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30 Nov 2004 @ 20:42, by Vaxen Var

Xenu (the eXperience Entity of the Not is'ed Universe) will think that he can "jump bodies" when he sees the New Civilization winning and try to get in the position of Earth's Planetary Representative to the Grand Council so he can work his devious scenarios there. But the Galactic Patrol will expose him and prevent this from happening and keep Ethics in and people informed of the true nature of things.... as they are doing now.

Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19
Markab, the Final Handling

301104 20:49 GMT

(Ref: Sec Ops Bu's 1, 2, & 18)

Game Level - Galactic and Sector Operations

Treating our galaxy as a large flattened disc, one can imagine it divided into slices like a pie with the lines of "cutting" radiating from a central circle.

The center circle is named SECTOR 0 or "Central".

The sliced wedge-shaped Sectors are further divided by slicing them horizontally thru the middle of the fat disc.

Twelve wedge-shaped Sectors (of odd numbers) are on the "top" of this disc and twelve Sectors (of even numbers) are on the "bottom" of this disc. (Remember, there is really no "up" or "down" in space so this is purely for convention.)

(see graphic)

This pattern makes a way to coordinate and patrol the galaxy with back-up assistance in adjoining Sectors never too far away. In fact, by this pattern every Sector has six adjacent Sectors (including Central) for coordination purposes and back-up in case of need.

The Sector containing Sol, Earth, the Solar System, Markab, and many other civilized planetary systems is - SECTOR 9.

Sector 9 history is of importance and interest to any sentient beings living in it. It helps explain why Earth has been shut off for so many millenia and only recently has become a candidate for re-admission to the Galactic Civilizations.

In fact, Earth has passed through several stages officially since being destroyed by atomic and hydrogen nuclear bombs and made radioactive 75 million years ago.

The inches-thick layer of dust produced by the catastrophe containing radioactive decay elements is well known by Geologists who find it in preserved rock strata, but who have no explanation for it other than "intensive volcanic activity about 70 million years ago". (Methods of use in geological dating are not as accurate as E-Meters yet.)

After the catastrophe, Earth was declared by the Galactic Confederation to be "OFF LIMITS" and a "RESTRICTED ZONE".

Over the millenia, official Galactic agencies such as the Biological Survey, the Planetary Survey, the Galactic Survey, and other Scientific and Administrative organizations have observed, tested, explored, and finally seeded the planet with new life forms. Most of these forms were transported from other planets in the Sector with similar environments. They finally survived here on Earth as a stable flora and fauna after the radioactivity levels died down to normal and mutation was not a big problem.

Although the continents "drifted" apart rather rapidly in the eons following the catastrophe and were no longer in the same relationship to each other, attempts were made to duplicate the conditions existing previously. Thus, in the southern half of Africa, which had been a wildlife park, we today find many strange and varied species such as Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Ibex, Elephants, etc., which obviously could not have all "evolved" there, as this extreme variety occurs nowhere else on the planet.

About a million years ago, it was deemed the correct time to put higher organism forms on Earth, so that the spiritual beings still trapped on the planet in varying degrees of shock and disorientation could find sentient bodies to occupy and begin the long, slow climb back to Civilization.

Since at the time of the catastrophe there were many representatives of other planetary races on Earth (it had been a beautiful tourist-vacation type planet with large jewelled cities supporting a population of billions), initial stocks of all body types were transported to Earth and became what we know today as the various "races of man".

After the rudiments of survival were established and group and political activity began - about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago - it become apparent that higher instruction was needed as the inhabitants were constantly dramatizing their aberrations and fears by wars, racial vendettas, and a general tendency to destroy all that had been so laboriously created to help them survive and prosper.

Civilized beings from various Galactic Organizations volunteered to do "missions" on Earth, take human bodies and teach. Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion received great impetus from these programs.

About 3500 years ago, an Honorary Grand Council Member and Galactic Patrol Commander of Sector 9, Elron Elray proposed a project to be done on Earth which would both bring it to a level of technological advancement and teach Mankind about his basic Spiritual Nature (Theta Endowment) so that he could develop a civilization capable and sane enough to be rejoined to the Galactic Community.

The first attempt at this was called on Earth - Buddhism, for which Elron Elray took the human form of Gautama Siddartha. It resulted in a civilizing influence still felt today in over one-half the world's population.

Through the centuries, many other 'missionaires' and volunteers helped spread civilization and technology against the reactive onslaught of warlike tribes and evil-intentioned leaders who took over and suppressed civilized groups.

The Markabian Gambit
About 250 years ago, the off-planet Markabians got into the act in a big way (there had been earlier attempts by them) by authorizing secretly (without Grand Council approval) a take-over project to get control of Earth and when it became acceptable in the Galactic Community, to have it annex itself to the Markabian system as the 8th major planet. Their clandestine agent, the infamous Xenu (see Sector Ethics Order 1A for details), took the body of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the "Illuminati", a super-secret society which went about taking over other power groups by infiltration and economic coercion. The first big advance that was made was Xenu's take-over of a body in the Rothschild banking family so that after the War of 1812, the Illuminati became very wealthy and could in fact control many economic lines.

A succession of taking key power-point bodies into the 20th Century and expanding secret-society influence has resulted in the control of the groups listed in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18.

In the last 50 years, 200,000 Markabian "junior executives" have been clandestinely immigrated to Earth (again without Grand Council approval) to assist Xenu and his conspirators in the planetary take-over. They have taken over bodies of the key "insiders" of high-finance, banking, politics, industry, and the "secret societies" previously mentioned. Markabians are recognizable by their spiritual "blackness" and their "black-beam" flows. Also a lust for status and control and for enforcing "conformity" on others are typical Markabian characteristics.

Markabians try to control or suppress the development of ideas which are necessary to fuel a civilization. By also tightly controlling and suppressing economics, energy sources, and food production and distribution they regulate (or attempt to) the survival of business, industry and human beings.

Markabians are very good record-keepers and use the control mechanisms of identity cards, secret files, computer files, and paperwork to keep full track of their subject people. Their "ideal" government is somewhere between the Russian "overt" police-state and the Swedish "covert" police-state. (If you don't conform, it suddenly gets very overt.)

Markabians don't think like Earth-people or Galactic missionaires. They have no concept of loyalty, honesty or justice, and will in fact fight viciously among themselves (out of sight of the public of course) for control and status.

Excellent examples of their attitudes and methods are given in Operations Bulletin No 12 "Models and Scenarios", which are used to take over groups who pose a threat to them. Another typical Markabian tactic is the control of both sides and the middle and then having their controlled media constantly assert that these are the only alternatives, thus gradually corralling all free-thought and political persuasions. See the list of taken-over and created groups in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18, which embrace "left" and "right" wing and "center" political groups.

The "authoritarian false datum" is another Markabian mind-control trick used to hide or cover their real intentions and actions. Thus people are made to believe that they are "bodies" who only live one lifetime, while the Markabians plan their actions over several lifetimes and have secret procedures for switching from one body to the next, chosen for its position and influence.

An important "authoritarian false datum" to anyone on an economic level is the propaganda put out by Markabians that "Gold is just another commodity like wheat, beans or pigs", while they have been amassing huge stocks of it in their banks. Markabians know that gold is a valued currency in Galactic trade and exchange, and when Earth is again free to communicate and trade with its neighbors, the Markabians will have nearly all the wealth.

Many otherwise good, honest, and helpful people have been over the years "brainwashed" into the Markabian thought patterns, and socially operate on the same level in terms of status and conformity, at least. Many persons in the "taken-over" groups have no concept of what goes on at the top. It's all secret.

Recent Developments in Sector 9
Within the last 50 years there have been several very important developments concerning the Project for Earth:

Scientology and Dianetics
L. Ron Hubbard, body name of Sector Commander Elron Elray, finished the research and development of the ultimate technical and workable sciences of the spirit and mind, designed to lift the awareness and abilities of all Mankind to that of Galactic Civilizations and beyond. In fact, the technology of Scientology and Dianetics is so valuable to all sentient beings in the Universe, it will be highly in demand off-planet throughout the Galaxy.

The Markabians tried to get control of this resource for many years as it was a definite threat of their plan for total domination and control of Earth: People in Scientology and Dianetics can easily become aware of the real game on both Planetary and Sector level. Through certain training drills they become immune to Markabian devices such as Tepaphones and Eckhoff Telepathizers.

They become adept at telepathy and investigation and can expose Markabian secrets. Training in Ethics and Logic gives them the power to see right through control operations, models & scenarios, and "Authoritarian false datums" and thus not be fooled. And most importantly, they can take responsibility and lead others out of traps, and to more survival and expansion, mentally and spiritually.

The Markabian attempts to control Scientology and Dianetics are well covered in Omar Garrison's books, "Dirty Tricks", and "The Hidden Story of Scientology" and in Sector Operations Bulletin No 12 "Models and Scenarios". Although the top management of the Church of Scientology was taken over by the Markabian "Operation Ramrod" in 1981, the thousands of Loyal Scientologists (Loyal to L. Ron Hubbard and his Planetary Civilizing Project) who left or were purged from the Church, quickly set up "Free Zone" Scientology and Dianetics.

The Non-Interference Decree
The NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on Sector 9 was received on

Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):

"The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand Council. The stipulations of the decree are:

No interference is permitted in the zone known as Sector Nine until further notice.
This decree is to be enforced by the Galactic Patrol.
There shall be no use of atomic, chemical, or biological weapons in the zone
Travel to and from the zone is regulated and shall be subject to verification of intent and escort by the Patrol.
The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elron Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants.
The Ethics Order by Commander Elray on the being Xenu, currently Joseph Strasburg, alias "Herr J." or "Mister J." of Germany/Switzerland banking circles, declaring him Suppressive, is to be enforced.
It is to be understood that this is a controlled and protected Sector until further notice.
Communications to and from Sector 9 shall be routed through Galactic Central-Ambassadorial Section and final authority in cases of dispute shall be held by the Grand Council.
By order of the Grand Council

The purpose of this Decree was (and is, as it is still in force) to try and halt the interference in the Civilizing Project by unauthorized extraterrestrial and terrestrial groups such as the Markabians (who already had over 200,000 of their own citizens operating on Earth) and others.

Although not fully complied with yet, the decree has forced the Markabians to change their Atomic, Biological and Chemical warfare scenarios back to conventional weapons again. They would be subject to severe penalties against their other 7 planets by the Grand Council if they violate this point.

Also the Decree has prevented other outside interference in the affairs of Earth of an overt nature, although covert contacts still exist.

The "technical and ethical experiment" of Point No 5 refers, of course, to Scientology and Dianetics. The decree came too late to prevent the take-over of the Church of Scientology by the Markabian "Operation Ramrod", but it is now providing a protective basis for the ethical experiment of comparing how the science works under tightly controlled suppressive conditions (Markab) as opposed to how it works in a free, coordinated environment (The Free Zone). The results are already conclusive. Scientology and Dianetics are flourishing and prospering in the Free Zone (outside the Church), while the Markabian controlled management of the Church has depleted over half its reserves and have it spiraling down to bankruptcy. The Free Zone Loyal Scientologists are already planning to take the Church back over from the Markabians. The Ethics Order on the being "Xenu" mentioned in Point No 6 has been kept secret by the taken-over Scientology Organizations, thus an updated issue has been released as Sector Ethics Order 1A. Xenu was the perpetrator of the nuclear ravaging of Earth 75 million years ago, and is now operating as the clandestine agent for Markab in their attempt to totally control and dominate Planet Earth. Refer to the updated Ethics Order itself for further details.

The Free Zone Decree
The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):

Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council
The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.
No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.
No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.
All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.
The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.
The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.
The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.
This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.

Elron Elray, having successfully recorded for posterity all the knowledge and technology he had discovered, researched, and developed concerning the mind, spirit, and man's relationship to the universe; and observing that ethical beings were being produced by the use of the technology on Earth, was then instrumental in getting the Free Zone Decree passed unanimously by the Grand Council changing the status of Earth from "RESTRICTED ZONE" to "FREE ZONE". The decree made all the inhabitants of Earth (including the illegally immigrated Markabians) Free Zone Citizens, free of any political and economic interference. Thus the Markabian off-planet control and communication lines were cut, and are presently under constant surveillance by the Galactic Patrol to prevent violations of the decree.

Most importantly, with the Free Zone Decree came the opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to decide their own destiny. The definition of a Free Zone Planet is: "One that may choose its own political or economic affiliation or choose to remain independent and represented thusly in the Grand Council. Such choices to be made in suitable referendum of its populations after representative chosen leaders of the various subgroups of its populations have engaged in free testimony and discussion of the merits and shortcomings of each proposed course of action. The planet shall remain Free Zone until such referendum is correctly and ethically held. A free Zone Planet is under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol Authority of the Sector in which it is situated, their authority limited to their purpose and the definition herein stated."

The purpose of the Galactic Patrol is:
The New Civilization Game
With the advent of the Free Zone Decree, it became possible for Earth to freely decide its own future. With this in mind, an alternative to the Markabian future planned for Earth was needed. The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME is such an alternative. It is based on the definite advantages which would be gained by Earth becoming an independent planet with its own representation at Galactic Central on the Grand Council.

The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME (as printed for distribution) begins with the definition of a civilization:

"A civilization is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are: Survival of its dynamic components and Expansion of its knowledge, responsibility and control; its affinity, reality and communication; its matter, energy, space and time; its ethics, technology, and administration. When ideas or its economics are suppressed it goes negative, contracts, and wastes or destroys its dynamic components. Its dynamic components are: people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environment, energy sources, spaces and time, ideas, spiritual values, beings, religions, aesthetics and art, and its codes of behavior and ethics".

It continues:

"The rescue of a dying civilization is accomplished by: Locating and identifying the suppressive influences; Supplying a positive alternative; Disseminating it as a vector of comparable magnitude; Stably financing it; Keeping its positive production and exchange free and unregulated; Reviewing and correcting as needed to increase its power; Distributing its values and aesthetics broadly; and Responsibly evaluating, planning, and coordinating the survival and expansion of its components."

The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME was composed and started on Earth in 1983.

The Future
From historical and recent developments in Sector 9 concerning Earth, it becomes possible to extrapolate the future of the planet in two ways:

Markabian Model for your Future
Investigations of models and scenarios for the years 1984 to 1991 has revealed what the Markabians have in store for the "humans" of Planet Earth.

The current master MODEL and its various SCENARIOS is to run from 1984 to 1991 at which time it is expected that Earth will overwhelmingly vote to become affiliated politically and economically with the Markab Confederation, that is, become Planet 8 of their controlled, conforming, police-state civilization.

In the near future (1984), they plan to have a Markabian political leader as head of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. This post is not publicly voted. Its occupant is chosen by political representatives of the European Nations who are nearly all under control by one of the groups listed in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18.

Opinion leaders in each country including the USA are being heavily touted and built up by the controlled press from the fields of Science, Philosophy, and Letters. These non-political opinion leaders will all say that the President of the European Parliament is their opinion leader - at the appropriate time.

Also in 1984 the Markabians are working flat-out to defeat President Reagan (USA) and Prime Minister Thatcher (UK) who both oppose excessive control. A crash of the dollar is planned with gold rising to 700 US or more.

A big "conventional weapons" war is planned for the Middle East in 1985. The "war" will get the Revelationists and other religions into an uproar about the "end of the world" as foretold in Revelations, the Bible Book. To further scare everyone, there will also be threats of the use of Atomic, Biological, and Chemical weapons - though none will be used (except maybe secretly or accidentally as they are being used today).

At this time the whole world will be in fear and confusion and looking for a "stable datum". Markabian political leaders will press for more "controls and emergency measures". Freedoms still existing will be abrogated. The Markabian World Bankers will fluctuate currencies wildly. The media will cry "doom" but advise everyone to "be calm". The One-World Police State will arrive and even be welcomed by those who have learned to desire control and conformity. Yet there will still be war and unrest and fear.

Then the "stable datum" will appear - as a communication from an extra-terrestrial civilization (Markab) offering friendship, peace, new technology, trade, and economic and political alignment. This message will be scientifically obtained - maybe through a radio or biological telescope receiver.

The message will be given to the President of the European Parliament who will thereafter "act" as the official communication relay point between Markab and Earth. The previously prepared national opinion leaders will say "Momentous occasion, etc. Listen to him. He is wise, etc.".

He will propose an end to the war to consider this great chance for Man, and the World Bankers who financed it will withdraw their offers to lend money and sell arms. The war will stop.

A press and media campaign will begin for "everyone" to support the alignment to Markab. Anyone saying "Lets stay independent" will be sharply criticized, and all the wars, troubles, etc. (Scenarios) that have just happened on Earth will be brought up to show that Earth can't make it on its own.

Religious leaders, especially those in taken-over Churches, will enthusiastically support joining Markab to prevent the Apocalypse.

Discussions will be held. A world vote will be taken (as if its the idea of the President of the European Parliament instead of a Grand Council Decree). And if the referendum passes to join Markab, Earth loses its freedom and its chance for an exciting, expanding future. It will become a slave planet and subject again to the same being, Xenu, who destroyed it 75 million years ago.

The Alternative Future
The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME is the alternative. It keeps Earth free from external control and gives it a free exchange with other Galactic Civilizations.

It contains purposes every sane person can pursue ethically. Some of these purposes are:

"To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the Survival of the New Civilization, and preventing, restraining, and/or ceasing to cooperate with those who would destroy our home."

"To viably develop the technology and equipment for free enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to cooperate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military, destructive, or other suppressive intentions."

"To make available technology, products, goods, and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying and refusing to cooperate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, underfed, and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."

"To develop, standardize, and get in use a stable medium of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations, and depressions. And to educate people in basic economics so that they never fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."

"To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavor and pro-survival and pro-expansion actions, cherishing one's own freedom as the key to achievement of all the New Civilization's purposes, and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate ones freedoms or rights in the New Civilization Game."

"To encourage, assist, and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic, and social events; sports; hobbies; reading; writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavors; as these best express the values, purposes, dreams, and vitality of a civilization and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."

"To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition and purposes so that its thrusts and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion, and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."

To sum up, the New Civilization is FUN and is a game where everybody wins. It will revitalize the arts while retaining all the varied cultural beauties of Earth. It will permit the beings who wish to emigrate or return to visit their own home planets to do so freely. Commerce and new ideas will thrive without suppression. The people of the world will also obtain jobs, food, housing, and a good standard of living and education. Spiritual development will accelerate tremendously.

The Markabians left on Earth will be forced to go along with the New Civilization as technically they are Free Zone Citizens and no power or money will be given to those who go against the purposes of the New Civilization. The populations of Earth will be aware of how the world got into the state it was in - and how it was nearly lost to slavery forever.

Xenu will think that he can "jump bodies" when he sees the New Civilization winning and try to get in the position of Earth's Planetary Representative to the Grand Council so he can work his devious scenarios there. But the Galactic Patrol will expose him and prevent this from happening and keep Ethics in and people informed of the true nature of things.... as they are doing now.

"Markab, the Final Handling" is very easy. You now have the data with which to do it and forever remain FREE!


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30 Nov 2004 @ 20:57 by bushman : Hmm
I seen it in a vision years ago, the double layered inverted cosmic bunt cake, didnt look like a fat pie. The center was more like a donut hole. And there was a spinning counter clockwiseness to it, like an O ring turnning inside out at a constant rate and rotating keeping the O shape the whole time. It exploded or impoded into being, I heard a big explosion when it happened, and poof there it was in all its glory. Ok so the whole point is to keep it stable so it dosnt rip itself apart?  

30 Nov 2004 @ 21:14 by hgoodgame : 3 cheers for the possiblity
of The Alternative Future and a truely free earth. That's the one I'm focusing my attention on now! My understanding is both will happen and we will find ourselves in the world we believed in.  

30 Nov 2004 @ 21:18 by jstarrs : Is this N°23
in the Harry Potter series?  

30 Nov 2004 @ 23:07 by vaxen : 3Cheers!
" power or money will be given to those who go against the purposes of the New Civilization."

Hee Hee Hee Harry Potter is dead. Jeff is Xenu and I'm an interplanetary pirate. We don't need no stinking "New Civilization" power and or money!

Better jump bodies quick, though, Jeff cause it looks like that one is about to...

Was that an actual vision, as in holographic, 3D, vision...bushman? Yes it is about stabilization, for sure, and in the Ring Archives Games the doughnut hole, and shape, play a significant role.

The "Cascade to Collection Cycle" is infinitely worthy of much study and application in this regard. How did your vision affect your life bushman?

A truly free earth is indeed what we are working towards. Both can and are happening simultaneously. One we call TTA (This Time Around) The other we call LTA (Last Time Around). The whole track of ones eternal life contains much within it of extreme value. The trick is to "Find out who you really are."

The state of clear is about realising that YOU are fashioning your own trip. Cool, eh...

Thankyou all for reading SOB 19. You are now 'ours!' ;)  

1 Dec 2004 @ 03:03 by bushman : Ya was 3D.
The vision started out as blackness with some exotic math functions flying around in it, they came together and then it exploded, and there it was a twisting spinning funky donut looking thing. Well, maybe the only thing in my life it affected was how I see the creation of the universe now, as compared with before, the vision. I deffinetly didnt understand the math I was seeing, and it was short and simple, something like E=MC2, and then something that looked like division but with a square root symbole, and some numbers, with like a triangle, it was an audiable explosion it was loud, and spewed forth from the center at both ends, and then sucked into itself and became the donut, it was like 2 smoke rings sort of that came together, hmm, like if you had 2 mouths makeing a smokering in oposite directions but from the same spot, then they merged and became dynamic, and shaped like a football if you look at it edge on and a donut looking strait down or up, my view was from far out in space, but the shock wave never reached me since it pulled back in and became the donut thing, I could draw it, lol. Accually it kind of looked like a blackhole that had jets of mater or energy comming from the poles, some looked like it was just going out into space, but lots of it would get pulled back in at the edges and mix, that made it look more like a bunt cake shape from my position in space. I used to call it a warp bubble. :}  

1 Dec 2004 @ 03:42 by hgoodgame : How did your vision affect your life
Bushman, and if so, how did it change?
I'm interested in that question.  

1 Dec 2004 @ 04:44 by bushman : Hmm
You want more than I already mentioned above, HG?, Ive had many other visions that affected my life more than the warp bubble thing, lol. To me that vision, let me see the creation of the universe or maybe it was just our galixy, I dont know, but from outside of it miles away. Maybe the biggest affect to my life from seeing that vision was confidence in knowing theres things we humans have access to beyond the flesh. Im not sure why I had the warp bubble vision or exacly what I was doing that day, I guess looking back, Im better at seeing the complexity of reality now, as a simple malable thing, with all it's dynamics in time and motion and semi predictable paterns, easily accessable by just looking at it. This vision just made understanding things a little better and easyer, I guess. Still dosn't tell me why the universe was created in the first place. But, I do know, everything is everything and nothing is something, just not why. lol. The vision maybe showed me that everything was created at the same time. Why does space smell like burnt gunpowder? lol. Space has vacuum, what does the space in which the univese is expanding into have, presure or an even stronger vacuum? Maybe that vision was given to me to keep me asking questions. The overall feeling I had during the vision was like, Oh wow, cool, I get it. :}  

1 Dec 2004 @ 05:53 by vaxen : I presume that...
you were straight at the time? Sounds like you were entering the realm called 'theta'(thought) and viewing the MEST (matter, energy, space and time)universe from static or native state. Knowing is knowing. Knowing is different than under standing. Altogether interesting and meant for you. Visions have power and it is said that sharing them fissiparates that power so...if you are comfortable with that I am glad you shared that with us.  

1 Dec 2004 @ 06:14 by hgoodgame : Oh wow, cool, I get it.
That is the one that says it all. Yes, Bushy, I was wanting more that a physical description of the vision, I wanted to see or hear how it made a difference in your life. If it brought up more questions then I'd guess one of the intentions of the 'vision' was to keep you seeking.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
I believe visions are best shared, like tribally, with others who are open to 'non-current-cultural' ways of seeing.
An afterthought re: why does space smell like gunpowder?
It's not space you smell, it's yourself, your carbon based self. Think that's possible? How do you know space smells like gunpowder?  

1 Dec 2004 @ 06:41 by vaxen : Yaza...
The purpose of the Galactic Patrol is:
The New Civilization Game
With the advent of the Free Zone Decree, it became possible for Earth to freely decide its own future. With this in mind, an alternative to the Markabian future planned for Earth was needed. The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME is such an alternative. It is based on the definite advantages which would be gained by Earth becoming an independent planet with its own representation at Galactic Central on the Grand Council.

The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME (as printed for distribution) begins with the definition of a civilization:

"A civilization is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are: Survival of its dynamic components and Expansion of its knowledge, responsibility and control; its affinity, reality and communication; its matter, energy, space and time; its ethics, technology, and administration. When ideas or its economics are suppressed it goes negative, contracts, and wastes or destroys its dynamic components. Its dynamic components are: people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environment, energy sources, spaces and time, ideas, spiritual values, beings, religions, aesthetics and art, and its codes of behavior and ethics".  

1 Dec 2004 @ 18:31 by astrid : For us,
who have done ANY Time travel, this all what you say here, Vax, is just confirmation to what we've been experiencing. This is also why we understand/ can see with absolute clarity the futility of the OLD's Struggle to stay intact... when indeed it is falling apart. When we try to accomplish something with destructive means/methods; the end result will --of course-- be exactly that "DESTRUCTION" ! How hard can that be to figure out?!?!??... Yet to people who are NOT that DUM it is absolutely mindboggling that someone wouldn't 'get it"! But, hey, the World-politics and the Enactors of it all, quite obviously don't!...
The truly funny thing is that their construction is falling apart BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS ( read: ATROCITIES and CRUELTY and MIND GAMES etc ) as well as NON- actions (read: NON-caring of anyone but their own Asses. Pardon my French... ; ) )!.... Of course; this is exactly "where" the Salvation lies.
My Mom used to say: when the head (Mind) is dum the whole body has to
suffer. True on so many levels of Reality!
Everyone of Higher Consciousness; just protect yourself with the Light and Love of Highest possible frequency at all times. Don't let the "New" World Order": the UPSTAIRS / DOWNSTAIRS way of living continue in your reality one minute longer than you absolutely have to, when getting ready to leave "Sodom & Gomorrah" of the Western Culture. And certainly don't let it gain any ground in /from your Life! Let the Idiots go down with all their Glamour with them. We, who know better choose God's Glory forourselves AND the Planet!... eh?... : )  

1 Dec 2004 @ 18:57 by bushman : Yes :}
I was sober, lol. And HG, space litraly smells like burnt gunpowder, I didn't smell it personaly, I read about it from interviews with astronauts who have done space walks. They smelled it in the airlock as well as on thier space suits. Also theres this tid bit, I had read somewhere about layers of soot visable on the dark side of our moon and on the moons of Jupiter and some astroids, I suspect it all came from a large planet that once orbited our sun between Mars and Jupiter. You know HG, we do good even if we only wake one person up in our life time, one by one, thats how Jesus did it. The game works the same way, a cascade effect that causes a wave to grow like tossing a pebble into a still pond, the waves spread out till they hit something and then reflect back to the starting place as a mixed wave, parts of it are amplified and other parts get canceled out thru what is called white noise. Those wave forms that do make it back to center are reflected with a fresh wave, this builds and builds up as feedback, try it, if you got an old reel to reel tape recorder with 3 heads, you can test it out. Put the mic by a speaker and say some thing, it will sound like your in a deep cave, by playing with the volume you can either make the echo decay till its gone, or you can cause a cascade effect, where the feedback gets louder and louder till your speakers blow out, lol. This fits the everything is everything rule, or everything is the same thing rule. Friction causes heat, heat makes atoms move more freely and in a random fashion. I see that gravity could be looked at as friction between objects in space. The point of the game is to take these freely moving atoms and cause them to, or direct them to, a specific point in space as one. We can do that with light easy enough by useing a lens, so when you use a telescope thats what you are doing, gathering light and puting it in one spot, your eyeball. We can do it with atoms too, with a tube that the intirior is reflective or mirrored(wave guide), like transmiting infared beams of light, atoms, energy, its all the same thing. The game gathers "like" energies and directs it to a favorable outcome with the least amount of energy loss and little use of fissionable(convertable) matter to make the energy. Question is Vax, is the Earth a worthy atom to add to the mix? Just how free would we be if we are directed by the grand counsel? :}  

1 Dec 2004 @ 19:59 by hgoodgame : I agree with that one Tony,
How free are we if we still need 'galactic counsels', 'overseers', etc. A truly free being knows his/her reality is entirely their own. We are at the center of our own holographic universe. Where is there room for a big daddy except as one of our fantasy figures because it's fun to pretend? BTW, please feel free to call me Heidi, sometimes I don't know who HG is ;)
To your comment of "we do good even if we only wake one person up in our life time" I say, Yes Indeed, especially if that one person is ourself!"  

1 Dec 2004 @ 21:12 by vaxen : Oh...
Why ask me? Ask them. What Heidi describes is a cool secret (Native State). But the Universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time...does exist. It is not yours but it is a common agreement we all made infinities ago. That there is a nasty game going on here on Earth is hard to doubt. It is called the 'War' for the possession of your mind and the enslavement of your soul.

The Enslavers exist. Galactic Council, too, is an agreement. Or did you think that only Earth has sentient life forms living on it? There is a screen around this planet that is meant to imprison us. It keeps those who would warn others of our predicament right here.

We have succeeded in cracking it and know exactly how it works. It matters not if you believe in it. Watch your television sets. You want that kind of life? Read your newspapers. You think that is 'reality?' Well, it is 'forced' reality---as it is an agreement that the Enlaver/Implanters have made amongst themselves.

As free men and women it is our responsibility to make sure that the Enslavers lose but also that they realise great gain in that freedom is so much a better course than the ways they have been forced into believing and utilising against us. But, then, who forced them? Ta Da!

I can't stand the members of the Galactic Council. I think that they are pompous and outmoded. I have my own universe outside of this space and time utilising quite a different form of matter, energy, space and that as it may I made a decision to come here and help out with this battle. So, sue me!

*Star Spangled Banner* here please.  

1 Dec 2004 @ 22:28 by hgoodgame : So Sumi of you Vax ;)
Pompous and arrogant is how I feel about them. The 'Brotherhood'.. Let them come down and feel what it's like here under their screen! I'd like to turn them into blind/deaf/dumb humans like they have done to these humans on earth, just long enough for them to really FEEL what it's like.
I made the same decision to be here during this transition period, to help however I can and though I'm not into battling, bringing light causes a lot of discomfort.
"I Got A Name" here please.
And I'm gonna go there free...
Like the fool I am and I'll always be
I've got a dream, I've got a dream
They can change their minds but they can't change me
I've got a dream, I've got a dream
Oh, I know I could share it if you want me to
If you're going my way, I'll go with you
Movin' me down the highway
Rollin' me down the highway
Movin' ahead so life won't pass me by  

2 Dec 2004 @ 01:35 by astrid : Kan du se i den
gryende Morgonens glöd/ Vad vi hälsade stolt medan Solen gick neder.... Star Spangled... for You, madear... The only Blues worth listening to is St Louis' Blues. It makes you ( or at least me) feel good again, for some reason. I never figured out really why....
Makes me feel REAAALLY good to know that People/Entities from ALL Galaxies are subject to the SAME COSMIC RULES!.... Yap -or wazzit yyp,no,yup. yeah that's it! Yup,Yup, YUP!.... Forest is out there at the front gate, yupping his way... :-) Now Pinky is joining him in their Evening Seranade...  

2 Dec 2004 @ 03:41 by hgoodgame : I use the term 'brotherhood'
very losely, and know it has nothing to do with gender.
Also OV, sometimes people pretend to be a little nuts because that way the big bro's don't take 'em serious and they can get away with a bit more..
Vaxen, "there are 'forces' who kill those who speak truth", who dies?
And once 'truth' is seen, it's scene, right?
A wise being. Possibly the son of Bolthorn. In some myths a god and in others a giant. He was sent as a hostage by the aesir to the vanir. The vanir became mad and cut his head off. Odin preserved his head so he could seek wisdom from it and placed it next to Mimir's well.
Moving a head, hehe, good one, I do so love to play with words!
Ahhh, Kegel.. mmm, wasn't he the one that came up with those exercises that help keep things toned and tight? ;)  

2 Dec 2004 @ 04:14 by vaxen : hahahaha
Yes, Heidi san, the very Kegel! Keeps the Kuegel Kegel! Know how? Who dies? Good point indeed! ;) It's seen as scene! Artauds famous work. In English it was/is titled "The Theatre and it's Double." I used to do Magic Theatre (Still do). So? Everything is scene to be or not to be an act. ;) Off with his head!

The Aesir actually were from Turkey! So says Snorri Sturlusson. Come to think of it you, Heidi, rather resemble Freya of the Vanir. Got a coat made of feathers that only Loki is allowed to borrow? Imagine that.

"The thetan is in the head."---LRH

"Hammar Y Northri Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"
"Hammar Y Austri Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"
"Hammar Y Sudri Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"
"Hammar Y Westri Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"
"Hammar Y Yffir Mir Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"
"Hammar Y Untir Mir Helga Ve 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!
"Hammar, Helga Ve, 'Theta' Ok Hald Vorth!"


2 Dec 2004 @ 04:17 by hgoodgame : Sure I know how!
Been using it for 30 years! It's the easiest of isometrics, don't need a kuegel to do a kegel though, can do it driving, sitting, you name it, oh maybe you better not name it.. ;)
The feather coat, I forgot about that! Gotta dig it out of storage and shake off the cobwebs (those get used for other things..)  

21 Dec 2004 @ 22:33 by Anon @ : Disinformation
I wonder how many of these comments, if not all, are just the Markabians playing the other side of the game. The reason I bring it up is that some of these comments seem a bit out there. If any 'normal' person came and read this they would probably discredit the whole thing after reading these screwed up comments.

This is the type of thing I think we all need to be watching out for. I know if I was playing the other side I would probably search on the net for stuff like this and add comments to make the other side sound like a bunch of lunatics.  

23 Jan 2005 @ 10:11 by Valdavar @ : Indeed:
For sure, Anon, and thankyou so much for your comment.

We are the Rites. We are the Rituals. We are the archetypes.--RDA  

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