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picture 6 Jun 2007 @ 07:05, by redstar

About two years ago, I had the idea of setting up a project that could help the environment by planting fruit trees in the villages that would also provide various benefits to the people of the area and improve water catchment and precipitation patterns.

Despite my efforts, actually implementing something like this on a big scale proved fruitless (possibly too far ahead of its time)and the project has evolved into voluntary tree planting and husbandry, at local orphanges, charity places like the Samaritans and any other places where we feel that they will be cared for and appreciated.

Two years ago, I met a friend from Ireland, Yamikani Alan, who was working at a local orphanage called Yamikani Orphanage, which also has a plot of land that is used as a small farm, and we decided to contribute together to plant some fruit trees on the land.

I have taken pic's of some of the trees with my new digital camera phone which I only recently was given as a gift and has become an invaluable tool for this blog.

We had planted around a hundred fruit tree's of assorted varieties of which around two thirds have survived.

The trees that survived in the order of those which have thrived the most :

Papaya - around 15 trees, some of which are bearing fruit already.
Mulberry - around 12 trees
Mexican Apple - around 12 trees

We lost some trees due to being eaten by the goats which included many mangoe trees but still around twenty mango trees survive

Guava - around 5 trees
Baoboab - around 3 trees
Citrus - around 5 trees
Custard Apple - around 5 trees

I also now am planting at another orphange, that is being started by my friends, Jermaine Maloney and Africa Jinah which is still in the process of being constructed and we will continue to plant during this year, although it will be less in quantity so that we can try to ensure a higher survival rate for the trees we do plant.

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