New Civilization News: NCN's 10th ANNIVERSARY    
14 Feb 2005 @ 22:06, by vibrani

I can't believe ten years has gone by so quickly. I've been a member of NCN for ten years (this April). That was soon after this site went up. I got to this site at that time by doing searches under the Celestine Prophecy and spirituality. The first person I interacted with was another new member, Vax, and boy did we have some fun having the chat room to ourselves most of the time. (Ming, remember those rituals? hahahaha I am sure Ming would rather forget them.)

Since I joined I've met dozens of interesting people, learned a lot, and developed a few good friendships with NCNers both online and in person, some lasting the entire ten years. It's been a very varied journey here, filled with every emotion. There has been laughter, tears, flame wars, doomsdayers, hackers, frustrations, break-throughs, healing, and education. And yet, I hang in here and consider it my second home on the Internet, and am grateful for its presence. Ming, happy tenth anniversary. Happy aniversary to all NCNers. Any plans to make some radical design changes to NCN to signify a new decade?

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