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17 Apr 2007 @ 16:15, by swanny

What is a climate friendly economy though?

Draft Def: A Climate Friendly Economy is an economy that monitors, controls and limits its' greenhouse gas emissions, to being under a certain standard or target.

What target?
Well as stated a previous less disruptive target say the year 1850.

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17 Apr 2007 @ 16:36 by swanny : forward
forward link =  

17 Apr 2007 @ 16:59 by bushman : Hmm,
self regulating planets, again the one pinky toe trying to spin the earth against 6 billion running feet. All mankinds work is pointless, the earth will do its thing, a cauldera will blow, and we will be into an instant deep freeze, toxic gases spewed by the trilions of tons, will make mankind look comical trying to fix his mistakes as the planet splits open and resurfaces it self, oh the poor polar bears, who where some other kind of bear before the last iceage. We will get hit by a comet ,astroid, masive solar flares, and natural volcanic activity, long before we ever accualy control any greenhouse gas output by us.
Sunset crater is a volcanic vent that opened up in 864ad, sent the natives running and abadoning thier homes, surly they assumed that thier camp fires are what called the volcano up to the surface, they assumed thier god was pissed. Mans bigest mistake will be that he was too caught up in his own follis, to notice that the earth it self is a living thing, that has cycles, and that intelegents of man is lessoned, when he thinks he is the cause of gods wrath. What was mans purpose anyway? The truth is not for the sheep, for if they knew the truth, they would shut down, and progress would come to a hault. This is all a design by those to use the resorces of humans. Lets say there is something you want to do, but to do it you needed slaves or people who could do the work, that you being far more intelegent than the sheep, manipulative, Ill give you some land to grow food on, but you got to buy the seed from me. the fact that all these rich people do thier damnedest to burn oil, and what about cow farts? Its like they know some truth about the cycles, and may be trying to set balance.  

17 Apr 2007 @ 17:02 by swanny : well...
well perhaps but I suppose we have to give a good try
ain't got much better to do...
and its a job....  

17 Apr 2007 @ 19:24 by bushman : Hmm
I think what Im saying is that maybe mankind is the mechanisim that garentees a good restart after the Earth molts, the device that stores the seed and tech needed to cause Gennisis or rebirth after all seems destroyed. Sure the Earth would survive with out us, but not the diversity or biomass. If this isnt mans job, then what was Gods point in makeing man?  

17 Apr 2007 @ 20:04 by a-d : you think, bushy....
...that Man really HAS BEEN doing what he was created to do????..... if so; you're in good company!.... the CROOKS think so too! ; ) WHATEVER is still left in Nature is DESPITE us humans and TOTALLY THANKS to Nature, I am convinced!

How'bout this? could there be something to this way of thinking /acting instead?  

18 Apr 2007 @ 05:47 by bushman : Ya,
sort of, like tech in the past, made the Zebra and the Giraff, maybe. Like, visulize, California, there are exotic plant nurseries and lots of Arboretums, we might ask where and why is a jungle so diverse, but imagine, the planet warms up a little, and most of California becomes tropical, and then the areas where those exotic and some man made plants have spread, if man was gone, and then returned, he would just assume that the forest plants are native, like we do today, just look at the diversity of Chinas wild flowers, its truly amazing, but no one can proove otherwise, that those native plants arnt some anciant man made plant. Today we have companies like Monsanto, makeing pharmacuticals and adhesives by changing the genes, will some future native tribe find that those peticular plants have a medicinal use? Did the abuse of tech in the past, cause what we see today, will we be killed off by a really big mistake, only to start over with that mistake as a god send? The original sin?  

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