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 Earth Day revisited4 comments
22 Apr 2007 @ 07:00, by Marissa A Spencer

At the close of the day... my thoughts creep into my mind when the house is quiet.

Today was Earth Day. For some reason my mind wanders to warm breezes off a rocky beach and old missions. Sometimes I can't recall if it was a dream or a memory.
I think about what it means. I mean what it really means. I was watching an interview of Dr Emoto. He is the man who quite unexpectedly discovered that water has feelings so to speak. He was talking in this interview that when water was exposed to feelings of gratitude and love it created the most beautiful crystals.
He said he felt that the water was a peace at those times. He surmised that perhaps...just perhaps...if we can make all the water in the world at peace...we will be at peace. That somehow, the water's 'happiness and peace' and ours were connected.
Maybe, it is just a reminder...that all things are connected.

Just a thought to ponder.


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22 Apr 2007 @ 07:42 by vaxen : River breeze...
How many times...

For Hua Qing

In Jincheng, music of silk and flutes mixes together all day,
Half goes to the river breeze, half goes to the clouds.
Music such as this should only be in heaven above,
In this human world, how many times can it be heard?  

22 Apr 2007 @ 18:58 by vaxen : Hollower...
And hollower, the NCN becomes a land wherein only the jackals howl in the lands of the late night sun...

As I sat, today, in the middle of the fast flowing stream, with a bunch of rocks for a seat, holding some stones I'd gathered...

It was good to forget and to just flow onwards to that distant mountain...
Along with the sweet waterbrooks endless way...  

22 Apr 2007 @ 19:36 by skookum : sometimes..
the only time we hear.. is in the silence  

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