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picture 3 Apr 2004 @ 12:46, by Marissa A Spencer

Rascal Goes for a Ride?

© April 3, 2004 By Marissa A Spencer

The cool evening air seemed like any other evening. The food was left for the cats and all our cats had come to eat, except one. My daughter and I were about to retire for the night. Every evening our large orange and white shorthair cat would come to the door and request entrance. Without fail, here he would be at the appointed hour. The appointed time came and went. My daughter comes to me concerned.

“Where is Rascal? Is he in the garage or something?”

“I don’t know. Have you looked for him?” I started to walk around the house.

We walked into the back yard and it was obviously deserted. We were calling his name the entire time we searched. We even walked down the street looking for him. An entire hour lapsed and no Rascal. Now, he is our favorite cat. He is a huge animal who loves lasagna and drinking out of your glass. I have always loved his greenish yellow eyes. He always seems to be saying, “I know a secret you don’t know.”

I always call him my best friend, guardian of my home and top mouser. He shuts his eyes halfway as to say, “You are privileged to know me and you are welcome.” I swear sometimes I feel as though he is not a cat at all, but some mysterious being hiding in a cat body to protect me. In a way, I feel he is like a guardian for my home.

Back to the search…we searched inside the house too, just in case he was hiding under the table or sleeping under a bed. It was hard to see the worried look on my daughter’s face. Sure, she was 17, but she loved that cat. She finally went to bed and only my younger son and I were up. The curtains in the back of the house were open and a bright flash caught my attention. I gazed out the back window along with my son and we saw it lit up like bright noonday. Actually it was brighter. It was more a bright, pure white light. The entire yard was illuminated with no shadows at all. The light was not moving in anyway. I thought it rather odd. There was no sound. I figured it was a search helicopter doing the rounds. I rushed to the front of the house and there was nothing. No helicopter, no sound (they are very loud). It was absolutely silent except for the distant roar of the freeway.

My daughter and son came out to see what I was up to. A few moments later, Rascal comes sauntering out of the back yard as if nothing had happened. I told the story of the light to my daughter and she scowled at me suspiciously, until my son piped up and supported the whole story with his version.

You tell me…what is up with that? Sometimes I wonder if he went for a ride. “Rascal, the UFO riding cat.” Now when I look at him in the eyes, he pretends to be just any cat. If I look at him long enough, I swear he’s smirking at me!

I don’t have an answer. I can’t figure out where he was. He is never late for dinner.

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3 Apr 2004 @ 20:25 by vibrani : Yup
sounds like he had a bit of star trip :-)  

3 Apr 2004 @ 20:36 by skookum : I wouldn't be surprised
I've seen too much to be completely skeptical lol  

4 Apr 2004 @ 00:23 by shawa : :-)
Love that story! Wouldn´t it be fun to imagine what animals think of us!...And wouldn´t it be a good idea to write a book... Rascal´s Trip To the Stars? Might even become a best-seller!...  

4 Apr 2004 @ 01:04 by skookum : So many books to write in my head
I would.. yes indeed..  

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