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18 May 2007 @ 04:46, by swanny

May 18, 2007


Well maybe there is money or cost recovery in caring but perhaps only in "reasonable or effective caring."
Effective or reasonable caring thus takes the money and or accounting and expenses process into consideration while haphazard or "magical caring" doesn't usually and as a consequence doesn't get the caring job done or done in an effective or sustainable way. Cause there is not to much point to caring if it doesn't achieve something constructive and sustainable results or outcomes, although sometimes care is necessary just to get some through a rough patch or the day. People for instance with permanent disabilities have a hard time finding the will to live and part of caring for them requires that others give them reason and hope just to brighten there day and make their lot a little sunnier but even these people I have oft found can give the most amazing "acts of grace" in times of their caretakers rare or occasional times of their own struggles.

So I guess then theres educated, experienced, effective and sustainable caring and the other less effective sorts.

True you do not necessary care for the money or profit but you have to accept the realities of covering your own necessities, legalities, overhead, taxes and expenses, even though it could be said to take a bite out of your caring effect and effort but given the fact that the heart in this wisdom pumps back a little blood to itself while it is pumping blood to power and sustain the rest of the body suggests that this is just basic caring physics. How much well I'm not sure I suppose it depends on the total load at different times but may be say 10 or 20 % depending.

So then you have the reality that caring is not easy and it is not cheap or free either but it is still mostly the right thing to do but must be done in a way as to accommodate the realities of modern life to be done in a logical, effective and sustainable way.

So then caring starts with giving but remembering to give a portion of what is given back to ones self. This then is meant to cover the "caring costs" or the cost of caring.

So then if we say we care and we profess to care then in true fashion and in order to care effectively and sustainably we must make and consider the effort to recover the 10 or 20 % caring costs or effective caring costs. Generally such costs can be written off for business and tax purpose as expenses and or as basic personal exemptions.

Darn who would have thought caring could be so complicated but I suppose even caring has some basic standards.

Alfred G. Jonas

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18 May 2007 @ 11:54 by swanny : Christ and Luther
I think Christ planted seeds...
food for thought
of how to live in a sustainable and right way
a globaly right way....
a "transparent" global right way...

and then came Martin Luther who can be summed up by saying
"I came to plant trees" or perhaps to prune and plant trees.

I think Christ then did some sowing and Luther pruned and sowed.
Now it is though not just words but words and ideas turned to actions
and works.

Luther said by Faith and Grace are we saved? or is it forgiven...
but I think it is a combo of Faith and works... and not just ordinary Faith
but Reasonable Faith...
Maybe thats the kind of Faith that you need to get the work done too
cause you can't live by Faith alone but you can't also live by works alone.
Faith guides works follow. Works without Faith are hollow or mere existence.

And we don't need "great" works and faith but just simple and sustainable ones.
Its sometimes the great that gets one in trouble. Great comes after the fact...
Most aren't great or popular during their lives, it is only in retrospect that they are
seen to be great. In the here and now mostly you can either be effective or popular and sadly our society condones the popular. It is rare to be popular and effective at the same time or while living. Very rare.

But you can't forget about yourself either or your own needs thats not sustainable
you have to at least defend your basic physical needs and existence.
We are only mammals afterall. Whereas Christ had the luxury of being semi-divine.
We strive though for reasonable divinity.


20 May 2007 @ 05:27 by bushman : Hmm,
I have one of those old kid bible story books, it has a story of Jesus planting seeds, with a pic, and in this pic a dog is going behind him and digging up the seeds he just planted, the pic shows him beating the dog with a stick. Saying bad dog. I never really liked that pic. lol. anyway I agree with your comment. :}  

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