New Civilization News: Mobile Phones/WiFi Devices responsible for HoneyBee Die-off!    
 Mobile Phones/WiFi Devices responsible for HoneyBee Die-off!
23 Apr 2007 @ 14:06, by redstar

It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world's harvests fail.

They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world - the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon - which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe - was beginning to hit Britain as well.

The theory is that radiation from mobile phones interferes with bees' navigation systems, preventing the famously homeloving species from finding their way back to their hives. Improbable as it may seem, there is now evidence to back this up.


In a time when concerned activists and ecologists continually point to mankind's progressively selfish destruction of the planet, the thoughtless eradication of countless species, and the decadent waste of vital resources, it would now appear that mobile phone users have shifted into the spotlight of criticism where impending doom is concerned.More specifically, certain scientific quarters are suggesting that the proliferation of the mobile phone could pave the way to huge food shortages caused by failing harvests around the world, reports the Belfast Telegraph.Although April 01 has already passed, the worrying theory offered up by scientists is no prank, and it points out that the levels of radiation emitted by mobile phones could well be a defining influence in the sudden decline of crop-pollinating honeybees. Odd as it may sound, the swift disappearance of the honeybee has spread from the U.S. through to mainland Europe, and is now also said to be having an impact on the United Kingdom.Scientists, armed with compelling evidence, are now implying that the massive amounts of radiation produced by mobile phone use is actually frying the usually razor-sharp navigational skills of the honeybees and preventing them from returning back to their hives.


Is it Possible to Use a Cell Phone Safely?

We have been asked this question on occasion, by those who have heard of the dangers of cell phones and expressed their concern about the adverse health effects, especially if they are being used around children and babies. Due to their size and growth rate, babies and children are 3 to 4 times more susceptible to the damaging effects of RF/MW exposure.

Our answer to the question above would have to be: Not at this time (and possibly never).

"... there really isn't a safe amount of mobile phone use."

- Dr. Gerard Hyland (UK)

"Cells are permanently and irreversibly damaged by cell phone frequencies."

- Dr. Peter Franch (AUS)

"The new digital phones are microwave. The signal is pulsed to produce the digital signal. Pulses are shown to be worse than continuous waves in causing cell damage and cancer". ... "Electromagnetic Radiation is damaging to Brains, Hearts, Embryos, Hormones and Cells... and is damaging the genetic basis of life".

- Dr. Neil Cherry (NZ)

"No shield or headset will protect you from your cell or portable phone. There is no safe distance from a cell tower. If your cell phone or your wireless computer works where you live, you are being irradiated 24 hours a day." "There is simply no way to make wireless technology safe."

- Arthur Firstenberg (US)

"My problem is that there is so much research that shows adverse biological and health effects, but there is a concerted campaign to ignore, discredit or attack the messengers. The studies are not generally known by authorities who trust bodies that appear to be reliable but who deliberately misquote and misrepresent the published research. This continues to delay measures to protect public health by retaining the strongly misproven assumption of tissue heating being the only effect".

- Dr. Neil Cherry (May 2000)

"Cell phones and cell sites are producing significant health effects right now but few direct studies are attempting to identify them. You only see what you look for. If nobody is looking then nobody will see anything".

"The most important measures of consumer protection are missing: complete and honest factual information to allow informed judgement by consumers about assumption of risk; the direct tracking and monitoring of what happens to consumers who use wireless phones; and, the monitoring of changes in the technology that could impact health. Alarmingly, indications are that some segments of the industry have ignored the scientific findings suggesting potential health effects, have repeatedly and falsely claimed that wireless phones are safe for all consumers including children, and have created an illusion of responsible follow up by calling for and supporting more research. This research the industry is "calling for and supporting" comes with restrictions that inhibit or curtail true scientific inquiry. While the FDA administers cell phone radiation studies, there is no longer funding available in the U.S. for research independent of telecom industry control.
Research funds are being withheld from those independent scientists who have demonstrated their personal integrity and willingness to seek out the truth, wherever it may lead them."

- Dr. George Carlo (October 1999)

"There are now too many industrial and political interests vested in the exponential growth and profits of the global telecommunications industry, regardless of the impact on cancers and neurological disease."

- Dr. Robert Becker (author of The Body Electric and CROSS CURRENTS - A Startling Look at the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Your Health), May 2000

Again quoting Dr. Gerard Hyland (formerly Department of Physics, Warwick University, UK):

"What is so appallingly scandalous from a regulatory point of view is that the majority of these symptoms have been known - from experience with radiation having certain features in common with that now used in mobile telephony - for over 25 years, but have been studiously ignored, presumably on account of the negative impact their revelation would undoubtedly have had on the market growth and development of mobile telephony products; it is interesting in this connection to note the following statement that appeared in a United States Defence Intelligence Agency Report on contemporary Soviet research into biological effects of low intensity microwave radiation, dating from as long ago as 1976: 'If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial and military functions.'"

So, if you have a cell phone and adamantly refuse to give it up, how can you still use it (for emergency calls) while protecting yourself and those around you from its known harmful effects? Let's examine a few key points, but remember that NONE of these can be used as justification for having a cell phone because these measures won't guarantee your safety nor the safety of those around you, most especially children and babies as far as 100 or more feet away!

So the first point for safety is the use of a proper headset, as this can slightly reduce one's risk for deadly brain tumors (and disfiguring eye and ear tumors).

Hands-free earpieces: Contrary to popular belief, research conducted by British consumer research magazine Which? has shown that hands-free cell phone kits can significantly INCREASE your brain's exposure to radiation. The findings confirmed claims that using hands-free earpieces in certain positions could more than TRIPLE your brain's exposure to radiation compared to a conventional cell phone call. By itself, a headset can act as an antenna that actually channels radiation to your brain.

CLIP- Read the missing segment of this 16 page documents at [link]

Some other facts to keep in mind, if you plan on keeping your cell phone:

CUMULATIVE EXPOSURE: Microwave ovens, CRT Monitors, wireless home sound and computer routers, WiFi, WLAN, PDA, hairdryers, electric shavers, electric blankets, baby monitors, photocopiers, casino slot machines, fluorescent lights, etc. These are all sources of EMF or RF/MW exposure that will accumulate and damage your cells. So even if you NEVER use a cell phone, you are still exposed to a wide range of 'electrosmog' pollution sources.

"Since our brains detect and use very low frequency signals from the Schumann Resonances, which have a mean intensity of about 0.0000001 microwatts/sq. cm. (0.1 picowatts/sq. cm.), it is not surprising that at exposures which are millions of times higher, there is increased brain cell damage and an increased risk of brain tumour in a dose-response manner. This kind of result is indicative of cause and effect". Dr. Neil Cherry (February 2000)

"Regarding human Brain Neuron currents (Schumann Resonances) was stated by Dr. Neil Cherry, Lincoln University, New Zealand of 0.0000001 microW/cm2. The power of microwaves within the brain of a mobile user can be 10,000,000,000 times greater than the natural BRAIN SIGNAL."

- Dr. Miguel Muntané (June 2001)

You may want to read that again ... 10,000,000,000 is TEN BILLION. So by placing a call on that cell phone, you are exposing your brain to up to TEN BILLION TIMES your natural brain signals (that are linked to the Earth's natural frequency pulses - the Schumann Resonance).

"Electromagnetic Radiation is damaging to Brains, Hearts, Embryos, Hormones and Cells. It is therefore a threat to Intelligent Hearty Life. Electromagnetic radiation resonantly interacts with bodies and cells, interfering with cell-to-cell communication, cell growth and regulation, and is damaging the genetic basis of life."

- Dr. Neil Cherry (May 2000)

"Brains are very electromagnetically sensitive because our sight, thoughts, memories, learning and emotions use complex electromagnetic signals. Research in Germany in the post war period proved that human brains detect and use extremely small natural low frequency (ELF) EMR signals. Since RF/MW signals induce higher currents in human tissues and low frequency signals, it is inevitable that we will observe neurological effects from chronic RF/MW exposures".

- Dr. Neil Cherry

[Definitions: RF/MW: Radiofrequency/Microwaves. EMR: Electromagnetic Radiation.]

What about those "SAR" and "chip" shielding devices? We have researched a number of so-called SAR and chip "shielding" devices that supposedly lessen your exposure to harmful radiation. One device claimed a reduction of SAR exposure of "up to 89%". Here is what Dr. Gerard Hyland says about SAR and its relation to non-thermal harmful biological effects:

"The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) refers only to the degree which microwave emissions from the antenna can heat biological tissue, and is in no way relevant to non-thermal effects that the emissions from a mobile phone may have on the user."

As for the cell phone radiofrequency "protection chips" being sold through various Internet sites, scientist and electrical engineer Alasdair Philips of states:

"I can find no scientific or technical evidence that any of the so-called 'protection chips' actually protect you from anything, certainly not pulsing microwaves."

What about using a phone shield to block the microwave radiation coming from the aerial from entering your brain or negatively affecting other parts of the body when being worn on the belt, as with a hands-free phone? Dr. Gerard Hyland explains the problem with those:

"The two ELFs (at 8.34Hz and 2Hz) ... correspond to those found in the human EEG - specifically, in the ranges of the alpha and delta brain-waves, respectively.

"In the case of a GSM mobile phone, these two ELFs are reinforced by those of the essentially unscreenable magnetic fields associated with the current surges from the battery of the phone that are necessary in order to endow the microwave emission with the pulse characteristics required for TDMA. [See explanation of TDMA below] Peak magnetic field strengths as high as 40µT have been measured near the back of one particular model of phone, the noxiousness of which is indicated by recent experiments, employing chick embryos, which reveal an increased degree of mortality when the phone is protected by a proprietary shielding device that reduces the microwave output. With the device in place, the increased (microwave) power output necessary to maintain contact with the base-station necessitates stronger surges of current, associated with which are correspondingly stronger (and evidently more noxious) ELF magnetic fields. These ELF magnetic fields could thus pose an even greater hazard to human health than do those associated with the microwave emission, a matter that warrants further experimental investigation".

[Explanation of TDMA: The particular frequencies utilized in GSM that must be anticipated to be particularly 'bio-active' are those of the microwave carrier (900/1800 MHz) and those associated with certain pulsings that characterize the signal employed in the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) strategy that is used in GSM - specifically the multi-frame repetition rate of 8.34Hz periodicity associated with the discontinuous transmission (DTX) mode of the phone - an energy saving mode that becomes active when the user is listening but not speaking.]

Other interesting facts and "safety suggestions" about cell phone use:

Cell phones transmit at maximum power when you switch them on and off, when you dial out, when it connects or disconnects, and when it is ringing. Hold the phone well away from your body when you dial out and wait until the person answers before you put the phone near your ear. Hold the phone away from you when you finish the call and switch it off. When you are texting, hold the phone away from your body to send or receive a message.

When your cell phone is on standby, put it in a bag or somewhere away from you and others. Whenever possible, switch the phone off and keep it off between calls.

Males should not hold a cell phone on their lap when making calls, nor when sending or receiving a text message. The testicles are particularly vulnerable to microwave radiation.

Do not carry a cell phone on standby next to your body, especially not clipped to your belt, or in a blouse or shirt pocket (anywhere near the heart), shirt collar (near the thyroid), tucked into a bra, etc. If you do this you will irradiate your body tissues and vital organs or glands with high doses of microwaves each time your phone 'talks' to the nearest cell tower, which it does at full power when on standby. The parts of the body most vulnerable to microwave damage are eyes, breasts, and testicles, although all soft body parts are at risk.

Do not carry your phone (on standby) in a bag, purse, fanny-pack, etc., or hanging on a baby stroller anywhere near the baby's head or body. They will be receiving a high dose of microwave radiation every time the phone logs on to the nearest cell tower. Always keep cell phones (while turned on or in standby mode) well away from children or babies. A truly safe distance would be around 100 feet.

Never use a cell phone (or carry it on standby) in a car, train, bus, etc. Metal surfaces reflect microwave radiation, bouncing it all around inside, exposing both you and any other passengers to high levels of radiation which are absorbed into the tissues and organs.

Don't let a passenger in your car use a cell phone. Find a safe place to pull over to allow them to step out and use their cell phone well away from the car. Ensure anyone riding in your car has their cell phone turned OFF. As you travel, any cell phone in standby mode will be in almost continuous communication with cell towers. The towers detect when a cell phone signal is getting weaker and will "hand off" the connection to another cell tower that is closer.

When making a cell phone call, if you know the direction of the nearest cell tower, change your position so that the cell phone is BETWEEN you and the cell tower (signal source). If inside a building, position the phone between you and the nearest window.

Only use your cell phone when it shows it is receiving the maximum signal strength. The farther you are away from a cell tower, the weaker the signal and the more your cell phone has to "power up", which causes more EMF- and EMR-induced cellular damage.

The EMF from a cell phone placed right next to your ear is 160 times stronger than the maximum allowable EMF from a computer video monitor.

Cell phones emit frequencies in the 2 Hz and 8.34 Hz bands that correspond exactly to the frequencies of electrical oscillations found in the human brain (delta and alpha brain waves).

What about Bluetooth? Wireless headsets (such as Bluetooth) represent an even greater risk because the wire is replaced with a transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz. to 2.4 Ghz. The maximum frequencies for wireless products compliant with Bluetooth specifications are 2.497 Ghz. The frequency power of wireless headsets rivals that of microwave ovens, which also operate at 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth is far worse for your health than using a standard cell phone for the occasional (and very short) emergency call because the pulses into your brain are continual (not to mention the EMF from the unit's transmitting base as it powers up and down and remains in touch with cell towers).

What about WiFi? Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) connects people's laptops, cell phones and other devices to the Internet without hard wiring. WiFi is now used in many homes, schools, offices, coffee shops, Internet Cafe's, etc. To increase your safety, stay far away from WiFi and cell phone handset antennas. If possible, obtain an Electrosmog Detector so you can know when you're in a wireless "hotspot" so you can minimize your overall exposure. IE Laptop's (or some rare desktop's) internal WiFi tends to place one close to the antenna and can pose considerable health risks from long-term exposure, although not as dangerous as holding a cell phone to your ear or wearing one on your belt. For laptop use, you can use a USB pen type WiFi link from Airlink101 (Fry's electronics) or any other brand, which can be attached to a 6 foot long USB cable to your laptop, and then turn off your laptop's INTERNAL WiFi. For safety, it is best to use wired ethernet and turn off any WiFi. Continual exposure to WiFi microwaves can affect physiological behavior and with continuous exposure to these harmful microwaves, you may or may not cross the threshold to the development of cancer.

Cell towers: The safety distance from those cell towers you see around your city should be 300 meters (984 feet) for a 40 watt tower antenna and 500 meters (1,640 feet) for a 160 watt
tower antenna. These are absolute MINIMUM distances for short time periods and not to be considered safe distances for long hours at work. Cell towers should NEVER be allowed this close to homes, schools, daycares, hospitals and offices where people have to live or work.

Few cities in the U.S. are paying attention to the dangerous proliferation of cell towers, but one progressive town council in Butler, Pennsylvania, ruled in 1993 that a protection distance of 610 metres (2,000 feet) should exist between antennas and buildings such as schools and apartments. (Bravo! Now if they could just force the cellular companies to lower the frequency threshold about 50,000 times less than current FCC standards, they would be protecting the long-term health of their residents.) In Russia, cell towers are required to have a 2,000 meter (almost 6,562 feet) "no man's land" around each mast to ensure no one lives or works within this danger zone. Their cell tower broadcast threshold is almost 100 TIMES LOWER than ours, yet they require this level of safety for their people. In the U.S., public health concerns always take a back seat to money motivations of industry and government.


"It is observed that both biological effects and epidemiological effects appear to be the same or very similar from ELF exposure and from RF/MW exposures, including calcium ion efflux, melatonin reduction, DNA strand breakage, chromosome aberrations, leukaemia, brain cancer, breast cancer, miscarriage and neurological effects." Dr. Neil Cherry

We have given you a brief overview of the many dangers of cell phones, cell towers and the harmful radiofrequency/microwaves they emit. We have touched on what you might be able to do to lessen your exposure. We did not "sugar coat" the facts. Cellular technology, as it stands today, is inherently lethal and there appears to be no way of getting around it.

We don't want you to blindly "believe" us. Instead, be open but discerning. Do your own research into the numerous studies and determine for yourself whether or not the risk is as grave as the picture we have painted. Don't trust telecommunication authorities. The bottom line is "caveat emptor": Let the buyer beware; buy at your own risk.

Two of the world's largest insurance companies, Allianz and Lloyd's of London, refuse to underwrite cell phone devices due to the health hazards. If you know anything about product liability insurance, this fact alone should set off alarm bells, whistles, fog horns and red flags! They do extensive research before they underwrite any company's products.

Many people who read this material will STILL go ahead and use their cell phones, justifying it in their own mind while ignoring the risks. You see this type of behavior in those who continue to smoke, even after they have a lung removed because of lung cancer. To each his/her own.

Our 10 "Suggestions" on How to Protect Your Health

(Based on the many epidemiological studies we have researched on the health damaging effects of cell phone and cell tower radiofrequency/microwaves)

If you really do care about your friends, your family, yourself and the world you live in, please do the following:

1) Cancel your cell phone service contract as soon as you can.
2) Deposit your cell phone into the nearest recycle bin (or better yet, return it for a refund).
3) Get an answering service and a pager (if you really need to remain in touch all the time).
4) If you are concerned about emergencies, switch to pay-as-you-go until you can do without.
5) Don't buy ANY wireless device for home or office. Insist on using only hard-wired systems.
6) Get rid of Wi-Fi wireless networks and use wires instead. They're more secure and infinitely better for your health.
7) Dump your microwave oven (because of the radiation exposure).
8) Return or trash your cordless (DECT) home phone and get a standard cord phone.
9) Make your phone calls from the safety and quiet of your home or office (or a pay phone).
10) Move well away from any cell towers (or get the cell company to move the towers). You must realize that every user demands a wireless connection via a cell tower and their demand for wireless services ensures that a tower will be installed outside someone's home or office.

We also highly recommend the Electrosmog Detector that allows you to determine if your home is safe from harmful DECT or GSM (cell tower) radiofrequency/microwave pulsations.
( To find out more about the Electrosmog Detector, e-mail: )

Remember, you still have a choice. Put health first, NOT the profits of the telecommunication and consumer electronics industries. Those industries are only concerned with THEIR bottom line. They will not pay for you to get well again, so why give them the money to make you sick in the first place?

Doing the 10 suggestions above will go a long ways towards preserving your brain's neurons for those golden retirement years so you won't end up sitting on a porch at an assisted living or Alzheimer's facility, gazing blankly into space. Can you imagine what may happen to your children if they are already being allowed to use cell phones and other wireless devices? If the current trend is not reversed, there will be MANY children today who by the time they are 25 or 30 years old, will either be dying of a cancerous tumor, leukemia, senile dementia or some other microwave radiofrequency-induced condition.

Also, by doing the above you will be contributing to the reversal of a potentially lethal trend which is being driven by misinformation (on the part of people who fail to do their homework prior to buying these electronic toys) and the telecom industry which strives to meet consumer demand (that THEY create) and their stockholders, whose sole concern is the bottom line.

In order to provide the services cell phone users are demanding (such as Web browsing, text messaging, camera, video, Broadband Speed Wi-Fi, MP3 player, built-in E-mail, etc.), the saturation of radiofrequency must be dramatically increased, which means many more cell towers, closer together and at higher rates of power for better coverage. So by having a cell phone and demanding these higher capabilities for your wireless toy, YOU are directly contributing to not only your own future ill health, but everyone else's at the same time!

Some final reminders and food for thought:

"In our growing dependence on wireless telecommunication systems, we increasingly find ourselves absorbing electric and magnetic wave emissions from these microwave systems. Although the human species has evolved amidst a broad band of these same frequencies that originate from throughout the universe, in the last few decades, human exposure to artificial, repetitive signals has risen dramatically - by more than a trillion times ... "We can only expect further quantum leaps in exposure as the plans of investors, the military and other government agencies materialize: to have every dwelling, school, office and store in the world become a microwave transmitter for wireless computers and related linkages, and to have transceivers implanted within our bodies as guardian 'digital angels'."

- Dr. Andrew Michrowski

"A primary means of achieving public health protection is a strong move away from "wireless" technology. If major cities moved to fiber-optic cables for all telephone, fax, radio, TV and Internet services, removing the need for broadcast transmission sites, the mean public exposure could be kept below 10 nW/cm_. Mobile phones, coupled with their base stations, pose the highest risk in their present modes of introduction. The usage of mobile phones should be minimized and discouraged, and the base station placement should be remote from where people live and work, from hospitals and schools."

- Dr. Neil Cherry

"I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.''

- Dr. Robert O. Becker


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