New Civilization News: Make the best of Climate Change    
 Make the best of Climate Change
picture 11 Feb 2005 @ 08:18, by redstar

Clues about earth shifts and changes have been showing up on the web at a very frantic pace.
It seems that the planet is increasingly undergoing shifts in her energetic frequencies yet
vast majority of people planetwide seem to be oblivious to encroaching realities.
I have been trying, for some time, on this blog, to make an attempt at connecting some of the seemingly unrelated events and thankfully, it seems, that others are also making the links, and painting quite a picture.

Lots of things are occurring and the level of activity may continue to increase, but this does not mean that we are without hope. An environmental apocalypse could be turned around at any point in time through the conscious choice of a large enough percentage of the human populationto abandon the existing materialist/consumerist way of life and reach within to access divine potentials to create the next level of consciousness/life and thereby transcend all the current
problems, diseases, incorrect thought patterns & lifeways etc. Effort is not necessary, We must trust our High Intentions to perfect our incomplete visualisations. AS each earth shift occurs, people are jolted a little more towards understanding. Through networking and sharing
information, We can demonstrate ways of crystallising alternative, benificial and more harmonious Lifeways and Divine Potentials.
For Information and alternatives see:



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