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22 Jul 2006 @ 16:10, by swanny

July 22, 2006
To Hot

The Bird Report (Animal Democracy?)


Well every year, about this time, it seems about 100-200 crows get together for a few conventions on one of the taller buildings in downtown and seem to debate or vote a "new" leadership? The racket and commotion is reminisant of the debates and votes in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Then there are the magpies. They it would seem are the thugs and ruffians of the kingdom. The raven, very few, are here but not to sure how they fit in. They are sort of a lone wolf around here, causing extreme concernations of the crows.

Back to the crows. It seems crow "office fitness" is determined not by words but actions, as a fly around the assembly of these conventions and a vote is had, perhaps in a determinination of health or fitness or such ? Whether this leadership is hereditary or democratic is unclear. It almost seems a combo of both off hand.

The pigeons here seem like your average everyday citizen being harassed at times by both the crows and magpies.
The sparrows are the cute urchens or street children of the senario avoiding both the crows and the magpies but at times annoying the "without a clue" pigeons. Now the robins are a magnificent addition to this kingdom. A noble breed gracing the community affairs with a sense of honor and dignity.

Further out from the downtown, the pelicans, mallards, seagulls and canada geese can be found mostly hanging around the river, although the seagulls tend to frequent the landfills and fast food places. Ocassionally a troop or family of ducks will make an attempt to cross a major street in an effort to get to the river. Successful mostly if drivers give them the right of way.

Other smaller "foreign" birds like, blue birds and blue jays, and wrens and finches tend to frequent the parks and river areas.

Crows and magpies again, have met their demise when getting to friendly with the local cannies. A lesson to late for the learning it seems.

I've seen a few hawks and such around the river or near the large field, hunting for mice no doubt and maybe there's an odd eagle about but they tend to favour the high and wilderness areas.

I haven't as yet had the honor to see a hummingbird although I'm told they are around gracing the various floral arrangements. I have though seen a white parakeet in a tree that most likely must have escapet the bondage of some local home.

Back to reality though, I hear that many of our bird species are or will soon be in danger because of environmental degradation. A disquieting commentary on the human families impact on some of its neighbouring fellows.

I haven't seen any peasants or partriges around, except at Christmas and in a pear tree and in my ten years here I have yet to hear a peep of mention of the dodo bird which causes me to concur with its reputed extinction.

At any rate this has been a update of the bird report from Central Alberta Canada.

Ed Jonas

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26 Jul 2006 @ 15:24 by rayon : Great Reading
Nice Prose. We have an owl in our locale always recognisable by the twitohoo, every night he flies through. The Bird of Wisdom. A robin came up to me a few weeks ago while sitting near (his?) bushes for shade in the park. Alot of pidgeons in London have lost a foot or two and hobble on a sort of knob on the remains of the leg. The Doves I love the most, a dove sitting in a swaying branch takes my breath away, I want to hug it.  

26 Jul 2006 @ 15:46 by swanny : Hello
July 26, 2006

Hello and thanks
Glad to see you're still about.
Yes the birds are a kingdom onto themselves...
Their antics are most entertaining and yet they have not as
much baggage as we humans....
Amazing there lives actually with so little baggage....
they seem to manange so nicely with out all our materialism and well.
Fixed my car today.... signal lights had given out....
diagnosed the problem correctly as the flasher ... a ten spot$CA fixed it...
ah it is so warm and humid here today.... 50% relative humidity....
and we have an actual "summer scent" happening.... not sure what it is
the pollen or such of flowers or something ... very ??? not sure how to describe it earthy yet perfumy ....dusty yet refreshing....
it usually doesn'tn get warm enough for the summer scent....
Painted a city scape mural on my living room wall....
the landlord comes to inspect the building..... tommorrow
so may have to remove it..... hee hee
sorry have not pics or can't post them anywhere....
the public library has no means of posting music or images

its a meso american treatment of our rather conservative city scape
turned out nicely though all i had to work with were tempera kids paints
budgets you know $

anyway Im off
thanks for the chat

take care


27 Jul 2006 @ 15:59 by dempstress : I just
enjoy watching the birds as they feed on my small city-centre lawn and realising I'm feeding the dinosaurs.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 00:59 by hgoodgame : Thought you'd like this here -
In an attempt to thwart the spread of bird flu, President George W. Bush has bombed the Canary Islands...

Turkey is next.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 10:34 by rayon : Additional
Link to your collection Swanny, re birds' natural habitat. Hope you like it. Yes Murals change the nature of the space with their own dynamic, maybe try to do another in a public space?

Link is here

A surprise one. Bye - N.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 16:07 by swanny : Thanks all
Life in the canopy....
always liked the concept of a tree house....
amazing that the dinos gave up their size for wings...
was a good trade off I'd say...
I wonder if the eagle is the new Trex....
saw an interesting show about the vanishing honeybee population
and their reappearance in the cities. Seems the cities have
more diversity than crop land....
ah a changing world to be sure...
better? worse? or just different....????
well anyway

we got some rain here which was nice....
oh and my landlord liked the mural....
I suppose its cave art of a sort being
hidden in my apt

modern cave art.....

well carry on all....

now what kind of bird would Bush be?


29 Jul 2006 @ 07:41 by dempstress : I don't know
if they were popular in your part of the world, but ceramic flying ducks in sets of three were a popular decoration on living-room walls a generation or two back in the UK, and are now sort of ironically iconic cultural
objects (!). I remember when I was a student that a friend who lived in a damp Edinburgh basement had a set on the wall and paintd a huge rural mural around them, taking in the whole room. Then he moved on, taking the ducks with him and leaving a painted room with three little duck-shaped outlines in the middle. Bet his landlord wasn't too pleased.  

11 Aug 2006 @ 10:11 by rayon : Reminder here
Hi Swanny,

Remembering this log of yours awhile back did I mention that I was a founder member of the Botswana Bird Society? There were several kinds of outings organised for members. One in particular stands out. It was a 5.00 am meet at the local sewage ponds, sounds terrible but certainly was not. With binoculars we had been wellprimed as which species would be likely to see, passing by the ponds for their Breakfast.

On arrival we walked through the desert scrub bushes, hunched for the bushes are smallish, in our khaki gear and binoculars. We told to listen for particular bird song, for that was the ID for each species. Many of these little birds fly in flocks, so swiftly that they are practically invisible to the naked eye, forget the binoculars. Suddenly someone pointed there, suddenly here, and again suddenly over there. I saw nothing. However, I discovered my ears were doing overtime in trying to distinguish the precise calls in a direction for a particular species. It was like thinking with the ears. All other senses had to switch off in order to appreciate this event!

Luckily there were many larger species of bird visible clearly to the naked eye, Ibis, heron, ducks, storks, teal, eagle, waders, vulture, can't recall the full list. However, the most memorable were those not actually seen, but perhaps heard, and possibily audible to the Ear, if you were lucky!!! It was quite an experience venturing into a whole new world.

All the best, Nraye.  

11 Aug 2006 @ 15:41 by swanny : Hi
Excellant... I used to bird watch in my teens
was particular fond of the tree swallows...
graceful in flight and to sight with a distinctive call
it always seemed to signal that spring was in full swing...
built some nests for some and was delighted when they took
occupancy... fond of the purple martins too and built a huge dorm
for them but alas they never took....
yes to wonder why the caged bird sings....
perhaps it remembers that it can fly
yet where would the world be without the song and beauty of the birds

a sewage pond aye?

they probably meet elsewhere though for "high tea"

hee hee


take care


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