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picture 5 Aug 2005 @ 08:01, by redstar

Recently, there was the brief episode of Live 8 and the issue of debt cancellation for Africa, and I noted some references to my own current country of residence ( Malawi) and how it had been bypassed for debt relief etc and seeing how this somehow related to me, I decided to add my two cents worth to this whole debate... People do not need debt relief.... and in the context of very likely oil shocks about to reverberate with ascending scale onto the global economy - those poverty stricken Garden Farmers of the world who get by without running water, electricity and very little or nothing in the way of finances are likely to be in a much less difficult position than the rest of us.

I do not feel that debt relief or any other type of Band Aid solution exists to the problems of Africa and the Rest of the world....

We need to educate ourselves and others on the use of universal laws like attraction and the use of manifestation and aligning ourselves with the spiritual energies that hold together 'All that is' in the balance of existence....

The energies that are flowing through the Earth plane from the Universal energy flow are upgrading and strongly supportive of this awakening......we need to abandon every element of victim consciousness and formulate a new way of life that brings back harmony with the earth...

Things like getting used to doing without constant running water means taking adaptive measures because your toilets won't flush and become unpleasant.....the most resourceful one's amongst us would probably build an outhouse ...... but the truly enlightened ones would go further and devise a nice, clean & efficient composting toilet.
[link] for more on the composting toilet and others.

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