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12 Aug 2007 @ 17:54, by swanny

August 12, 2007


well I just heard about this young medical doctor from down east here in Canada
who has been on a carbon strike for about two years. He said he thought it would be difficult but when he actually did it it was rather easy. What drove him too it was watching the disapperance on a show about the Arctic Ice Fields. He said he couldn't bear to be party to that much destruction and change.

He pretty much bikes everywhere and takes his bike on the bus and subway as much as 50 km distant.

He says the hardest part is the social aspect losing girl friends and getting the gears from his mom. He won't get in a car apparently and won't take a plane. He even went as far to go to Croatia by boat and he lost a girl friend over that one too. Girls turning down Green Doctors well good luck with that.

Well I can vouch for his experiences having gone with out a car from 2000 to 2005, I suppose I finally broke down and got one when I hit fifty living on my own and running out of steam. but I can't see why young strong folks need a car to pollute their air and such and get in to accidents and sqeual their tires and rev there motors and crusie up and down the main street. They shouldn't really let anyone under 45 drive. It is hard socially though especially when you have few friends and are disabled. So you have to tough that out.

He also is on a local organically grown diet which is hard in canada with its 4 month of warm weather but I must applaud this young doctor and encourage him to keep it up at least till hes 40 or so. if he can.

The show was on CBC tv here in Alberta this morning

sir ed

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14 Aug 2007 @ 01:07 by a-d : Does this
wonderful guy have website?... or a name, that would clue us in, in case the Program you saw didn't reveal a site URL. I am almost hundred, that the guy HAS a website -or at least a blog somewhere -and that people are following his lead in minimizing THEIR Carbon lives as well.
Can u find out anything more?  

14 Aug 2007 @ 09:51 by swanny : Thanks AD
well with thanks to ad
here is a link she found to a clip of the show

video clip =


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