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19 Nov 2004 @ 11:33, by Lucas Gonzalez

There are quite a few things, good and bad and intriguing, which, each in itself, seem to work by positive feedback loops.

They also help each other to thrive and meta-multiply. It's a bit like fireworks out of control, with firecrackers lighting each other up. That's what they call "synergies".

We can attempt to make a list of things that reinforce each other. What I see from here could be improved on, I'm sure. But, anyway, this is what I currently see:

- free software
- blogs
- open space
- new currencies
- sustainability research
- Bush (yes, he's a great motivator for "us")
- oil shortage (same reason)
- ...

What else should I add? Can you help me?

I'm sure the list can't possibly become complete.

But it may not be a matter of making a full, comprehensive list of "things that help each other grow". It's also a matter of creating links between such things where the existing links are weak. Just as an example, at cyfranogi they are using free software.

There's something else that might arise from our list. Maybe by looking at the "map of links" we can try and find new possible synergies. An obvious (not so new) one would be to make community currencies work very well for sustainability purposes. Focus on that specific spot. Zoom in and look for huge benefits. Get creative about it.

We can, of course, also take what's just global right now and make it local (and contagious) and so more powerful.

What else can we do? How do we get to do it?

Yes, we can step back and look at the whole picture of synergies. How could we make this list a workable, good-looking, memetically useful thing?

Thanks for your precious contributions!

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19 Nov 2004 @ 14:43 by lugon @ : ud

Networks of change-agents across the globe are busy co-creating new systems and methods of organisation, reducing the dominance of the increasingly obsolete Global Monetocracy.

Together, these networks (free software, independent media, complimentary currencies, organic agriculture, community land trusts, permaculture design, co-ops, etc) are approaching an important tipping point, but need to share info and collaborate more if they are to reach critical mass.  

19 Nov 2004 @ 21:59 by jmarc : socially,
the elderly and children.  

24 Nov 2004 @ 11:30 by redstar : Sustainability
I think that this area needs much more definition and could also overlap into some of the other categories :
Some additions
*Green Architecture
*Intentional Evolution
*Simple Living
*Organic Food production
Et Al  

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