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31 Jul 2007 @ 18:07, by swanny

Humanity Sucks
July 31, 2007


Well it is perhaps a given fact and truism that we must accept, that humanity or we suck. So having established this common fact. Do we want to do anything about it. We could try to change or improve ourselves or maybe just kill ourselves off, which we seem at times to be quite far along the way in doing.
We suck! Well gosh darn why didn't someone tell us. No one knew? Well okay we can qualify that a little I guess that most of us suck or the ones the run the show suck and cause us to suck in the process. The fact is that the majority of us would seem to suck and as a case in point are sucking the life blood as we know it, out of the planet as we know it. Yes things change and yes few have sustainable principles and the ones that do we have a tendancy to cruxify or assacinate which just demos our prevalance of suckiness further. And yes we adapt quite well as we seem to have adapted right into suckhood to show our suckiness?

Well s there we have it then. Humanity sucks. We suck. Don't say you didn't know. But knowing that what does that change? Well if you want to change you have to identify the offensive aspect and then take steps or measures to address if some are so inclined. Do I suck? Well I'm sort of human so I guess yes I do suck. Do you suck, well you'll have to be the judge of that but offhand chances are you do, as studies indicate that only 1 % of humanity is operating at potential.

So we've got about 7,777,777,777 suckers and 1% actually natural people.

Anyway... so what to do?

Well I guess accept our suckiness is the first step and perhaps try to define what unsuckiness is. What the actual right way of living is. Well no I don't know because I have a disability of sorts and 99% don't know so could the 1 % that do know raise their hands and help us out here?

And how or who are these "natural folks"?

Well there was Moses, and Buddha and jesus and Lincoln and Luther and Kenndey
and Billie Hughes and Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc and King Alfred and well Mahatma Gandhi and well theres a few but theyre all dead...



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1 Aug 2007 @ 14:14 by janeannej : A New Civilization
Well, among the 'natural folks,' we would have to count US, because WE are HERE! That's a happy thought!

The truth is, we are nature, and nature is us. Being so disconnected from nature, our source, presents us with glaring problems. As problem solvers, we look for solutions.

One such solution is the work of Lester Brown of Lester examines UN statistics and publishes the true state of the world--books such as Plan B and Eco-Economy. A couple days ago I found the work of Bryan O'Leary, who knows of alternative, usable energies already developed than can completely replace the fuels we are addicted to. A Google search will send you to him.

I believe we change the world by changing ourselves. Personally, I want to be surrounded by those who want to change the world, but I already am. :) Here we are. :)  

1 Aug 2007 @ 14:49 by swanny : Well Hi
well we have our good days
source =

and our bad days
see my rant above

opps but thank you for injecting some hope into the thread

and welcome to new civ


1 Aug 2007 @ 15:29 by a-d : Swanny, I love your
little rant! : ) HOW ELSE can we even begin to fix things -unless we're first willing to acknowledge that there's Something to be fixed?!?
checking out Earth Policy and Bryan O'Leary right now
...and BTW ; I don't suck! : ) hehehhehe.....(yeahhhh right,a-d... ) but, swanny, don't tell anybody, eh? ; )
Heyyy, the link u gave us is AWESOME! I have also listened to most of your songs on YouTube! Cool!  

2 Aug 2007 @ 17:36 by swanny : Hi AD
well well well a possible fan?
well thankyou mamm
theyre very light entertainment but I'm told I have a healing voice for what thats worth....
Ain't no Def Leppard but when in the proper mood or frame of mind

twas a bit of work... actually I was just trying to organize my files
and you tube has a nice format so I bit the bug

thanks there lady


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