman : Good
Let them burn down and trash up Colorado's forests. We are sick of the mess they make out here. Thinking they can just live off the land, yet here they dig in trash, steel from the stores, get food from our food bank, just to leave the mess and thier aboandon campfires to blow in the wind.  

27 Jun 2006 @ 23:52 by swanny : Oh I give up
You try to put out some helpful constructive positive i suppose
energy and people kick you in the face...

well thanks very much

have a nice life

I really don't need this an makes me
glad I'm cancelling my internet

I've never had to but up with so much crap
as I've found on the internet

piece shit it seems

maybe thats why gates is cashing out.

good riddens..

why are people so mean and nasty when
youre trying to lend a helping hand
I know theyre just bad songs and art but
at least it not malice.  

28 Jun 2006 @ 00:17 by bushman : Go ahead,
run away, just like those rainbows on thier way to the gathering did, when they set our forest on fire. They earned the name of "transients" in this neck of the woods, they will never be wellcome in Sedona again, unless they come in a tour bus and pay for a hotel. Oh we were too stoned to put out the fire, too stoned to notice the tinder box, too stoned to do anything but party and complain nobody cares for them, then when you help them, they throw it back in your face, oh I don't drive a car because it pollutes, but Ill take a ride to my next free meal. Ever been to a rainbow gathering?  

28 Jun 2006 @ 01:00 by bushman : Also
Did you know about this?
The forest is closed, due to fire danger, and here they are saying it's about stopping thier gathering, when it's about protecting the forest and catching the person or persons that set Sedona on fire.  

28 Jun 2006 @ 02:56 by swanny : I'm Sorry Bushman
I'm sorry about all that Bushman
Such things weren't intended I suspect
I don't intend such things
yet I like the concept of rainbow children.
I'm not running away I just don't know what else
I can do.
I mean being driven into bankruptcy for the cause
and left with nothing but the shirt on my back
because others won't do there share and pull their
weight and won't pay one a fair price for their work,
their art, their caring. Why should I care but then I
become like every one else. Not caring thats the copout
and the easy way out. Caring isn't easy but mostly its
the right thing to do. Just some people take advantage and
exploit others caring. I know I've done a lot voluteering.
Ah I don't know. I got nothing much left but care and bad art and music
but what good is it?

Rainbow People Song Link

MP3 Link = [link]


28 Jun 2006 @ 03:38 by bushman : :}
Its a start, I know what you mean in that respect, I get exploited lots, have to live in dirt or spend all my time cleaning, lol. But really the whole concept of rainbow is a great one, I was one of them for awhile, and Id spend most my time picking up trash, still do, I go camping and Im picking up baby dipers deep in the woods. Such is life I guess, at least you can play music and do art. I cant do any of that cool stuff. I guess it bugs you the same as me, when the bad apples ruin it for everyone. I could never show people my art or sing for them, maybe too shy, afraid of failure or riddicule. At least you dont have all that bagage to deal with. :} My PC net connection dosnt have the ability to play music or videos off the net amymore, maybe its my CPU, its pretty old. So I miss out on lots of stuff now, all those videos and songs people post take 3 hours to download sometimes then its too much for my PC to handle so it cuts out and vid stops or drops out during the download. Spose to be getting some highspeed wireless out here in august.  

28 Jun 2006 @ 04:01 by vaxen : Bankruptcy...
is the name of ''their'' game. By ''their'' game I mean ''preditory banking practices.'' Plenty of them around. Central Banking is a total evil. Same old story in Ca. as here in USA. The link I have left here, swanny, bushman, is worth perusing... if you need help to forstall the forclosure or whatever you're involved with that is killing you and taking what you think you own then please, please, give them a call and or contqact them via email.

It is too late in the game to give up. I find you're stuff very inspiring and I'm also faced with the same war... I am not as vulnerable as most people are who do not know what is being done to them... Knowledge truly is power and, believe it or not, the real 'LAW' is on your side. The predators would like you to ''cave in,'' don't! We need you and your voice. Same goes for you bushman san... we are involved in a war and it is a life or death fight. You will either cower and be enslaved or wake up to the truth of your true position, how they've lied to you, what's at stake (your soul) and join us and learn how to fight them with their tools.

Of course I realise that for a sensitive and caring flesh and blood man/woman this course seems, at first glance, to be anethema... but, it is our only course! We must link up and help support one another till we have freed those who have been enslaved by this terrible, terrible, in human system which is ravaging the Earth.

When your freedom is at stake, and it is, what is your course? You can fritter away the time on nonsense videos and gaga trips galore or use the greatest library on earth and connect with others of like mind to solve the problems we all face. No, the enemy is NOT us. You know the face of the enemy very well and it is not the YOU that looks out at you from your mirrors...

Take courage, then, and do not ever quit till the day comes when we have wrested the power out of the hands of those who have usurped your rights and are in the field trampling over them each and every day of each and every week of each and every year... 24/7.

That which takes your eyes away from the gentle truth of your own true being and your rights un-a-LIEN-able, though tempting, is of the enemy... that enemy whose face you know so well. We can NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Even if you quit the net (use the library) you'll still be faced with the same problems till the day that we win out for all human kind.

Love your work, swanny,, and yours,' too, bushman... I am an artist and a musician but I do not play the game of infotainment entrainment anymore. I will not prostitute my art (skill) for a few measly Federal Reserve, soaked in blood, insurance script negotiable instruments which are evidence not of how rich one is but of the bankruptcy of FedCorps (the UNITED STATES) and is not real money...

I hope you will not leave us but if you do please don't ever give up the fight. Link up... and remember:

"Though we're made of flesh and bone,
That can be broke by sticks and stones,
And though we laugh and though we cry,
There's more to us than meets the eye."--- E.J.


28 Jun 2006 @ 09:13 by swanny : Thanks Vaxen
Well it may be to late for me
but I am touched .
I'm sure there are others though that can benefit.
Yes if it were all and only about money
then it wouldn't much be worth liven I figure.
The art and music seems to keep the connection
to nature somehow. The modern music industry
is a bit of cookie factory not much heart and soul
there. I'm really getting into the classics at times
though not sure why. Suppose I never cared much
for the money thang.... I guess I always wanted things
to be "real".
Anyway thanks again felt a warm breeze on my heart.

"yes more to us..... than meets the eye"
forgets sometimes

money is just one small "part" of the Universe.


28 Jun 2006 @ 09:34 by swanny : The Words

Oh we are the Rainbow Children, We are the Rainbow Ones,
We are the Rainbow People, Oh Rainbow daughters and sons.

Now a new day is beginning, now a new Earth is born,
Now a new star is shining, Upon the sea and the shore.

Shine, Shine, Shine, We will shine, shine, shine,
Let Us shine, shine, shine, We are shining.

It's a new day, we will live a new way, Open your eyes and your heart.
From the Sea to the Sky, Oh what beauty there lies, oh the new beginning has come.

Love is the door that we open, Love is the key that we turn,
Love is the song we are singing, Love is the wage that we earn.


Music and Lyrics
By A. G. Jonas
2006 June

30 Jun 2006 @ 02:38 by koravya : Go Where You Must
Hey there, Howdy folks, Welcome Home,
I’ve been to two national and a Colorado regional Rainbow Gathering in years past and am entirely in tune with The principles of what WE are doing. With twenty-thousand or more people all in one place, and certainly more than that throughout the year all over the country, there are certainly at least a few whom I would refrain from hugging. Nevertheless, the spirit is by and large pure and good.
What they, WE, are facing, as a countercultural alternative, is I believe something on the order of the organic human response to the order perpetrated by the controllers, the international bankers. Cabal is not an inappropriate designation. The order which they have imposed is mind-boggling in its global penetration of the global psyche. Those who can either feel or intellectualize the perverse life-disconfirming nature of this beast must by every means of our organic sensibility counter and stead fast the sanctity of our individual mind.
Keep the ball rolling. Maybe one or another of us will get kicked into a corner every sometimes or another. So what do you do? The ball is under your feet. Kick hard or dribble it out, and what exactly are you facing?
The Rainbows are getting slammed by the Feds in Colorado. This is like practicing on the vermin before expanding operations. Do you believe this is not possible? The land of the free and the home of the brave has gone down the tubes, if you want to give up. Otherwise, its what WE make of it. The challenge is coming down a little bit harder, day by day, and you are not reading about it in the newspapers or hearing about it on Radio or watching it on TV. At least it hasn’t come by me, except through this medium. So if what’s going on here is helping you think about what you know needs to be thought about, then you are getting something out of it and there is good reason to stay. We all have our things we gotta do. To draw a line around the world that extends to your horizon and includes everyone you speak with in the course of a day and night, is to live a story unfolding. Then there is the world beyond the horizon, and there are many strangers out there, and I am brothersister to many of them. The spirit is ours to make and we are all searching, and the something we call it is Truth. Find it. Go wherever you must, and find it. . . . . .
YT, John  

1 Jul 2006 @ 00:53 by jobrown : Swanny,
don't let any stupid OPINONS of others' tear you down!....Opinions are just that: opinions; they change from time to time -even in the most stubborn ones!...If not, then they would still be using diapers and crawl around!... A Pre-Toddler's opinion about having Mom take care of "those things" was much more fun -and certainly easier, than having to learn to go to Bathroom whenever "nature" called -as the saying goes. So, opinions are nothin'but ephemerides.
Your Love for Life and Humanity is real, Swanny and not at all based on rooting for the Winning Side, whichever seem to be the winning one at any given time!... THAT is what makes you/Humans real; to have that realness -and inhuman, those who don't, twisitn n'turning as the Wind Blows as they do! Easier to play robotic non-real "Go-Along -To -Get- Along-kinda guys with nice rhetoric, hiding the Rainbow deep inside!) It takes a guy like you Swanny, to make us all dare again! Thanks for being the sensitve, naked you, that you indeed are Swanny!
As far as bushy's insulting ASSUMPTIONS about other people; their motviations and overall Life!....well...all I can say: Welcome to the Club!!!! Bushy KNOWS I live in some third world slum in a cardboard box!?!?!?!?... Wasn't that what you, Bushy, impled in one of your (nicer ) comments to me -coz I had the Galls and Balls to not "believe in Bee's hot Gold- Mine Project Rhetorics - for me not seing THAT as Nature friendly!... (... funny how thesekind of never guys never seem to think that anybody but they have any knowledge /education in anything at all!...ONLY THEY DO!... and then they reveal a knowledge as deep as Reader's Digest's "Scientific " Articles !!! But, heyyy. if that is what it takes to be go with the ones who seem on the surface to to being the Winners!... It is everyone prerogative; to sell one's Soul to the devil and kiss real life goodbye.
So, Swanny don't sweat it! Bushy shortly there after told in a comment to bee how afraid he was of being laid off, out of job, Homeless, didn't you Bushy? . I wrote a comment back to you, Bushy, that you/he never needs to be homeless; but (he is) always welcome to my Community... Aah, that didn't sit too well with Bushy, that either!...
Funny, so many other friends here on NCN are HAPPY to have the Standing Invitation and have expressed it with words!...
Well... I want you Swanny to know that we will be Neighbours in just two weeks.... and I was thinking of asking for your permission to visit you, as well as inviting you to my community ANY time for ANY length wanted/needed by you! This is how Rainbow people are, isn't it? Welcome to my world, anytime, Swanny!/ BB A-d
PS.Thanks for the link!

Heyyy. koravya, speaking 'bout Cabal; check this out! [link]  

1 Jul 2006 @ 05:33 by bushman : Accually no,
all my comments are still there , you should reread them, I cover my bases, "just in case" that means it didnt happen yet, but if it did, I have an opption, as well, my above comments are truth, they closed stage stop 3 years ago, and that is a major rainbow hang out, closed due to the mess, abandon fires, I used to do the rainbow thing. But, it's not my fault, towns like ours see them as transients now, when the come thru town and sponge off it and then leave the mess, and in this case , set the forest on fire. Our local homeless wouldnt even think of useing fire in the woods right now and frankly they don't go that far out into the woods, they stay close to town. So too bad, for the rainbows, its time for them to police thier tribe and clean out the bad apples. Its the same reason they run the burning man the way they do now, people took advantage of a cool thing and messed it up.  

2 Jul 2006 @ 19:57 by swanny : Yo
How do belated happy canada day july 1 , 2006
well lost my internet
at the lib now
well anyway thanks all
and carry on

we are the rainbow people even them

I suppose some are just "more rainbow" than others

hee hee


2 Jul 2006 @ 20:09 by jobrown : an' let me tell you OhhhSwanny Boy, just happen to be that Double Rainbow!... so very glorious, and in a Class of your own!  

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