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17 Mar 2005 @ 17:04, by Vaxen Var

"Be aware of medias' message: Their goal is to make you feel bad about yourself so you will buy what they are selling."

"We are what we think about all day long."---R.W.Emerson

What do you think about 'all day long?' The lies being foisted upon you by 'the Scientists' who create destruction and mind control the masses at the behest of 'pseudo' governments?

The 'Rapture?' UFO's? Or creating a better life for yourself and your progeny through revealing the lies of the contemporary world system who is gasping for breath and dancing its' death dance world wide?

Confront, confront, confront! You have the power! We built this universe, this multiverse, this metaverse, via our agreements. Remember?

This MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) universe is NOT all there is. It is rough, tough, and it 'matters.' In essence take a real good look at it then, reclaim your power.

The only way the tyrants ever succeed is by getting you to agree with the words that they shpiele forth like so much diarrhea be that politico, scientist, educator or any one of the socially accepted 'archetypes' that are put in place to braintrain, constrain, and exploit/enslave you that your essential 'powers' might be usurped and governed by them for their own purposes.

Be, Do, Have...they want it all but couldn't possibly use it all in a billion, billion, years.

It is fear which motivates them. Learn to recognize the progenitors of FUD then tell them, ever so politely, just where they can get off. People this is a war and your mind and your life are at stake. Turn off the TV, a weapon in their war of acqusition, unite (band together) and face your greatest challenge!

Whitley Streiber? [[link]] He's already been taken. Ask him about the nuclear bombs your scientists have blown up in the upper atmosphere as well as deep in the oceans of this world. You wonder that there is imminent change afoot? They've blown the lower van allen belts to hell in their experiments. You let them do it. Who is to blame?

I await, and always have, the end of this present world system with sheer delight! It is going down! Prepare the way, then, for your own survival and that of the other 7 dynamics within the context of the new heavens and new earth that we are creating. Get hip to the war for your souls that is going on and don't be afraid to stand up and fight! Or, get down on your knees and 'beg' for a crumb from "the masters''' table!

New Civilization? You've got to be kidding me!


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18 Mar 2005 @ 10:29 by jstarrs : Why Blue Poppy Caine?
Anyway, it's a lovely heading so there doesn't have to be a why.
On yer feet or on yer knees?
Shape up or ship out?
They won't have my soul.
It doesn't exist.
Neither do 'they', only brother's & sisters creating the causes for suffering....that's just my humble opinion anyway & it won't count for much in the scheme of things only in some far & sombre corner of the cosmos.
New Civ? Maybe we don't have to worry about labels...  

18 Mar 2005 @ 16:41 by vaxen : heh heh...
Bornless, nameless, far corner? Sombre? River Dance? Hey, you aren't Irish! Or are you? Should have mentioned Saint Paddy's day, in passing, but I hate the green. ;) More of a black and tan but, hey, tha's me Guinness!

I must agree where souls are concerned for to me that is something for feet. But then when you consider that 'feet' is a euphemism for you know what, why...

Michelle, ma Belle, isn't exactly a cracker and there are many types of caine that can be considered 'poppy.' Wot? Must have been the ail in the ale but I don't drink so...could'na been tha, eh?

The why is in the why and you guessed it. The UK has made me a very rich man this week so I thought I'd proffer a bit of thrice honored Justicia in honor of Afganistan and the White House and none of this makes sense but, then, it isn't supposed to as its' mostly ad hominem brutem synchobus maximus wringing the doves neck and drinking its' blood mixed with honey in mulled wine filled with the mirth of a million times a billion years of static becoming now. WuHu! ;)

Thank you Mr Starrs. Last nacht was such a starry night and the moon was so beautifully shining and there were no clouds to scud the lore and there was only me, the trees, the mountains and the a far off space, in a far off land, so long, so very long, ago...

(In a very 'dark' little corner of the 'Uni-Verse' from whence we script all things)

Here's to 'The Matter,' then, the only matter that does...Tally Ho!  

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