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picture 19 Jan 2005 @ 05:43, by Marissa A Spencer

Picture by my son Ben.. age 7

The third dream is a bit different. I am in a community where there are many buildings. I do not feel this is earth…or perhaps it is another time, or era.

I am hiding in a small building. I see the men or aliens come. They are searching for people. I see some kind of airborne ship or vehicle. They find them and take them, like being arrested or something. Taken into custody I guess. I hide into some dark place and they miss seeing me. I am quite upset. I am able to escape unseen to safety. I believe there is another person with me.

I can see a river with boats on it as I gaze out the window. The river has a waterfall at one end of it I gaze at it and note how odd it looks.

The water is flowing UP the waterfall.

© 1-18-05 Marissa A Spencer

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20 Jan 2005 @ 01:22 by astrid : Marissa,
have you thought about the fact that all three of your "UFO" dreams you HIDE somehow!?! Do you think you could have in the deep recesses of Soul more than one interpretaion for UFO, besides the conventional? In other words: WHAT does UFO represent to you? In these dreams does the UFO represent UFO -or does it symbolize something else? What went on your life when these dreams occured? Any Common Theme in your Daily Life or emotional life?
No, Sweetie, you do NOT need to bear your Soul to me or anybody else for that matter! In other words, I do NOT expect you to do this soul searching here for all to read, but do it privately for yourself, IF you find it interesting / enlightening or necessary. These are just some of the questions a professional dream analytic would ask you. : ) Just remember; the UFO can be about the "real" mc Coy -or a symbole for something else. Once you have established that "things" would un-ravel easier!

Yeah, we are quite obviously surfing the same Wave, cosmic wave! : )  

20 Jan 2005 @ 05:29 by skookum : hmm
well.. who knows what they mean.. Most of us have things we hide from. Things we hide within ourselves. There seems not a lot of comminality in these except they seem like cheap science fiction.
The likelyhood I will ever speak to a professional dream analyist is astronomical. If they were repeating dreams .. or frequent I might be concerned. I do not have any lingering horrors nor did I wake in an unpleasant state. These dreams start when I am a teen and the last one is within the last year or so. In the last dream I am not hiding.  

20 Jan 2005 @ 16:29 by hgoodgame : Skookum, I took a class
in dream analysis. They used a workbook named "Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual" by Strephon Kaplan Williams. I recommend it highly.
You are not hiding in your last dream, that's a good sign. You are more willing to face what is there?
Remember in Star Wars when Yoda told Luke that the only thing he would find in the cave is what he takes in there with him?

20 Jan 2005 @ 16:53 by skookum : but as you recall
he discovered his connection to Darth Vader lol  

20 Jan 2005 @ 21:57 by hgoodgame : Nothing wrong with that -
It's good to know our connections. But that's not what he discovered in the cave was it? I'll have to go watch the original trilogy again, the new ones don't interest me a bit. And by now the originals have probably been 'altered' too.
He made the mistake of taking 'fear' in with him in the form of his sword. That's why he found something 'fearsome' in the cave.
He found out later didn't he, that Darth is Luke's real father after all?
May the farce be with you!  

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