New Civilization News: What if our thoughts are creating Global Warming?    
 What if our thoughts are creating Global Warming?6 comments
20 Apr 2007 @ 21:19, by Unknown

Global Warming is a classic example of a collective delusion that feeds on itself and which is getting alarmingly out of control.

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20 Apr 2007 @ 23:07 by swanny : well think about it
Well think about it
are humans really smart enough to cause climate change
not really since they even if they were didn't do it deliberately
otherwise they would know what to do to reverse it right? so
that leaves either God, Nature or the unknown... and the probablity that climate
change is actually occurring is 9 out of 10 as determined by the scientists the so called smartest humans on the planet so... why would nature do something that would harm herself not logical or natural so that leaves God or the unknown
or perhaps the unknown God which is more likely the case or maybe climate change isn't even happening which I suppose is just another option and the 4 winters we've had here in Canada this year are just an illusion

hmmmmm okay so change the subject...

okay so.... how about them dodgers...?

So God whats the deal ?
Why the climate change?
God ?

Hello ?

must be on another line

the dodgers yea


21 Apr 2007 @ 00:15 by swanny : Physics
Or then again it could be simple physics or natural laws
Energy can't be created or destroyed so you pump more gases, heat, and energy into an enclosed container semipermeable then the heat goes up. Actually greenhouse theory is fairly simple. I build a greenhouse once. Amazing things . Oh and about that einstein bee quote apparently is false or he didn't say it. As well apparently he didn't conceive of the theory of relativity alone either. He and his first wife "mileva" possibly did much of it and was pay off for a lot of the work.


21 Apr 2007 @ 00:52 by bushman : Hmm,
there are all sorts of types of bees, not just the domesticated honey Bee that was imported to North America. We have lots of those micro Bees on up to the Giant yellow striped bumble bee, maybe over 100 types of Bees. So I can't see how just the loss of the normal honey Bee would really be a faltal situation for the biomass. Yep, every bit of heat thats generated on this planet has to go someplace. All those underground nuke tests, that heat is probably still there from the first underground test, maybe still a hot spot, hotter than the sun. Ever solder copper pipe? How the solder wants to be attracted to the hotter place on the pipe. Technicaly this could be happening with mantel material, its being attracted to the hot spots. If we want to do anything about the situation we must stop the biggest heat producers, and then clean from there, the laws of physics in washing a car or cleaning anything, is from the top down, off is down, on is up, when you tear down a building by hand its from the top down, when you build it, its from the bottom up. Global warming is a top down situation. Cows and farm animals make 18% of the so called greenhouse gases, far more than all the planes and cars on the planet. Commercial farming, puts the most nitrates into our water ways. Hah, lol, Global warming would be a non issue if we had no government or millitary, they use the most oil, they produced the most manmade heat worldwide, top down? lol. And if cows do so much damage, I could just imagine that the Dinos accually could of killed them selves off with thier own farts. lol :}  

25 Apr 2007 @ 16:07 by jazzolog : Imagine That Heavy Is Light
I guess people can convince themselves of anything. This trait either may be the salvation or downfall of the species. Will the loss of humanity affect the biomass? Probably not. So who cares? Are we too stupid as a species to survive, to adapt? The bees disappear? Why not let the free market solve it? Do we need bees to pollinate our crops? Heck, people can go out and pollinate the plants ourselves. Think of all the jobs it'll create for immigrant labor! Was Mars once populated by creatures like us...and did we destroy it?  

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