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6 Apr 2007 @ 14:38, by swanny

April 6, 2007
Good Friday

Morning , well I thought the children would save humanity but alas they have been silent, perhaps to far removed though not as much as we from the Planet.

I was thus in ponderation? New Climate Report out, somewhat disturbing but...

The animals, the birds and bees thus, they should know as they "knew" about the Tsunami in 2004, we must follow their lead.

It is perhaps backed by the realization that climate change has occurred before.
The 10 to 12,000 BC the climate was changing. Some nomadic tribes in Asia moved to the North and then to the East perhaps following the buffalo herds or ? their food . Then and there they found the land bridge at the Bering Sea and the aboriginals "discovered" America. They over the years thus found refuge here until the climate change that conquered the Mayans and Incas.

Let us watch then the animals and birds and bees and ants and live more like them. They are still more in touch and intuitive with the planet. They might act as guides as how to live in a sustainable and climate freindly manner. Apparently though we may lose 1/4 of the earths 50 million species but perhaps new ones will emerge.

sir ed

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6 Apr 2007 @ 15:23 by a-d : Right on, sir Ed,
right on! Thanks!: )  

6 Apr 2007 @ 17:43 by swanny : Addictions
thanks a-d


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