New Civilization News: Climate change??Out Here??    
 Climate change??Out Here??
28 Oct 2004 @ 09:03, by redstar

Out here in the outer quadrant(Malawi,Central Africa) at this time of the year, we should be experiencing very dry, hot conditions but it seems that the weather is no longer following her usual patterns of behaviour and we are having disturbing changes in the weather patterns.

This summer has not been normal by a long way, for starters, the winter, which usaully ends in mid-July, lasted well into early September and the Hot dry season which should go from end July to mid November has not really taken off with intermittant freak rainy days and now we have news of a Cyclone in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique heading straight at us within the next 48 hours. Hoping that it may change direction or that it wont be too extreme because out here there is hardly any type of preperation for these type of events.
15.45 we've just had a heavy downpour with thunder and a little lightning. Skies are now clearing.

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