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25 Feb 2005 @ 21:24, by vibrani

Here is combined feedback from me and friends about the UFO show Peter Jennings did last night on ABC:

What got me was that they had TONS of scientists and scientific evidence and eye-witnesses. Then they say that there is no scientitic proof and ETs will be believed only when there is. What the heck? They left out Jose's Roswell Rods, they left out so much, including NASA's own footage of UFOs that I have on video that I taped watching the NASA channel showing a squadron of UFOs outside of the space shuttle. They didn't say anything about the ability to stop abductions. Yeah, they talked about SETI and radio signals, big deal. The ETs don't use radio signals - that's very ancient stuff for them, so of course they will not be picked up that way. I did love that they used the one professor, Kaku (he's brilliant) who showed the worm holes - that was right on info, the shortest distance between two points. They didn't really get into consciousness. For the most part the first half was fair and the second half was like debunking it. So in many ways this show was nothing new. The main news about it was it was on a major network with a news person, Peter Jennings.

I bet Stanton Friedman is furious. They don't give his credentials and make him sound like some UFO nut investigator. These are his credentials , Nuclear Physicist..... Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, before switching to the University of Chicago in 1953. He received BS and MS degrees in Physics from UC in 1955 and 1956. Carl Sagan was a classmate there. He worked for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, highly classified, eventually canceled projects such as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, nuclear power plants for space. But he has not enough scientific background to be taken seriously???

What about John Mack? Interesting that the two psychologist from Harvard got even with John Mack and his work as a Harvard Professor of Psychiatry. No mention of his work, or Dr. David Jacobs. They focus on Budd Hopkins who is not trained as a professional. Nothing on Linda Moulton Howe, or on Whitley Streiber who has undergone tests, (only showed his book cover), nothing from the investigations being done by Steven Greer and Leer and others.

The program didn't talk about ancient art and artifacts - cave paintings, the Anunnaki, Native American knowledge. No mention of crop circles or other phenemon that is related to ETs or interdimensional beings.

The calls into Coast to Coast after the show all said pretty much what I felt. Most were disappointed especially about the Roswell stuff, and the alien abductions. George said it was UFO 101 while we are all going for a Masters Degree. But most agreed that it is a beginning even though entry level.

One caller said it was "One small step for mankind and a giant step for the open mind."

Peter Davenport was on the radio for five or ten minutes and he thought they did a fairly good job but said "we ought to do our own show!"

From Whitley Strieber:
The Peter Jennings UFO Special was a disaster for abductees, and Whitley Strieber has written a response that is devastatingly powerful. You can read it at: [link]

Please do not miss this important journal entry. And, for subscribers, Whitley will be in the live chat room from 1PM to 2PM Pacific time tomorrow to discuss the special and fallout from it.

You can write to Peter Jennings at

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