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10 Aug 2006 @ 16:09, by swanny

August 10, 2006


Ah, that is a deep, powerful and comforting memory, about my dear departed parakeet "Grassy".

You see, some six months before he passed on, I was having some troubles with the new owner of my apartment building in around the end of 2005. It was regarding my lease and pets. I feared he was going to evict my beloved companion birds or have them confiscated by trickery.

So after much heartache and despair, I secreted them some ninty miles north, to my parents place for safe keeping and there they stayed , we apart for some 2 to 3 months. I quite missed them but also I guess it was a good and needed break for me after some 5 years of constant company. I got a lot more done. Well, eventually, after the 3 month break, things quieted down and sorted themselves out and I arranged for some friends to bring them back down to me. I guess they had been well behaved under my parents keeping and care and my neice also had looked in on them too.

Well they arrived safely back to me in my friends with his girlfriends truck and as we were getting them out of the truck, Grassy, sweet grassy heard my voice after 3 months absence and let out such a cheerful sound or chirp of absolute glee and joy that even my friends were astounded.
And over and over would he chrip at the top of his lungs that I thought ? well not sure what I thought. I hadn't thought that they, animals nor birds no less were capable of "missing" some one and now the full realization dawns on me how amazing that scenario really was.

Here this bird I had never dared to touch out of respect, touched me in such a deep and profound way, with a cry as to recognize and "miss" me. A spontaneous cry of joy, of heart unbroken and with absolutely no pretense. A companions cry of love. Wow... well it was wow for me.

I hadn't realized how close we had bonded in those 5 years together. How treating a fellow creature as a person of equal rights and status formed such a deep strong yet not physical bond.

I can hear that cry now and I think it not only warms a heart but somehow brings something good to the entire world or perhaps universe akin to setting the female Angel free this year. Something innocent, spontaneous and unpretencious and unjaded happened. Something pure and true. A true ? expression?

Well anyway tis a deep marvelous mysterious and unfathomable universe aye?

Oh grassy my dear friend where ever you are, thankyou
Thankyou for the sheer agony and pain of your loss and this.
It could not have meant so much without it.
I guess we did finally touch then, on some distant, deep and perhaps sacred level, where few have gone before.

My my, that such a small, seemingly insignificant creature can wield such a might. Amazing simply amazing

Sadly it is a sound I will probably never have the honor to hear again but perhaps it was eonough to have heard, once upon a time, the chrip heard round the world.

Did you hear it?

A. G. Jonas

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11 Aug 2006 @ 11:37 by jmarc : Nice Tale swanny
Raised birds for a while myself. Had an open cage policy which enhanced the human / bird relationship, I think. I've heard that chirup too.  

11 Aug 2006 @ 15:50 by swanny : Yes
Open cage policy is good...
we should share our cage and not make more
relates to Koryana log about fences...


take care


15 Aug 2006 @ 19:05 by jazzolog : Did You Mean Cheer Up?

He cherups brisk ear-erecting steed.


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